It is them or us!

Letter to the Editor

“They” – a great word which generally divides “them” from “US”.
The only problem here is they are also us while making decisions against us for the support of a new hierarchy which is exactly as the old one, only trying to squeeze more blood out of stone that has no blood at all. Australians are still hanging on and treasuring “fake” memories and glories of the past, which includes a Senate as part of a Government on strings in a system which from the beginning was installed and overseen by glorious colonialists which “decedents” are now stepping in to harvest what was sown by their forefathers of the hidden hand.

Chaos and dependency always will go hand in hand.
Hanson, another Australian career politician, who has spend most of her life in the political sewer that is called Australian democracy is plainly part of “them” that have been present since decades lubricating the process of demise in a country that never was. Elections (fake or not) never were a remedy to cause equality in “us”. On the contrary. “WE” are not “them” some say. “WE” vote “them” out to save “us”. A very nice dream is still a dream!!!

Elections can and will not stop the sinking of the “Australian Titanic”. Gravity will. Only a process of sorting “them” from us will bring results but it still will not stop the ship from going under as the vessel itself was never designed as sea worthy in the first place. It is global business as usual (as it always was throughout the centuries) and it eventually will devour itself into a new beginning which than should only include US without any of “THEM” – if humanity finally manages to learn from mistakes of a misguided past and ultimately grows together as ONE and US without any of THEM, that are willfully causing harm to others.

from Jo


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Prophetic and on the mark! Soon we will be at each other’s throats about which Messiahs will save us from the national catastrophe we refused to see coming and did nothing to prevent.

    Treacherous squawkers such as Morrison, Albanese, Andrews, Palaschook, Gunner & co are not our solution, they are our problem.


  2. Prophetic Jo, thanks. Ed


  3. Around 1930 until 1933 were daily shootings/killings in the streets of major cities between German communists and Nazis. My father who was born 1911, was unemployed and living from rare day jobs, once told me that he, while being half starved, joint a propaganda rally of the NSDAP in a park where food (pea & ham soup) was given out to people attending and also brown shirts, which for many who could not afford clothing gladly was accepted. After the rally and on their way home, many in their new shirts were attacked and some killed by communists (unemployed worker themselves) who heavily fought the uprising Nazis and their propaganda – because of their very “own”. Both German groups turned deadly enemies coming from the same working class, living in the same neighborhoods and suffering the same hunger and the identical fate of DIVISION, bloodshed, hatred including the idea for the birth of a new FREE independent Germany or an eastern style Communist/workers paradise deeply attached to the “East”. Guidance and sponsoring of both opposing groups came from the same bloodline of men that still hold today’s world in their deadly and deceiving grip.
    When US are divided into THEM and some other THEM, the birth/idea of a new free nation will be aborted instantly and the new nation will become exactly as the old one – still born without a national soul, Enslaved, without motive but with a new name!
    Human history always repeats itself. The division in Australia is immense. Soon two new opposing players/saviors will appear on the continents screens that will promise Australians EVERYTHING including freedom and sovereignty and mostly all what any Aussie wants to hear. Both parties will be “sponsored” by the same faction that sit in their mahogany offices abroad and the last in their greedy little minds will be the sovereignty of Australia and a free populace.
    Choose carefully Australia who will deserve your trust. “We’ll be right” will not apply anymore at all. “We’ll be right” has brought US exactly where we are now. Judge people only by their deeds and not for their deceiving words that one wishes to hear!


  4. I believe you’re quite right that Germany was starving and was being systematically destroyed. It also had an economic war and global boycott declared against it by World Jewry in 1933 and the Germans were offered hope and relief by the Nazi party as their saviours.

    But that does not mean that the Nazi methods in enforcing social, political, economic and ideological compliance were less than tyrannical in nature once the Nazis got wind in their sails. Their “rescue” of the German people from evil acquired an evil of its own, just as our governments’ “rescues” are acquiring their own evils as they “rescue” us from the evil of covid. Today we call it authoritarianism, same as it was called in those days.

    Tyranny usually assumes its power from its invocation of initial beneficence, real or not. My point was a reference to the recognition of reality rather than seeking a purposeful justification of it.


  5. Jo

    Brilliant, true, fact, reality – you know what you are talking about.


  6. “The Germans failed to heed the warning signs in the 1930s, we have no excuses for turning a blind eye to what is happening to Australia..”

    David, after the contract of Versailles and lost WW1, the German population suffered immensely through the hands of the “Victors”. Devastating sanctions, whole German factories and technology were shifted to the “Allies”, no food, no clothes, no permanent work and an inflation that burnt money simultaneously while it was officially printed. When finally “some sponsored Germans” appeared on the political scene after the Weimarer Republic and its “foreign” influence that had perverted and demoralized starved Germany and turned the German identity into a grotesque mindless satire, Germans growing up during these times saw that not all was lost and hope was sown again for the first time after WW1. The dream to become free again, to be proud of ones own heritage gave hope to many in Germany.
    History David, is a history of the victor. Please consider both sides of the coin and the influence of foreign powers that have created the official version of the history that is to be taught in global schools. The warning signs of what to come for Germany did start with the preparation and planing of WW1 and were successfully completed with the reign of “Mutti” Merkel an ex East German schooled Communist – a bit more than 100 years later. The same “Spirit, that included hope and a sovereign German identity” that was taken from the German populace successfully will now be taken away from the “allied citizens” that once claimed to be the victors over tyranny.

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  7. Tony, to kill all those who one considers his enemies will simply turn one into “the same he once fought”. Who then will be next – just to keep the peace in just another tyranny?

    Matters are complicated and simplicity can sometimes overrule what the mind wants to see and the physical eyes do not. Good men (humane) do good deeds. Where are the good people in a political system of incorporated mazes that is corrupt to the core but provides a splendid life for all involved? Where are the good people in a court of law labyrinth that caters for the usual establishment and not for their citizens. Where are the good people in a so called “best health system of the world” that solely caters for the profit of the Pharmaceutical Industry and governmental bureaucracy instead of caring for the well being of their own citizens. This is what Australia has become today and without “hidden political agendas” and the corruption of “good” Australian people who believed doing the right thing for Australia and themselves, WE as a nation of ALL have utterly failed.
    Australia is divided in ALL that is, or could be Australian. Australians are legal subjects of the Come on Wealth, that is all there is to it as an Australian identity. We fight and quarrel within ourselves. We distract each other with all that not really matters and still pretend to call Australia home, no matter how heavy the global shackles around our ankles/necks weigh.

    When Pauline Hanson started her political career she became quite uncomfortable for the usual political Australian establishment. She was “removed”, was convicted for electoral fraud which later was overturned again (got a slap on the wrist), and she successfully restarted her political career. Pauline was not the first politician in Australia to be “vaxxed” to become immune with kosher Australian politics, long before the idea of Corona even existed.

    100 odd year olds in Europe ending up in court for WWII war crimes, while ex blood&profit thirsty Prime minister and Presidents of the “Western coalition” 20 years ago, enjoy their governmental benefits and life long pensions after signing the death warrant for innocent civilians in nations to be “democratized” and looted in the middle east.
    Those who want to see differently might get a glimpse of what is really going on in the global colony of “them” that are not US.


  8. We start with the local councils
    Id they are saying NOT MY PROBLEM like our local mayor here in Gympie then ALL OF THE THEMS need pulling out by physical force stuff the coppers most of them are corrupt anyway once again we have given out the LAW and they wont abide by it
    Kidnap ??? No just restraining until under they STAND WITH THE US
    what else can you do with these corrupted fools
    Bought and paid for by the THEM


  9. Hi Old Kodger you should be on our editorial panel. Ed


  10. Frank Starcevich

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  11. Jo is right, but is being simplistic and avoids spelling out the tangible truth.

    Let me do so…

    “Them” have names, but we all know these.. They are aristocrats, investment bankers, billionaires, and technocrats. They are psychopaths and eugenicists.

    “Us”, includes those of us who saw this coming ten years ago, but also the morons who bury their lives in TV and sport. Most of these will not survive the next four years. They will not be missed.

    But most of the aware also are deluded. They dream of Law Courts ruling the pandemic as scamdemic; the jabs as genocide, the banning of HCQ and ITT as mass murder; by judges installed by the same global elite. How dumb is that?

    A tiny handful say “Kill the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, doctors, and big pharma bosses, and return to sanity of “government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

    But nobody wants to listen to the realists. Nor does Jo.


  12. Joey, you hit right on the nail.
    Brother nathaneal is exposing them for years

    He was expelled from jewtube


  13. Cathy, Why do we need governance? Do YOU not have the moral fiber to do no harm? Why do you presume that others do not?
    We need only enough “governance” to curb the despotic ambitions of those who would do harm to others, and that, in reality is a very small minority. At the moment it would seem to be about 640 megalomaniacs in Canberra and a small bunch in every state.
    More than 25,000,000 people are perfectly capable of going about their affairs without harming others. Most have no particular desire to be “better” than the next guy. If there is no power to have, there would be no power to corrupt. Governance provides the platform for power.

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  14. PH certainly has her faults but they decidedly pale into insignificance given what we are facing with the LNP-Labour duopoly! There’s no doubt about it, the duopoly needs a haircut come hell or high water, even at the risk of temporary mayhem.

    The Germans failed to heed the warning signs in the 1930s, we have no excuses for turning a blind eye to what is happening to Australia..

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  15. The land, people and nation of Australia are the reality. We have a true history if only because it is ours.

    We have some workings of a government in terms of principle of law. We do not have a government. We have Masonic corruptos and corporate agents impersonating a government (all branches) . We have UN Communist supervision through the Local Government Authorities. We have a criminal cabal calling the shots. We have a central bank that establishes usury as the basis of the economy. We have more rulz and regs than anyone could shake a stick at. We have Big Corporate over here buying up big. And we have the local boyz and girlz pretending to be a government running a genocide for the UN.

    Is there anything we can add to this picture?


  16. Nicely said! But we will always need a governance otherwise anarchy rules. We just need to choose the people suitable for their roles with a non negotiable clause that states if they are not working for the people they are out, straight out! No time frame for the job, and no pension after the job, they get the same as the people. No secrecy, no lies, true accountability and sovereignty to the Counrty they serve.


  17. Please do not compare Pauline Hanson to Those! she deserves more Respect…..


  18. good article . what puzzles me again is the referral to Pauline Hanson….in my amazement she was assisting us and I must say that I feel that we have to not put all the beans in one put, when there are those who we know need to be taken out. But Not her please.
    Dear people, we are humans and have our flaws….


  19. ☂ᖺᙓ ᑕ〇ᐯᓰᗪ-19 ᕼᗝᗩჯ

    All aspects of the COVID-19 hoax and the COVID vaccines are created, managed and approved of by Talmudic Jews/Khazarian Mafioso.

    CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Former CDC Director, Robert Redfield, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    CDC Deputy Director, Ann Schucat, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    CDC Chief of Staff, Sherri Berger, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    CDC Chief Medical Officer, Mitchell Wolfe, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    CDC Director, Washington Office, Jeff Reczek, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    FDA Vaccines, Dr. Eric Rubin, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    FDA Vaccines, Dr. Arno Monto, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Dr.Eric Rubin, during an FDA hearing on the safety of the vaccine for children said to Dr. Arno Monto:
    “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is unless you start giving it.”

    Former FDA Commisioner, Stephen Hahn, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Former FDA Commisioner, Scott Gottlieb, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Former FDA Commisioner, David Kessler, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Former FDA Commisioner, Andrew Eschenbach, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    COVID Czar, Jeff Zients, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    HHS Ass.Secretary, Rachel Levine, Trans-gender, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Pfizer CEO: Albert Bourla, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Johnson & Johnson CEO: Alex Gorsky , Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Astra Zeneca CEO: Pascal Soriot , Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Moderna’s Vaccine Creator: Tal Zaks , Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Vaccine Passport System (Currently in use across the world)
    US Patent # 11,107,588 B2 , August 31, 2021

    Inventors: Gal Ehrlich, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Ramat-Gan, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Maier Fenster, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Petach-Tikva, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Made in ISRAEL Vaccine Approvals –> Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Vaccine Maker — > Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Vaccine Passport –> Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    The COVID-19 hoax and the Quack-cines are a Jewish/Khazarian Mafia operation.
    Don’t believe for a second that Israel is poisoning it’s own citizens with their own poisonous jab.
    They are lying as they always do. Lies, lies and more lies, all the time to cover their own tracks.
    Just like the Wall Street Banker bailout of 2008.
    Just like the 9/11 attacks.Just like the assassination of JFK, RFK.

    BlackRock OWNS Half of the WORLD, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia


  20. Jo, your reference to PH being a career pollie is total garbage. She ran a small fish and chip business for years before she got so sick of the political BS and decided to go into politics to try and make a positive difference. Unlike, for example Matt Green,sorry, Kean for example, who has a Bachelor degree in business, but has never done any hard graft in his life. Uni, then straight into govt!! Now that’s a career politician and there’s far more of that sort than the Pauline Hanson’s of this world. Career pollies, sucking on the taxpayer dollars and spending it like monopoly money, without any respect for the hard work behind that taxpayer contribution.
    Your world is very narrow and I suspect totally biased.


  21. Or maybe only them and none of us!


  22. A term used to often as a divide between what should be equal.
    Nice Jo


  23. Its them or us! “Kill ’em all and let God sort them out”


  24. john isaacs-young

    Good one Jo!


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