Topher Field shortly after police came to his Melbourne home, flanked either side of Rukshan, in his video announcing the arrest to the world. Rukshan himself may be in danger of arrest by the Andrews regime.

AUSTRALIA’S mainstream media cowards have ignored another arrest of a prominent protest leader in Melbourne by Dan Andrews’ fascist regime. This time it was the brilliant libertarian documentary maker Topher Field, whose arrest follows closely on the recent arrest of Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy.

Field is about to launch a major documentary called “Battle Ground Melbourne”. The sub-title explains it concisely: “The fall of the World’s Most Liveable City through the eyes of those who risked everything to save it.” Field was reported to be home again on Thursday night after earlier being taken to a local police station to face the charges.

Andrews enforcers in action arresting Topher Field

Rukshan, another video-maker who has livestreamed most of the protests in the city and who is also a possible target for Andrews and his thugs, went online soon after the arrest to warn the world again about what was happening.

“She (Monica Smit) held her ground and she stayed in prison and she got her bail conditions changed and now she’s able to freely speak. They tried to do this with Aussie Cossack … there in Sydney, NSW police, and he also stood his ground,” Rukshan said.

“And your finding, again with this arrest of Topher Field, they’re coming after people who are being vocal, who are talking about these issues, who are raising questions that some of the media will not cover … the police, the government want you to believe that everyone is on-side, that everyone shares the same view. They do not want political dissent, they do not want criticism, they definitely don’t want protest and this is the reason they don’t want these discussions happening.”

Victoria’s media meanwhile, who, with the exception of Sky News commentators, are just messenger boys for Andrews and his cronies, simply failed to report this second significant arrest, undoubtedly run from the top down by the thug Andrews and his black uniformed Gestapo-style chief Shane Patton.

The incredible story exposed by Field’s documentary can only be the result of Andrews’ circle of bureaucrats and ministers being corrupted by the billions of dollars of credit being made available to the state by the global central banking system that is working directly with the Gates-Rockefeller-WHO global vaccination network through various intermediaries.

That money is also finding its way to the big media channels and the academic institutions (see our story posted earlier this week) who reap tens of millions of dollars from paid-for COVID propaganda adverts by governments and big pharma.

Melbourne’s big media channels at Nine, 10, Seven, ABC and SBS and The Age almost lost the plot after the recent resignation of their idol Gladys Berejiklian when they started asking questions about a long-running corruption investigation in Victoria and Andrews’ connection to it. Then an article appeared in The Age, suggesting it was wrong for media to be pursuing Andrews. It’s truly pathetic stuff.

Meanwhile the arrest of Field made numerous local and international new media channels including some of the bigger ones such a NewsMax and The Epoch Times.

Battleground Melbourne tells how activists and journalists tried to save the city of Melbourne, but how the government and the media have already told their twisted and dishonest side of the story. “Battleground Melbourne is our reply. This is how we set the record straight and ensure the world will forever know the truth,” a promotional page for the documentary states.