Solidarity is exactly what is required and knowing your rights.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

Everyone needs to carry a copy of the PRIVACY ACT 1988 – SECT 94H.

This is just part of the PRIVACY ACT 1988 – SECT 94H
Requiring the use of COVIDSafe
(1) A person commits an offence if the person requires another person to:
(a) download COVIDSafe to a communication device; or
(b) have COVIDSafe in operation on a communication device; or
(c) consent to uploading COVID app data from a communication device to the National
COVIDSafe Data Store.
Penalty: Imprisonment for 5 years or 300 penalty units, or both.
(2) A person commits an offence if the person:
(a) refuses to enter into, or continue, a contract or arrangement with another person
(including a contract of employment); or
(b) takes adverse action (within the meaning of the Fair Work Act 2009 ) against another
person; or
(c) refuses to allow another person to enter:
(i) premises that are otherwise accessible to the public; or
(ii) premises that the other person has a right to enter; or

Show this when they ask you to scan in, goal term of 5 years or $63,000 fine or both.

Everything you need can be found and used against the ‘powers that be’, you need to find the resources and use them.

Remember Federal Law is above State Law and Common Law is above all others.

And yes people are using these and getting into the places. I live in a small country town where a pub is open to all and yes they have been fined and yes they still let everyone in. Freedom for all is their motto. Shops that are closed until Dec 1 until everyone is able to enter.

It’s a start but it needs to continue, stand up and rise against the corrupt politicians and their handlers.

It’s US the people whom will bring down the tyrants, we have to have solidarity, we have to fight.

Learn and help each other to get the resources, they are out there.

Register your birth with Common Law – You are a living man or woman.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. We need to stand up to the evil that has been controlling humanity for to long we are Godly being we carry a part of God inside us, evil doesnt their the war mongers & their everything else that is despicable from rubbish we watch on tv to junk food we eat & never forget their are more of us then them we could take them out in a heartbeat we need to fight vack now


  2. While government own judiciary its the same rule as police investigating police and even Rumpole would not take that case…ED2


  3. Notice how quickly we can move out of lock down when the Law suits begin…


  4. Thank you for the info.ONLY though Cairnsnews….could not see the Local Rag publishing this info……….Take them to court……..all you need is a good Lawyer……
    The Human Rights bill came into law in QLD………NOT ONE paper published this fact,even after I contacted them…Silence.

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  5. Ref to questionit21 | October 15, 2021 at 2:21 pm
    I can’t directly reply to this.

    I never seen this before a Nun standing up for the Human Race and total Authoritarian Control and we need to stand up together as one before Humanity is lost forever with our Medical Freedoms.

    Here is something very disturbing be wary of taking medication in capsule formulation what’s in it is more dangerous than a needle in a Strawberry. Now Hand Sanitisers may contain Graphene Oxide as well.

    The nun standing up bit.
    And how do we stand up as a few against many?
    The masses have fallen for this and the only way is for most of the masses realise that they stuffed up. By then it’s to late and I feel most wont stand up unless they want to look like idiots for falling for it. There is a thing called ego that will get in the way here. No different to someone paying heaps of money for, lets say a car and it turns out to be crap. The buyer will still defend it to death from fear of looking like an idiot for wasting so much money. I have seen that happen lots despite the facts in their face.

    The courts are corrupted or at the very least so scared to rule against this so called ‘Vaccine’ that the masses think it is and the measures taken to get us to have it.
    This is not just happing in Australia. This is a world wide thing and any court to rule this so called ‘Vaccine’ illegal would be very brave to rule that and I just don’t see that happing in my lifetime. Maybe in a few hundred years there might be an uprising to get rid of the not only tyrants in Australia but the world who are all in on this together.
    Again. so how do we stand up when so much as been corrupted, I have not much hope voting will work.

    Now the hand sanitisers.
    It wont be the 1st thing that has toxic stuff in it. there are many more toxics in our food, in insecticides, pesticides to name a few that has been ‘Fully tested and approved’ and there is noting we can do about that, except sit around like now and talk about it. like that group in Monty Pythons Life of Brian who just sit and talk with no action and it took a woman to get them into action an all they did was stuff it up.
    Talking about Monty Python. I woke up almost 2 years ago into the land of the upper class twits who have power over us.


  6. COVID Totalitarianism: The Deification of Error

    “There are four conditions that need to be in place to enable mass formation to occur in a society. The first is the presence of large numbers of socially isolated, atomised, people. The social bonds between people need to have been weakened. This is the most important, and the other conditions follow from it. Secondly, there will be large numbers of people who experience lack of sense-making in their lives and work — people who feel that their jobs are senseless, meaningless. Thirdly, there requires to be ‘a lot of free-floating anxiety’ — i.e. anxiety that is not connected to a mental representation so that the sufferer doesn’t know why he is anxious and afraid. And fourthly, there needs to be a lot of ‘free-floating psychological discontent’ — anger and frustration at, again, apparently nothing in particular.”

    Is this what is happening to you? At least now you know why!


  7. Cairns News has been a valuable conduit to the kind of sound and much needed news that we’d other wise be unable to get.

    I agree with Kevin. We all know people who, even in the midst of the anguish of the state sanctioned terrorism we’re subject to, are motivated to give misleading “advice” in the name of their own particular cause,which effectively exposes people to MORE harm; leaves them flapping in the wind with no “solidarity” in sight.

    A half truth deliberatley wrought to manipulate is as despicable as the actions of our governments.

    So what’s going on with your standards when you post a bogus article to the effect that Bobby Kennedy has won a US Supreme Court decision which eliminates mandatory injection and so on as you did last week?

    Also, the Privacy Act post left out point 3 in the same section of the Act which refers to the Fair Work Act 2009.

    This tends to infer sections 1&2 which detail offences regarding attempts to force sign in relate to a relationship between employer and employee, contractors, etc. – not the general public, for instance, visiting the library or cafe.

    If true, it reinforces the old saying that ” A little knowledge is dangerous”.

    However, i’ll admit that legal mubo jumbo sometimes requires Einstein to de code for real application and meaning.

    I’d love to wrong about my reading of this section.


  8. I have nothing to say it’s over to you the people to remove the duopoly, for the legal system has no justice let the biros do the work with a nice big X on the ballot paper for anyone but theALP/LNP/GANG GREENS .. ED2


  9. also worth a look with regard to the legality of imposing a ‘vaccine’ (same principles exist in all British derived jurisdictions):


  10. Those mascerading as government (recall the Clearfield Doctrine), but are really non-public corporations, are ramping up the stakes and it is coming to crunch time with their mandates.

    You may have seen that in Victoria all government employees have been mandated to be jabbed, and Dangerous Dan said it included Judges and all court officials.
    Then a week later Sutton says that those very ‘people’ are exempt, and when asked why he replied that it was a Constitutional matter, without stipulating which part of the Constitution was applicable.

    Given that nowhere in the original Constitution does it distinguish between classes of ‘people’, the obvious question is why are court officials exempt?

    The following is some of the definitions of ‘mandate’ from Black’s 9th Law Dictionary:

    1. An order from an appellate court directing a lower court to take specified action.
    2. A judicial command directed to an officer of the court to enforce a court order.
    3. In politics, the electorate’s overwhelming show of approval for a given political candidate or platform.
    4. Roman & civil law A written command given by a principal to an agent; specify.,a commission or contract by which one person ( the mandator) requests someone ( the mandatary) to perform some service gratuitously, the commission becoming effective when the mandatary agrees. * In this type of contract, no liability is created until the service requested has begun. The mandatary is bound to use reasonable care in performance, while the mandator is bound to indemnify against loss incurred in performing the service. …..* The contract of mandate may be either onerous or gratuitous. It is gratuitous if the parties do not state otherwise.

    In the civil jurisdiction in Tasmania, only corporate entities are able to be plaintiffs and complanaints in a civil action in the Supreme Court.

    So tie that in with the example of the court officals in Victoria not being mandated to be jabbed, and that it is a Constitutional matter, then maybe those court officials know how not to be in a principal/agent relationship with the quasi government !
    That the Courts also have the capacity to adjudicate in the original dejure Constitutional jurisdiction means they would have knowledge on the differences between the jurisdictions and by necessity need to have standing in the original jurisdiction, and that they elect to be in the original jurisdiction and so not under the derived jurisdiction of those quasi governments.

    The problem is that the people have elected (by their actions) to pretend that they are something the quasi governments have created, and so come under the principal/agent meaning of the word ‘mandate’.

    Of interest in the definition of ‘mandate’, where it means “a written command given by a principal to an agent” it also qualifies the type of the contract, specifically: “The contract of mandate may be either onerous or gratuitous. It is gratuitous if the parties do not state otherwise.”

    Does the mandatary ever stipulate a fee?
    What would happen if the agent demanded the fee of say (pick a number) $100 million for compliance with the mandate.
    Would the principal agree to that?
    Reread the definition again to see if I have got the right gist and that the contract can accommadate such a demand.

    Also in the same part of the definition, reflect on what this part means:
    ” the commission becoming effective when the mandatary agrees.”
    Does this mean the mandatary has a choice ?!

    Hasn’t Scomo stated that the experimental medical treatments being fraudulently presented as vaccines can’t be compelled.

    Like the ex NSW Premier said the same.

    Could it be so simple as merely giving Notice to the mandator that you do not consent to being made a subject in a medical experiment ?


  11. Kevin, Updated in July 2020.

    Pay to read a few before and after 94H


  12. NSW Kangaroo Court verdict, BioHazzard and Chant not guilty.

    What a f*****g surprise.



  13. Funny how the sovereign man has come back into the equation and have been told on a few occasions by people in the know is that with our judicial system it doesn’t carry any weight and still today it means zero.Till the collective agree upon the sovereign man it will never have any weight and the above privacy act 1988 sec 94h falls on deaf ears, It’s as though they truly have different laws for themselves in government, Those laws don’t apply to our fraudulent government remember they basically stand exempt to their own laws. Also a government is not a person so you cannot prosecute anyone within the government.Our laws need overhauling.How many politicians do you know that have had the book thrown at them? and served time for their crimes..


  14. does anyone know anything about registration with the international common law court?
    Is it genuine to register my birth cert and my property?
    i have never heard anything about it
    Please advise if you know


  15. I have been watching Alternative Media from Stew Peters, WilParanormal and TJ45 all on Rumble none of them would last 1 hour on the Technocrats Social media platforms that’s a fact!

    Finding out a lot more behind the scenes and found out that Tavistock Institute and Committee of the 300 has been controlling everything since the inconception possibly more powerful than all these Secret Society’s for eg Freemasons, Illuminate and Scull and Cross Bones.

    I never seen this before a Nun standing up for the Human Race and total Authoritarian Control and we need to stand up together as one before Humanity is lost forever with our Medical Freedoms.

    Here is something very disturbing be wary of taking medication in capsule formulation what’s in it is more dangerous than a needle in a Strawberry. Now Hand Sanitisers may contain Graphene Oxide as well.

    What would happen at every place Government and Private Companies that forces Vaccine Mandates walk out how long until it will be reversed when these Private Companies would money hand over fist. With Governments would end up going to a stand down complete collapse would be Imminent!


  16. This refers to the Federal Government’s specific ‘COVIDSafe’ app, a failed app that as far as I know no state is using. Each state uses their own Covid check-in app. The above sections from the act DO NOTE relate to the individual state’s apps. Be careful.


  17. Research the thing yourself we just publish the info ,, ED2


  18. Has this been written since COVID was named as such? My reason for asking is obvious. As ti my thinking it has had to be made law since COVID, or it has been altered from the exact law. I am NOT being smart, I just need to know all the facts before potentially being arrested.


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