Landmark defamation case will take down ‘fact checked’ PCR test fraud

Reiner Fuellmich has filed one of a number of cases designed to bring down the COVID-19 scamdemic house of cards. First off the rank is Dr Wolfgang Wodarg’s defamation case against so-called fact checking organisations.

GERMAN lawyer and hero of the global truth movement, Reiner Fuellmich, has filed a defamation case against social media fact checkers who tried to smear and discredit Dr Wolfgang Wodarg who has exposed RT-PCR tests as unreliable and unable to be used to inform about COVID-19 infections.

The lawsuit to expose the PCR testing fraud will smash the cornerstone of the scamdemic narrative i.e. that so-called “cases” found by PCR tests justify mass vaccination, masks and draconian lockdowns such as those happening now in Victoria, Australia.

“This is the first step we believe, which I think will attack the cornerstone of the current crisis which are the PCR tests, because we believe after having listened to dozens of experts since July 10th here in Berlin in our Corona Investigative Committee,” Fuellmich told Ben Swann of RT channel’s Truth in Media on May 22.

“We believe this is a staged pandemic and this has nothing to do with health but everything to do with what Bobby Kennedy has just talked about. There are very concrete dangers for democracy and in particular, for free speech.

“So we believe that in order to make this house of cards collapse, we have to attack the PCR test, because in the meantime we have learned from the WHO that the actual danger of this so-called pandemic is no worse than that of a common flu at 0.14% infection fatality rate. And we also know there are no asymptomatic infections.

“So, what is left is the PCR test. We now know from listening to our witnesses … that this particular, so-called Drosden PCR test which supposedly tells you something about infections does not tell you anything about infections but is rather a tool to keep people in panic mode and not ask any questions about what you are supposed to do, like mask wearing, social distancing and the lockdowns.”

The plaintiff, Dr Wodarg, a medical doctor, public health officer and former German SDP politician, called out the swine flu fraud in 2008 and recently has been censored by social media platforms for calling out PCR testing. Fuellmich says the burden of proof to show that PCR tests are accurate falls into the hands of the fact checkers – a coalition of corporate funded media – who have accused Dr Wodarg of lying.

In 2008 Dr Wodarg managed to expose and stop the swine flu panic, but not before some 700 children were neurologically maimed by the vaccine that was developed. The same children today still suffer from narcolepsy.

Last December Dr Wodarg and Dr Michael Yeadon, the former vice president and chief scientist of Pfizer for allergy and respiratory conditions, filed an urgent application with the European Medicine Agency for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccine clinical trials, in particular the BioNtech/Pfizer trials, citing concerns about female fertility.

Their application also cited concerns about PCR testing, saying all “endpoints” of COVID-19 cases used to determine vaccine efficacy in the Phase 3 or 2/3 trials should have their infection status confirmed by “appropriate Sanger sequencing” because of high cycle thresholds used in some trials and “design flaws of certain RT-qPCR tests identical to or modeled after what is sometimes called the “Drosten-Test”.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Can I get an update on this case as I am trying to raise awareness to the public of Australia about the work Dr Fuellmich and his team are doing for our human rights. Please and thank you ✌️✊🙏❤️


  2. Dr. Reiner sir, you are the mankind’s only hope and savior.


  3. Welcome Great
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    High Court Challenge LISTED in the High Court for HEARING
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    Newsletter 3 May 2021


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    Aged Pensioner Solihin ‘Sol’ Millin 77 has taken the Victorian Government to the High Court of Australia over the false Covid ‘Emergency’.

    Sol is Dux of one of the greatest schools in Africa, Hilton College. He also topped his University in Physics and Applied Mathematics.

    Sol says ‘The Covid 2020 lockdown in Victoria destroyed tens of thousands of businesses, created huge destruction in our Australian Economy, destroyed families, livelihoods, lives and much more.

    Sol is the Founder of Advocacy Group ‘Make Australia Healthy Again’ and has successfully filed Case C2/2021 which is currently before the High Court of Australia for Adjudication.

    Under the Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982, Sol has requested the Victorian Government under FOI F21/0524 for the reasons they claim there is an Emergency. We have demanded the Respondents, the Victorian Government, supply the statistical and scientific basis of this False Emergency. This FOI request has so far not been forthcoming.

    Here is the Reply from Solihin Millin to the Victorian Government’s Response to his Section 40 Application under the 1903 Federal Judiciary Act.

    Sol has legally served notice to the High Court of Australia that this matter is to be judged under Section 80 Trial by Jury for Indictment of the Victorian Government for over throwing the Australian Constitution.

    Sol Millin was arrested for alleged incitement against the Chief Health Officer’s Directives, and for organising the first Australian Freedom Day Protest in Melbourne on 9th August 2020, as covered in Age March 9 2021.

    This Case is now in the High Court due to Sol making a Section 40 application under the Judiciary Act 1903 in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, to move Questions of Constitutional Law to the High Court for Adjudication.

    This False Emergency is engendered by Corporate and Banking interests seeking Global Control and Slavery of the Human Race through the World’s largest Pharmaceutical FEAR Campaign based on a non-existent ‘virus’ Sarscov2 which has never been scientifically isolated, a fake disease ‘Covid19’ that has never been scientifically defined apart from having ‘Cold and Flu’ symptoms, which thus, in fact, is a renaming of Influenza, and a totally fallacious false positive PCR test that cannot test for infectious diseases.

    Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are dying worldwide after being injected with this Covid experimental medical procedure and millions are being injured.

    The Australian Government is murdering its own citizens by forcing its citizens to be injected.

    Get educated Australia in the horrors and death and injury being caused by this shocking Australian Government Treason

    Sol is determined to end this false Covid Emergency and has over 15,000 and growing Class Action Co-joiners against the Victorian Government.

    This is the biggest Class Action in the history of Australia

    To donate to Make Australia Healthy again, MAHA, a not for profit Charitable Trust to ensure the Health and Wellbeing of all Australians go to

    Here is an update of the High Court Case C2/2021

    Here are Sol’s latest Speeches at Protests held recently in Sydney:

    Worldwide Rally for Freedom – 15 May 2021
    Millions March – 29 May 2021
    Glossa Channel Interview


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  4. NZ – An open video from NZ GP Damian Wojcik


  5. Whilst I endorse this action 100%, I am concerned that there might not be a court in the world that is not compromised to the point of being just another weapon of the cabal.


  6. crisscross767


    Join the gap link censored



  7. Thanks,very encouraging post & they are also taking a big risk with their safety because this exposure will really upset the demons involved. Hope your doing well both in health & spiritual health also:)? ________________________________


  8. crisscross767

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  9. crisscross767

    Kary Mullis – The Full Interview with Gary Null


  10. Wow…… someone with real balls !!…….WIN…WIN…WIN……..(.the “power of one”)
    thanks Ed for this story ……….


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