Victoria Police resort to violence after being stopped in their tracks with kerbside law lecture

Nick Patterson and several friends on the footpath after being intercepted, pepper-sprayed and beaten by a squad Victoria Police thugs.

In the initial confrontation Nick Patterson schools a sergeant in the law as it applies to questioning and arrest powers.

Police swarm around a group holding an open-air church service in a park at Narre Warren. The pastor Paul Furlong had earlier been arrested.

VICTORIA Police have been caught on video in a vicious gang attack on a small group of protesters linked to a Christian activist group called Members of the group had earlier held a swarm of cops at bay when they tried to “enforce” so-called health directives from the state’s chief of health fascism Brett Sutton.

Before the vicious assault Patterson and friends, equipped with phones and cameras and not wearing the supposedly mandatory masks, walked across a road into a mass of cops. This immediately prompted questioning by a sergeant about why they weren’t wearing them and where they had come from in an attempt to pin on them an infringement of the lawless and ludicrious 5km travel restriction.

But Patterson and his friends were not going to play ball with the lawless stupidity imposed by the corrupt Andrews-Merlino-Sutton Labor Party regime and their chief cop Shane Patton who, a few days before this outrage, was on the media using the deaths of officers to drum up public sympathy for “the force”.

Patton must have known his cops were going to engage in thuggery against protesters given night-time notices not to attend the Freedom Rally on Saturday.

In one of several incidents at Saturday’s Freedom Rally protest, Patterson gave police a brief lesson in law and how they were in breach of it.

He told them he legally did not have to talk with them, a well-established right, but chose to engage in conversation anyway, informing them of at least three major High Court cases in Australian law (e.g. George v Rockett, 1990) laying down guidelines on what police can and cannot do. Patterson stood his ground informing the sergeant he needed reasonable grounds and facts for suspicion of an offence in order to make an arrest.

Patterson also referenced New South Wales v Bradford James Robinson (2019) in which the High Court unanimously held that in NSW at common law, an arrest can only be for the purpose of taking the arrested person before a magistrate (or other authorised officer) to be dealt with according to law to answer a charge for an offence (“the single criterion”). Thousands of the legally dubious health directives and the infringement notices issued for them, have previously been dropped by Victoria Police.

Patterson further referenced the Victoria Police Act 2013, saying it was inconsistent for police to be enforcing government directives when they were defined as “constables at common law”. Police powers of arrest and questioning are clearly laid out in a Victorian Legal Aid booklet. The underlying principle is that police officer can only ask for a name and address if they have a reasonable belief you committed an offence or are about to commit an offence.

After Nick and his friends apparently convinced police they had every right not to talk to or supply their names and addresses without police acting upon reasonable cause they were ordered to move on. The group decided they would but were pursued by the same mob of dozens of cops across city blocks. Then suddenly, without provocation or resistance, the cops crossed the street and intercepted them, pepper spraying and beating them in the process. Patterson was taken away in an ambulance.

Next day, Sunday, Patterson sporting cuts and bruises to his head and his right arm in a sling, attended an outdoor service hosted by Narre Warren Revival Church whose pastor Paul Furlong has defied the lockdown orders. Furlong based this on the teaching in the New Testament epistle of Hebrews to “not forsake the assembling of yourselves together”. Furlong was arrested on Saturday night, also apparently under the false pretences of disobeying Sutton’s so-called directives.

On Sunday the church members and supporters gathered beside an sports oval near the Fountain Gate shopping centre for the service, but were surrounded by some 40 cops who slowly drew their circle closer to the worshippers, literally driving them out of the park.

Despite the blatant intimidation and violence, Nick Patterson’s initial confrontation on Saturday was a major win in the street protest battlefront against attempts by the Victoria’s dictatorship and its use of so-called directives enforced by arbitrary lockdowns and illegal and intimidatory police harassment.

* In the High Court case George v. Rockett, June 20, 1990, it was ruled (8) “When a statute prescribes that there must be “reasonable grounds” for a state of mind – including suspicion and belief – it requires the existence of facts which are sufficient to induce that state of mind in a reasonable person. That was the point of Lord Atkin’s famous, and now orthodox, dissent in Liversidge v. Anderson (1942).”

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Papa Doc Dan Tonton Macoutes !
    Just the way to become Haiti Papa Doc Dan is getting us there…


  2. Yeah Brad fluoride wrecked the intelligentsia of Victoria years ago


  3. Plutonium….Isn’t it a bit far fetched to bring Israel in to this as the people behind this thuggery?
    I am more inclined to think it is Bill Gates ( he is pushing this vax onto everyone), plus the UN, Fauci.Great Reset, the elitist Rockefellers .
    This group has all communists in the world carrying out their orders.They want to control the world under THEIR government.
    That won’t be very nice as they totally agree with the bully tactics being carried out today.Living under them will be pure hell.Enjoy your freedom while you can!


  4. These incidents at the Freedom Rally, and next day, are very,very serious.It shows what depths some of our state govts.are sinking to in order for the communists to take control.
    It brings back memories of Hitler and his thugs before, and during WW2.They used this type of police tactics.
    If we allow it to keep happening, things will only get worse.Andrews and his govt. has to go.


  5. Vic Police doesn’t exist anymore, what replaced them ? Simple the Tontons Macoutes of Papa Doc Dan …..


  6. Where were these Victorian Police when Black African Gangs were terrorising while smashing and grab raiding Melbourne jewelry stores on a regular basis. No far easier to arrest and intimidate a young pregnant mother for a FB post or genuine protesters against illegal and economic family destroying lockdowns and then in the same breath allow thousands more illegal BLM protesters go with impunity but arrest a few ANZAC DAY marchers but on the same day allow 10s of thousands at a Footy match.


  7. I doubt very much those black clad guys are Australian police .. this is tying in with my reasoning why morriscum signed that legislation allowing foreign troops into Australia with no liability for injuries to the Australian people..


  8. Yes.. we see what is happening to our Australia …as world government show their fist to freedom all over the world..history is full of madmen trying to dictate their mad beliefs on the rest of us…same old same old..these mad dogs of humanity must have their idiot servants..mad dogs like Hitler , Stalin, on and on back through the ages.who is behind this latest madness? you know their names..and the idiots that follow them


  9. Thank you for publicising the facts that we Victorians are living in a Communist State and thank you to Nick Patterson and others for their courage in standing up for us all.


  10. Maybe, as in a post in another thread stated, perhaps filing a “show cause” action against the Victorian establishment might be in order.


  11. This article explains what your rights are when confronted by the police, as well as how to handle the situation:


  12. Good article covering a very serious matter. Victorian ALP Gov’t must be brought to heel.


  13. plutonium853

    Police are Jew thugs acting on behalf of Israel


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