Let them reap what they sow…..

Letter to the Editor

Well the game continues, to instill the fear into the Australian population, that the virus is real and will get you until you get the forced vaccine which by the way will do nothing except achieve the target of the Eugenicists. Interesting to note, how during the QLD Election campaign, VIC was under the most stringent lockdowns coming from the same Labor Government. Instead of taking a leaf from the Victorian books and kicking out the Labor government out, QLDers decided that they knew better and would vote in, the same fascist and socialist/communist style of government that was leading the way in Victoria.

The fascist Govt now in power in QLD knows that the people are stupid enough to believe the lies and the fear that has been peddled and that they have been given free rein by the people in QLD, to treat them with contempt and like what they deserve. Not sure that the Libs would have been better, but it was as sure as the sun rises, that Labor was going to be bad. Now QLD’ers are simply reaping what they have sown. They can sit tight at home and reflect on what was is and could have been. No surprises here. The game of “musical mutating virus” continues from Labor led state to Labor led state. Is WA next? Let’s just wait and see.

from Dan