Vice President Mike Pence will make historic decisions today in the US House of Representatives when the December vote count is adjudicated.
An analysis of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, voting revealed massive anomalies such as a massive drop in the Trump vote tally.
Another instance of votes disappearing, this time in Dodge County, Georgia.

By Tony Mobilifonitis
US Vice President Mike Pence has a clear constitutional option called the 12 Amendment to ultimately sort out the stolen US election as the leader of the free world plunges into its biggest ever constitutional and political crisis. The US Congress meets today to adjudicate the votes from the electoral college and Pence will act as chairman of the process.
Yesterday, as Washington police protected Black Lives Matter and Antifa in BLM Plaza from Trump patriots, the Democrats claimed control of the Senate after their candidates Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock allegedly won their respective Georgia run-off races. We say allegedly because the Democrats most likely did exactly what they did in the other key states – rigged the voting process and stole the election.
During the Georgia run-off multiple people captured videos of the moment that CNN and ABC News removed 5000 votes from Republican candidate David Perdue. His vote tally suddenly switched from 2,130,535 down to 2,125,535. Republicans have already gathered statistical evidence of massive vote cancelling in Georgia and Pennsylvania. The President was also on to the scam. “Looks like they are setting up a big ‘voter dump’ against the Republican candidates. Waiting to see how many votes they need?” Trump tweeted just before 10:30 p.m.
The Democrats simply could not afford to lose the George run-off for the two Senate seats, so it appears they brazenly stole it. While we can’t yet prove that, for the Democrats to lose would mean people were listening to the vote fraud protest that is presenting more evidence by the day. It would also bolster the Trump patriots – the last thing they want.

Trump supporters in Fulton County said earlier in the day Democrats blocked their credentialed monitors from overseeing absentee ballots and verifying signatures. “They are required to allow our observers in by the superior court’s order,” they wrote on Twitter. But media isn’t reporting such things and federal law enforcement is not taking much notice.

But it’s far from the end of the story. There are still seven disputed states and under the 12th Amendment Pence can simply set aside the Electoral College count for those seven states: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. Each of those states now has what is known as dueling electors. He may also first chose the soft option of returning the dueling electors back to their states to sort it out.

Under the 12th Amendment, if no resolution can be found, a vote is then put to the states on a one-state, one-vote basis, which would theoretically give Trump back the presidency because Republicans control about 30 of the 50 states. But of course, the Democrats and their media will now be incessantly be banging “victory” drums, claiming Biden and now their two victorious senators from Georgia, show that Americans really do hate Trump.
But the 12th Amendment option was bolstered yesterday when the State Senates of Pennsylvania and Georgia broke ranks with turncoat establishment Republicans and demanded the certification of the state’s scandalous election results be delayed to allow further investigation.

Simultaneously, thousands of American patriots began pouring into Washington DC yesterday for a massive rally before the Congress convenes for the “vote count” process. In one incident Trump supporters and District of Columbia police clashed briefly. Several Marine veterans were enraged when the DC cops let loose with pepper spray outside BLM Plaza, Washington’s bizarre tribute to neo-Marxism.

In their letter to the Senate leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy, the Pennsylvania (PA) state senators called on the Senate and House to delay certification of the state’s Electoral College votes until the Trump v Boockvar case is heard in the US Supreme Court.

“… due to the numerous unlawful violations taken by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf; Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar; and the rogue State Supreme Court, the balance of power was taken from the State Legislature, who by the US and PA Constitutions set the time, place and manner of holding elections,” the state senators wrote.

Earlier in the day as the Georgia Federal Senate voting was being counted, shots were fired into the Atlanta home of a team member of forensics and IT expert Jovan Pulitzer, after the team was due to release a forensic audit of Fulton County ballot papers. “One team member’s home took 5 shots through the windows in a drive-by. Right through his daughter’s bedroom window,” Pulitzer Tweeted. Democrat supporters claimed it was fabricated as it “wasn’t in the news”.

But not reporting a drive-by shooting was hardly surprising given the same news channels have all but ignored the biggest election crime in US history. Statistical analyses of Georgia’s and Pennsylvania’s election counts showed staggering numbers of disappearing Trump votes and statistically outlandish voting figures for Biden (see graphics).