Reserve Bank credit creation out of the bag – officially

Reserve Bank of Australia says it created $330B “out of thin air’

Reserve Bank creating money out of thin air to prevent economic disaster – PM – ABC Radio 

ABC Broadcast April 6, 2020

Here it is folks the official admission about credit creation we have been waiting to hear for 30 years. The former Reserve Bank Governor said in an ABC Radio interview the Reserve Bank added extra noughts into the computer and bingo! the Federal Government produced $330B two weeks ago to pay the wages of small business employees across the nation who have been displaced by ‘Coronavirus’.

Unfortunately a reported $150B went to the banks who have been creating their own credit since banks first started.

Reserve Bank of Australia

Better still the bail-out was created interest-free but Jewish Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in good old ‘long nosed’ style added an interest component ensuring it is paid back. We wish him good luck there.

Now this worst-kept secret of the banksters has hit the airwaves. The cat is out of the bag-officially.

Following on from this fiscal revelation an honest government would continue creating national credit for the benefit of nation building infrastructure at 0.05 per cent interest rate to cover the cost of bureaucracy if granting credit to private enterprise. Federal and State government owned new infrastructure building should be exempt from interest.

In essence this credit, backed by our inestimable in-situ precious metals, coal, iron ore and nearly every other valuable mining commodity known to mankind, and our people, Treasury credit creation could remove:

  • income tax
  • payroll tax
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • land tax(States)
  • fuel excise tax (38 cents per litre)
  • stamp duty on property sales (States)
  • motor vehicle taxes (States)
  •  every other tax or impost
  • and most importantly remove the professed need for overseas investment(ownership)

Threats yesterday by China to boycott our agricultural exports and education providers if we don’t back down from an independent inquiry into the Coronahoax should be ignored. Australia does not need Chinese investment. In fact an honest government would confiscate all Communist Chinese Government-owned property in Australia as reparation for war crimes associated with the bogeyman Wuhan virus.

We could build the Bradfield Irrigation scheme, new high-speed rail links, steel works and foundries, aluminium manufacturing, new age, clean coal fired power stations, new age, safe nuclear reactors ad infinitum in deference to Chinese and the City of London financiers.

These projects could be funded just like the Snowy River Scheme without borrowing and give every Australian a standard of living equal to the best on Earth.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Rogey Hayes’s Lawful Bank, in England, if it got off the ground, was going to charge a5K pound fee for a home loan, no interest.Lawful Bank is the best idea ever.I wonder why ME Bank, predicated on the construction industry superannuation funds, even chargesinterest, as it its the members’ own money they are borrowing.I met some really smart people when I worked construction in Melbourne, but it seems no-one has seen through the ME Bank scam!!!:



  2. Gregory John Tudehope

    You don’t honestly believe this rubbish you are being fed do you, do any of you know what your incorporeal hereditaments are or what the hereditas jacens is or what property is being dealt with in Sec 83 of the Reserve Bank of Australia.
    Do you know what your personal property of estate is and who has the administration of it and why ?
    They certainly don’t create anything out of thin air and anything they give to you already belongs to you personally.


  3. i totally agree,however getting this through the heads of university trained left wing politicians would be a hard task.


  4. Peter Lockwood

    G’Day Like to drew your attention Re currency, in Europe over 100yrs ago, people like you and me had as part of “our currency” GOLD COINS ( 80+% Gold) Thats IN YOU POCKET !!.
    In today’s worlds …….could that happen Now?


  5. BRAVO > BRAVO > BRAVO! . Robert J Lee . with that platform . you’re PM material


  6. That is exactly what we are working to achieve now at, using our MyWill letter to gain the support of the Australian people.

    Regards, Mike Holt, Founder Advance Australia HQ My facebook page: @cirnowaustralia & @advanceaustraliahq Twitter Account: @AdvanceAusHQ Websites: & & Listen to my Podcasts: * * –


  7. It’s time to end the Fed in Australia and return the power back to the people.


  8. Victor Sturgeon

    I have been saying for years, we do not need to trade with other Countries, we have the resources to be totally independent from China and most other Countries.
    we need to drop the Fiat Dollar as it is not lawful tender and revert back to Pounds shillings and pence which is gold backed . also the Fiat Dollar debt is holy and solely owed by these criminals sitting in the Parliaments unlawfully in this Country. We must take back all water rights sold to anyone as the water belongs to everyone in Australia, not the greedy. Lake Argyle water could be piped like I have been saying for years , down to southern States and along the way arid area’s of our deserts and there are millions of acres of good land out there that just needs water, we could grown everything we need by pipe lines from lake Argyle. put in steel mills in the Pilbara, make our own cars, make our own fuel from all the Natural Gas supplies and use it here, not give it away over seas for 3 cents per litre like what is happening now. all the resources of this country belongs to the people not the Bloody Politicians or the multi national mining Companies. We are being screwed big time by these criminals in the Corporate unlawful Govt’s of this Country, its time the People take back Control.


  9. Unfortunately, as mad as it makes me feel, as my son says ” the only back down from martial law, is war”
    Since Bonzai (Howard…Little Bush) organized the black op at Port Arthur to get our guns away from us, we have little chance of mounting a rebellion, that’s why it was done.
    Our younger people are so conditioned to doing as they are told, the chance of “lawful disobedience” is ZERO.
    Not until they are pushed from pillar to post and badly treated from all quarters, will they realize that something they believed in is wrong.


  10. Robin Harrison

    I doubt the privately owned Reserve Bank would countenance this, they’ve got the local monopoly on creating money out of thin air then renting it to us.


  11. Already happened Robin. Editor


  12. horsecowsheeps

    Fabulous report !
    Of course, of the greatest Australians ever ( a genuine national treasure ) was Sir Denison Miller. He was the governor of the Commonwealth Bank that began in 1911. Miller funded the WW1 effort of some 350 million pounds. After it was all over, he wrote the debt off, much to the astonishment of the English media when he was interviewed there is 1922…, they asked, if you do that in war time what about in peacetime ? He said, no problem , can do! I think it was 1924, he died prematurely and the private boys took over as a prelude to the ‘29 crash.
    Miller had done many marvellous nation building things including the transcontinental railway during the war, on the back of the Nations farming and mineral wealth. No debt ! If it’s physically possible it is financially possible.
    Our Commonwealth Constitution sect 51, outlines how we can generate a repeat of the above .


  13. Thank you Mr Livestock, well said.Editor


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