Letter to the Editor

by Hannah Haverback

The ‘Australian’ government is doing it’s best to destroy the well-being and rights/freedoms of Australians on the false pretext of a medical emergency crisis due to a supposedly ‘deadly’ virus flu. It is getting away with these nation-wrecking policies criminality because Australians are too weak, dumb, gullible and lacking in courage/initiative to unite in groups to confront and demand basic accountability to national loyalty from these traitors infesting the entire dysfunctional and disease-ridden government structure.

The enemy-controlled lying mass-media is engaged in psychological warfare hysterical over the top fear-mongering of this inconsequential flu. Please head over to http://www.renegadetribune.com to learn of the identity of this enemy of mankind. And if you want a good debunking of ‘corona flu virus’ hoax, please read articles at https://blog.nomorefakenews.com.

Therefore, Australians, start forming group meetings to gather strength in numbers for a time of spontaneous revolt of the people to defy government tyranny that is rapidly descending upon us all. Fight back or deserve the communist-style state-approved gulags and detention camps where millions would be tortured till death. Stalin and Mao would be suitably impressed with the improved methods of mass-murder by these next generation psychopath executioners.