NSW Liberal Govt unleashes its fascist enforcers against Canadian free-speech activist

Fascist UK bans Lauren Southern

Lakemba mosque in Sydney wins again

by Gil Hanrahan

This stunning interview(link below) with Andrew Bolt on Sky News deals with so-called Australian multiculturalism, genocide of white South African farmers, collapse of the food chain in South Africa and the looming genocide of its 50 million black inhabitants.

Bolt deals with the invoice handed to Canadian free speech advocate Lauren Southern by Victoria Police for alleged protester control..

Stefan Molyneaux and Lauren Southern dismiss Australian multiculturalism as a myth

Rent-a-crowd in Melbourne tried to stop the meeting of concerned citizens where population expert Stefan Molyneaux discussed the collapse of white society and how black races including Muslims have lowered the IQ of their gene pool.

The video links below reveal the plan the Labor and Liberal duopoly have engineered to foster black immigration at the instruction of the Islamic-controlled United Nations.

While the European Union is in its final death throes and the UK already lost to Islam, Australian politicians like Julie Bishop and Bill Shorten have become UN quislings, bowing and scraping to Islam.

Southern says it is accepted by Australian media to call Jesus a homosexual but when she called Allah gay, she was condemned by the media and Islam alike.

Some call it dhimmitude.

Lauren Southern dismisses ‘multiculturalism’ as a myth.