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  1. MT makes reference to the shooting in Las Vegas, and all the weaponry the shooter allegedly had in his hotel room there, but does not ask for the cctv which would have recorded persons and the means by which the weapons were moved to that room. That is, no cctv has been released of Steven Paddock – or of anyone else, moving the weapons and ammunition to the room.


  2. The concerned Citizens of Central Queensland told us 27 years ago about the New World Order and any Politician observing or offering allegiance to them are Traitors under Section 44(i). Some listened and took notice others it is a matter of cognitive dissonance.

    Many of these scum have been charged (Gillard, High Court Judges and all manner of high flyers) yet no one has faced the music or seen the inside of a jail cell.

    This prick here, is rubbing our noses in his filth.

    To much footy and cricket occupies the mind of the average dickhead aussie to deal with any serious issues of National sovereignty.

    He can’t touch the bur-qua issue because these Clowns have signed International agreements and they can claim religious grounds for retaining the bur-qua and not even our laws can make them comply.

    As Father Ted would say “We are fecked”

    The servants are now our masters, we have been taken over by conquest and by voting for them as a Board of Directors to Administer our country on behalf of the UN we gave them the tools to enslave us.

    Incidentally notice how the counties that support national sovereignty are thriving. Russia is just one example.


  3. Well said Mark. The Labor Party going back to that miscreant Fabian, Bob Hawke, then the Undertaker, Keating and all those who followed can take the entire blame for allowing many thousands of male Islamists to enter the country. Most are of military age and it now has been proven a great deal of these fifth columnists received military training before leaving the Middle East. In 2017, 360,000 so-called immigrant refugees entered Australia. The identities of a large portion of these Muslim ‘refugees’ cannot be verified. Turnbull and Bishop, United Nations sycophants, will do the bidding of the treacherous UN at the drop of a hat. Australia should leave the clutches of the UN and run its own race, otherwise we will end up as a clone of the fascist United Kingdom, which has been fighting a rear guard action against its millions of Muslim immigrants, now residents, for two decades. Germany is in the same boat. yet the dumbed-down, TV and phone addicted Australian populace sail on blithely unaware of what is going down all around them. Naturally this anti-social conditioning has not happened by accident. Editor


  4. Of course the architects of this new world order are using the Hegelian dialectic to put surveillance on us all.

    So they say we are racists if we don’t accept multiculturalism, then they make some of the new culture terrorists, then they say we need to put surveillance on all of you only to catch the terrorists. Then they use that system against people who oppose government tyranny that results from a government having too much power over its citizens.

    If the government did not allow the terrorists in in the first place we wouldn’t be needing to waste all of the tax budget on terrorism and surveillance and we would have peaceful happy countries. Hungary has refused to take one Islamic “refugee”. Instead it has said it will look at white Christian European based cultures if there is a need to assist Christian Europeans escape “their tyrannical corrupt and traitorous governments”. Words in inverted commas are my sentiments.

    The politicians who have allowed Islamic immigration are as responsible as the terrorists who killed innocent people. Turnbull, don’t pretend to Australians you are doing something to protect us, when you and the traitors before you have been the enablers of terrorism in this country. You have failed, and every terrorist murder or other crime in this country is due to your’s and other politicians incompetence at best and deliberate seditious and treasonous behaviour at worst.

    It’s time to vote these jokers out and introduce the death penalty for negligently treasonous and seditious politicians.


  5. Scum scum scum drain the Aussie swamp and send the scum bags packing.


  6. Pathetic is SHEEPLES!! For many months years this has been COVERTLY infiltrated into Australia.The cowards who sold Australia out will pay dearly…
    AGENDAS 21/30 : There were 19 objectives that Australia had to meet in September of this year …and one of them was the SAME SEX MARRIAGE!!! The Satanic forces have already destroyed Australia HOW??.Satanic Rituals ..Sacrifices…Satanic Sex Orgies etc in our PARLIAMENT..Read Fiona Barrett’s report that she gave exposing Past PM’s..MP’s VERY DISGUSTING TO KNOW SATAN ENTERED OUR PARLIAMENT…IS STILL HAPPENING?


  7. Well, Turnbull has committed a fatal sin!.He has signed ( obviously) and admitted, that he has given Australia to the UN,NWO or OWG.Our fate is now sealed because now we will have to follow THEIR rules…if you don’t believe me, just read Agenda 21 /30.We are being ruled by Marxists and their commie laws will take away our freedom.The only good thing will be that it might wake some apathetic Aussies up!


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