Which is the lucky generation?

Letter to the Editor

I don’t want to tell anyone any more bad news this year.  It can wait until 2018.

I want my grandchildren and great grandchildren  to remain innocent, to believe that the world is a wonderful and a safe place, where all their dreams will come true, where there is no bad government, a mainstream media and that reports the truth, that they can rely on their education system that they received, the established medical system, and that all is well, that if they work hard and do the right things that all their dreams will be accomplished.   

I was born in Australia’s outback one month after the bombing of London by Hitler, and saw the end of WWll, though I was not affected too much because my mother grew all our food and my dad worked in the mines.  Millions died fighting for freedom and their countries.  The world that we had after the second world war, was one where everyone was so poor, so damaged, that they wanted nothing but good things for themselves and everyone else.  The children had no shoes and had to stand on sticks in the school playground so they would not burn the soles of their feet. Most of the girls had shoes, but many boys did not.  Children were lucky if they had 3 sets of clothes to change into, and only one toy was given for Christmas, and if you were very lucky you got another one for your birthday.  We didn’t know that we were poor, until we grew up and learned about it, because everyone was in the same situation. And so everyone worked hard, built a country that was, and is the envy of most others, a generous country where the rich and the workers provided enough tax, to a system that would provide help to the underprivileged and help to the widows. We were taught not to speak of politics or religion, because they would cause arguments. 

Families did it tough 70 years ago yet the Aussie spirit was able to build the country that we enjoy today, which a reader says is all but destroyed by greedy corporate government


Most immigrants wanted to forget where they came from. The memories of the war horrors, memories too painful that they were tucked into the back of their minds never to be spoken of.  And so a country developed where we trusted the government, we trusted the authorities, we trusted each other, we trusted the churches, and we lost all knowledge of our political system, how it worked and our spiritual understanding of why knowing the difference between right and wrong was important to the survival of any civilization.  The agenda was set in the 1970’s to destroy the family unit by giving children more rights than their parents, and parents taught to put their own desires and happiness before all else.  Some were sensible enough to resist, but others were not.

In our ignorance we lost control of our destiny.  We gave our rights over to the atheist United Nations, who had a different agenda than those who went to war to protect our freedom, our sovereignty, our families, our children, our land, our industries, our homes and our survival.  The people lost their constitutional rights, their Constitution was corrupted,

and the corruption sealed in the courts with judges on the same agenda as the authoritarian New World Order.   Australia lost their inherited religion, their beliefs and their soul. 

  Powerful pharmaceutical cartels took over the health of the nation, trained the doctors, rewarded the universities and government officials, so that laws were introduced that had no bearing on good health, but were focused on power for a few, and financial rewards for those who co-operated with the population reduction agenda of the New World Order.  Many had no idea what was happening, others did not care and those who could see the truth were labelled “Conspiracy theorists”.

 And so we now find ourselves in the position that the “state” has taken control of all aspects of our lives, our freedom of choice, our most precious gift from God, is almost gone.     That is why the “Great Division” is taking place, a heavenly and spiritual movement, in total opposition to the “one world agenda of the United Nations” and those who wish to control a world made in their own godless image.   This is not a division between races or different countries, it is a division between good and evil.   Please meditate on this to see what part you play in the destiny of the planet.  No matter what age you are, you are more important than you ever imagined.  Everyone plays a part in the survival or the destruction of the earth.

Bev Pattenden-Levett



About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Bev, your letter brought tears to my eyes because you have summed the situation up perfectly. I was born before the 2nd WW also and relate totally to what you have said. My mother told me in later years that she repainted the little doll’s cradle she had given me for the Christmas before,and put new chintz on it …and hey presto….a “new” cradle! Second-hand books and a little bottle of 4711 perfume! We grew up in the best times….our world today is a nightmare. I do have hope though. Everything comes in cycles….cause and effect. What is happening now will cause things to change in the future, for the better, I hope. When it hits home to the apathetic majority ,they will revolt. The evil UN and NWO will eventually be abolished, just like Obama was.


  2. It is so good to read a person’s personnel depiction and observance of life ..after the world wars…the hardships …..and reference to the NEW WORLD ORDER and the UNITED NATIONS AS THE HARBINGER FILLED WITH LIES AND DECEPTIONS..IN THE EFFORT
    We are still fighting against this diabolical satanic order…
    Our politicians are being lead by the nose…who cares?
    What about our freedoms ..who cares?
    The majority of Australians do not understand that we will soon be sold out to the United Nations NWO!!!
    Then we surely will have a big fat NOTHING!!


  3. Howard Maxwell Miller

    For the very reasons both you ladies raise, today, in Australia the nation rests is on very soft sand and the foundations laid down by our forefathers have been cast to the winds of change. The nation has gone through a “Time of change, mostly for changes sake” and many of the rights and privileges that cost human blood have been dwindled away for corporate greed or some other worthless cause.
    The list is legion,? beginning with the right to full employment and dribbling down the sewer to the changing of the sanctity of marriage.
    As a senior male and an ex-serviceman I have to admit that I am disheartened with the chaos now labelled as Federal Parliament and wonder why I placed my name on the list to defend my country to hand it over to such a handful of despicable wasters.
    I must finish here as a tear is dwelling in my eye for those who gave their lives to endeavor to make Australia, the finest nation on the face of the Earth, this included my father in WW 2.
    I know in my heart, he would be disgusted with today’s circumstances.


  4. What an excellent article and comments. All my heroes are truth speakers and that makes you Bev, Annie, Judith and Howard, my heroes!


  5. Bev is of my vintage to which I reflect all that she wrote with the destiny of this nation in the hands of the truly greedy who keep electing the perpetrators from what Bev stated with monotonous regularity delivering this nation into the abyss of corruption, despair and final destruction. But is can be averted, but it won’t. Ed


  6. Howard- I am a Vietnam Vet and like you and wonder why I have a combat torn body used in defense of this nation to see it destroyed by political cannibals devouring all we and our forefathers fought for that once was Australia,,,Ed


  7. I am more optimistic about the future as patriots like ourselves recognised what is going on and are sounding the alarm bells as was Paul Revere in the US when it was his time and slowly but surely people are waking up to this whole Kabal and are taking action


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