Australian Government Port Arthur cover-up evidence expanding

“Justice” In The Lucky Country – The Port Arthur Massacre

By Dee McLachlan –

The 10 minute video above is the start of a series from Gumshoe News on false flags and other crimes. This one is on Port Arthur. [Much of the video is sourced from Channel 7’s Mike Willesee series that damned Bryant]

When I immigrated to Australia in the late 1990s I made the assumption, as had most Australians, that Martin Bryant was the shooter in Tasmania. But as soon as I looked beyond the official narrative, I realized that something was terribly wrong. The entire case is a diabolic miscarriage of justice. For starters, it seems the defence, John Avery, was working for the prosecution.

In the video, I only concentrate on the case — and not on the actual perpetrators. There are many articles on Port Arthur on Gumshoe, and in Mary Maxwell’s recent article, she outlines the players (also here and here). I decided to produce a 10 minute video after asking retired barrister Terry Shulze what he might say to a jury in a hypothetical summation of the case.

What is shocking, is that in the recent Channel 7 (Mike Willisee) program, John Avery (Bryant’s defence lawyer), admits that he did not provide, or want to provide, Martin Bryant a defence. And the way Willisee and co. twisted and manipulated the footage is monstrous.

In the Exposé video, episode one, I outline these few simply points:

  • Martin Bryant said he was innocent of the killings for months.
  • He stated that he had not visited the historic site for 6 years.
  • The police interviews demonstrate the State’s attempt to manipulate and coerce a vulnerable and mentally challenged young man into a guilty plea.
  • The media portrayed a revengeful and crazed gunman. The transcripts of the negotiation and interrogation conflict with this view.
  • The defence failed their legal duty. Avery may have acted criminally in doing so.
  • The skill required to shoot 12 people and injure 10 in 15 seconds is equal to the most proficient marksman. The shooter was right-handed and also shot from the hip. Bryant was a left-handed shooter, and had never practiced shooting from the hip.
  • The AR 15, and the very rare SLR .308 were not owned or used by Bryant. His AR-10 (.308) had been taken away from a month earlier by Terry Hill — when he went into Hill’s Gun shop with it loaded and in poor condition.
  • There was another shooter in cottage. These are heard whilst Bryant is talking to negotiator Terry.
  • It is also ludicrous to believe that Bryant was managing a siege whilst making sandwiches and tea for the ‘hostages’, and talking to the negotiator.
  • Some witnesses describe the shooter as 18 – 20 years old.
  • Another witness, Jim Laycock, who saw the shooter near the General Store, had known Martin as a child, and said it was not him.
  • The shooter handled a tray and soda drink in the cafe. This tray was identified. No DNA evidence, or fingerprints from Bryant was found.
  • The DNA and fingerprint evidence would have, or rather, will exonerate Bryant, and identify the real shooter.

Why did they need to get a guilty confession out of Bryant — when they could have closed the case on him in a week or two in May 1996, with a single fingerprint on that Solo can? The answer is simple. Bryant was NOT the shooter.

What is presented here is only the tip of the iceberg. One can easily get bogged down with the detail, as there is so much evidence that destroys the official narrative. And there are enough coincidences to raise the Titanic from the depths — like the 500 plus journalists, from about 17 nations, that attended a seminar in Hobart. Coincidence? Please!

And the way this case continues to be covered up, is an indication that the politicians in Canberra do not represent the people of Australia. Our leaders are clearly being “managed.”

We look forward to some action being taken. Below is an email list of a few of the prominent Australian politicians, so you can urge them to take 10 minutes out of their day, to update their perspective of Port Arthur.

Read more at sosnewsPort Arthur Coverup page.


Contact emails of a few prominent Australian politicians:


Eric Abetz (TAS)  Cory Bernardi (SA)  Simon Birmingham (SA)  George Brandis (QLD) David Bushby (TAS) Michaelia Cash (WA) Richard Colbeck (TAS) Mathias Cormann (WA) Sean Edwards (SA) David Fawcett (SA) Concetta Fierravanti-Wells (NSW) Mitch Fifield (VIC) Ian MacDonald (QLD) Brett Mason (QLD) Stephen Parry (TAS) Marise Payne (NSW) Linda Reynolds (WA) Scott Ryan (VIC) Nigel Scullion (NT) Arthur Sinodinis (NSW) Dean Smith (WA) Josh Freydenberg

Labor Party,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Brendan.O’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thank you Clinton the facts you mentioned always are avoided by the Australian media companies then and since. The ABC has mush of this information but would it ever be published?Editor


  2. SorroClintonsDidIT

    Sorros “Open Society” ( now GetUp!) payed for the Australian gun laws to be made…coincidence that gun laws now fully drafted and were sitting there waiting to be enacted and waiting for a mass shooting to happen… and Clinton’s in power at the time trying to get Gun Laws in America… also the Agenda21 disarmament policy in1992 was signed off on by Aus,Nz,USA…

    Some of the same people miraculously are involved in Aus and NZ shootings too by shear coincidence like srgt Dyson..and not saying Valis,Dyson and ( enter father of real person here) were pictured on the steps of the cafe having a smoke whilst somebody was running around doing the horrible job…and I’m not saying there was 2 ASIO spooks in cafe amoungst the victims? And I’m not saying at 7pm later that night 3 further shots were randomly fired at the victims of PA…with all the emergency services there…

    Not saying any of them are involved…and I’m sure Clinton’s and Sorro and all their agencencys and agendas work nothing but ethically to achieve the outcomes they spend billions on.. so it’s all just a coincidence I guess but worth reviewing.


  3. Thank you Sir for your astute observations of the Port Arthur scam. Sooner or later the rising crescendo will force a new government somewhere to have it independently investigated. Editor


  4. Daithi MacAodhagain

    Sooo many questions unanswered.
    1. Why was Bryant not taken back to the crime scene and a walk through conducted with police investigators and Bryant asked to describe in detail how he allegedly performed what can only be described as an impossible task for any single person, no.matter how profoundly skilled or highly trained.
    2. Why was Bryant not taken to trial (as entitled under the Australian constitution) if for no other reason than to avoid all the conspiracy “theorists” going on and on. Bryant was, and continues to be, imprisoned and isolated without representation (actual representation).
    3. Port Arthur was/is touted as the biggest massacre in Australian history and if it happened today and the authorities performed exactly as they did back then, even third world countries would be screaming foul at the horrendous way a mentally disabled human being was treated and isolated until he pled guilty. Where are all the international human rights lawyers screaming foul on behalf of Martin Bryant?
    4. Why did Waleed Aly shred the Port Arthur documentary producer on his show, claiming to be disgusted on behalf of the grieving relativies of those killed at PA, instead of doing his supposed job of being an alleged journalist and asking questions instead of personally attacking someone looking for real answers.
    5.As someone else stated, who do we, the public, actually turn to for justice after all these years and after the majority of Australians have been continuously fed a line of nonsense to demonise Martin Bryant by MSM and government and the legal industry. Bryant may as well have been a jew living in Nazi Germany for all the “justice” he received. What would have to happen for the brain washed Australian public to be convince that an innocent man was used as the Australian Lee Harvey Oswald to achieve a political agenda no.matter the cost to Bryant, the dead or the grieving families? a policeman of 23 years and I am horrified at the shameful behaviour of any humans involved in the investigation and conviction of another human being who could not have done what he was convicted of, without trial. Horrificly scary that the authorities can get away with the obvious cover up. It could happen to any of us


  5. From the very first, after reading about what happened, seen videos of people’s statements. I was never convinced there was only one shooter and neither of them Martin . This should have been cleared up immediately, as it doesn’t give us any confidence in whoever was collecting evidence.


  6. Very sad this was a cover up right from the start. There was no way it could have been him. I do feel for the family’s but they need the truth just as much as everyone else


  7. Please reopen the Michael bryant case get some truths out there and set this innocent man free


  8. share the links talk to people as I’m doing constantly bring this issue to critical mass and force the truth to emerge lets set this poor fellow free the real scum bags need to be on trial and brought to justice.


  9. MARTIN Bryant even with out his mental disabilities couldn’t have shot like that and taken that many people out .I did a lot of shooting in the past and even shot for a living , I was ( Not Now ) but I was a very good shot and their is no way I could have pulled that off shooting from the shoulder let alone from the hip using my off hand , This was a set and John Howard and his ministers have a lot to answer for on this issue .

    Peter Schuback


    Sent from Windows Mail


  10. Well said Joe. Even down at the level of probabilities, without the plethora of factual evidence available, government and media versions of the massacre at Port Arthur requires a coronial inquiry. What we do not want is a government controlled Royal Commission working from government constructed terms of reference and an appointment of their commissioner of choice to attain their per-conceived findings as we have seen since Federation. Ed


  11. Freedomman- You are right on the button. Did you know the Tas coroner already has dismissed Bryant as a suspect but was cut short by John Howard dismissing any coronial inquiry (see the videos from SOSNEWS just published on this site) to avoid upsetting the survivors and families of the victims….HOWEVER … most of those are calling for a coronial inquiry to identify the whole incident but government spin doctors and their Muppet Media apply the whitewash. Ed


  12. Agree 👍

    1. MSM won’t touch
    2. It is clearly obvisous that various POLLIES and Senior Government Officials orchestrated the event
    3. What Government is going to do anything, given item (2)
    4. Only the PEOPLE can demand a proper enquiry, and evem then most people simply cannot consume the facts
    5. Most PEOPLE don’t believe a Government could be responsible for such an ATROCITY

    Who knows what they have DONE or GIVEN MB while his has been gaoled !!!!

    Maybe going after the main MEDIA personalities that stated MB was guilty is the ONLY way to get some TRACTION ???


  13. Absolutely this whole thing stinks to high heaven and needs to come out of the shadows into the light of day


  14. Anyone who still believes the “official” Port Arthur narrative is living in fairyland and it may be too late for such zombies. Surely even an 8 year old child could plainly see what a false flag gun grab the whole thing was.


  15. Corruption at the highest level..John Howard played the “fiddle” to get his “Guns Legislation”
    through to LAW!!
    To do this he needed “a Fall Guy” so Martin Bryant was the “chosen one” perfect with his
    very low IQ….
    Corruption on a grand scale..his mother claims that he is INNOCENT!!
    A new inquiry should be undertaken and set this poor bugger set FREE!


  16. This needs to be brought out into the mainstream and finally e brought to justice the colonial enquiry is long overdue and needs to happen.


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