Rally heads to Canberra to tell politicians about the damage banking misconduct is causing.       


On Monday Nov 21 people coming from all parts of the nation will be gathering to let politicians know that the banking system is not serving their needs. Indeed that the scandals and the corruption must be exposed and stopped. Dubbed the Tell the Truth to Turnbull Rally (#TTTRally), it promises to unleash people power in a way not seen in Australia before.

The hub of the event is Parliament House starting at noon, however people who cannot make it to Canberra can participate at the same time in front of the office of their Federal MP.

As well as victims of predatory and unconscionable lending we will be hearing from several experts regarding bank misconduct. Dr Evan Jones will be speaking as will barrister Peter King.

Dr Evan Jones – lectured in Political Economy at Sydney University between 1973 and 2006. He has assisted countless people suffering from bank inflicted poverty and desperation. He has detailed systemic and systematic abuses particularly involving NAB and CBA. Dr Jones told us that “Corruption is rampant in the finance sector. In 1980 its gross income was 5.1% of total corporate income; by 2015 it was 23.6%.”

Bank Reform Now CEO Dr Peter Brandson along with another NAB victim Dario Pappalardo and CBA victims Suzi Burge & Tanya Hargraves have worked together to organise the event.

Dr Peter Brandson founded Bank Reform Now as a response to a dispute with NAB. He wanted full compensation from the bank after it was shown they used predatory lending against a family member before the GFC. The bank thought it was funny to fully compensate a bank victim. So the rally in Canberra is the first step to see that everyone harmed by a bank is fully compensated.

Dr Brandson explains, “Insurance scams, financial planner scandals, mortgage fraud, credit card rip offs, abuses of farmers & small businesses, excessive fees and penalties are just the tip of the iceberg. Banks have been fined billions of dollars in the USA and Europe but the bankers are not jailed and the victims are not properly compensated.”

“Many people in our towns and cities have been burned but their voices have not been heard. Now they will all be heard: families, farmers, business owners. If you can get to Canberra please do so. If we don’t stand united we will continue to see unconscionable and predatory looting of the nation and its people.”

Bank reform politicians across the political divide. L to R Bob Katter; ON Senator Malcolm Roberts; Member for Herbert(ALP) Kathy O'Toole; ON Senator Rodney Culleton (WA)
Bank reform politicians across the political divide. L to R Bob Katter; ON Senator Malcolm Roberts; Member for Herbert(ALP) Kathy O’Toole; ON Senator Rodney Culleton (WA)

“There will be a powerful Royal Commission. Reparations will be paid by all the major banks to victims. Bankers engaged in unconscionable and predatory activities will be jailed. This is what BRN and many more of us are working toward.”

More information:

Bank Reform Now – http://www.bankreformnow.com.au/

#TTTRally Support Page – http://www.bankreformnow.com.au/tttrally

Comment from Rom Stewart

Governments or Banks? are they the one private entity?

Its not an easy thing to come to terms with, when such people that have entered into politics discover that the very government they represent are in fact subdivisions of the very banks they are trying to bring into moral control. The “COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA” and the “COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA” are both registered private companies registered with the UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, WASHINGTON DC, District Of Columbia, being a part of the US FEDERAL RESERVE Banking System… Do the people that serve the government really serve the banks? so if banks are restricted in control, would that not just restrict the bank owned governments? … In other words, when the banks and the governments are registered to the same private banking entity, is that not a conflict of interest that many politicians may not be aware of even though the evidence is all in the public domain for all to see if they look? …

Even in relation to Grammatical Science, companies and corporations are registered in ALL UPPERCASE WRITTEN TEXT, being a text grammatically and legally known as: DOG-LATIN, (Blacks Law Dictionary, 4th Edition) being a form of “debased Latin”. (Corrupt written text) The very word: “Debased” in the English Dictionary, refers to an immoral and criminal act, rendering such a debased text to be immoral and criminal and corrupt, grammatically stating that any entity registered as a company or corporation, appearing in such a Debased Written ALL UPPERCASE Language, is telling you that they have no obligation to morality or caring about anyone but themselves… Banks and Bank owned Governments have no moral obligation to their corporate citizens, backed up by the grammatical standing of the very debased written text they stand under.

This is also backed up by the corporate QUEENSLAND constitution, Article (3) A and B. stating that a QUEENSLAND person has no rights.

Yale University in Pittsburgh P.A. produce the top world Bankers and Presidents of the UNITED STATES Corporation. Such a university teaches the Science of English, Latin and Grammar…. Latin and Grammar are no longer a part of State Government schooling… I wonder why? …