Unprecedented Political and Religious Unity at Sunday’s“Hands off our Senate” Protest Rally

A rally in Sydney’s Martin Place at 2pm will be held this Sunday 1 May in support of the

High Court Challenges to the new Senate voting law, and many groups from across the

political and religious spectrum will be participating.

This Rally brings an unprecedented alliance of left and right, conservative, progressives,

Christians and Muslims joining together to fight for democracy and free speech," said Peter Madden, the Coordinator of the 3 Million voices committee.

"Many varied groups from all sides of the political and religious spectrum have told us they will join us at the rally. For example, James Jensson, leader of the Future Party and coordinator of an alliance of progressive minor parties, has helped us put this Rally together.

Keynote speaker will be Malcolm Mackerras, our chairman, with other speakers coming from all ideological quarters. Although we hold widely differing ideals, we totally agree about

freedom of speech and representative democracy, as Evelyn Beatrice Hall said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

We are standing together at this rally because the Greens and Turnbull Government have

cleverly changed the voting system to advantage themselves and to lock out minor parties by use of a new law that is undemocratic, unrepresentative, unfair and unAustralian. The new

law will lead to a disproportionate result favouring the Canberra elites," said Peter Madden.

There is a lot at stake here in our High Court challenge. More and more people are showing

support for us as they wake up to the Greens’ and Turnbull government’s unconstitutional

attempt to cement themselves into power and disenfranchise the 3 million voters who vote for minor parties."

For further information please contact 3 Million Voices Coordinator Peter Madden: 0413 765291

3 Million Voices Chairman Malcolm Mackerras: 0408 460269