The de-industrial revolution in Green Britain

The De-Industrial Revolution

by Viv Forbes, science writer

The industrial revolution started in Britain with inventors and entrepreneurs using coal to drive steam engines and make iron and steel. Generations benefitted.

Greens have started the de-industrial revolution. Their policies aim to have Britain producing no coal or steel and relying on expensive, subsidised, intermittent energy from windmills.

Consequently, heavy industry in Britain is in sharp decline, real jobs are scarce and some frosty night, lights will go out, trains will stop and “Earth Hour” will last until dawn.

The pampered green class will rejoice temporarily, but will soon join the modern pommy paupers forced back to candles, poaching and workhouses.

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  1. I have just finished reading Prof Ian Plimer’s book “Not for Greens” It is excellent. It says similar things to what Viv Forbes has written below. I recommend it be read widely. regards.Lex

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