Professor Bob Carter and Lord Monckton dispel ‘global warming’

Published on Jun 12, 2015 – 10th ICCC (International Convention on Climate Change) 11th June, 2015. Prof Bob Carter blasts the so-called “97% Consensus” on climate change.

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  1. Monkton, Carter &Co – first should admit that they were lying about 0,5C to 1,5C warming – because now the Warmist in Paris are matching their ”predictions / lies”

    The truth is that; past ”localized” warmings / coolings were interpreted as ”GLOBAL” by using the pagan beliefs Monkton &Carter warship => Warmist created themselves a new religion, and are wining every battle…

    the truth: global warming in 100y from now will be ZERO; not 0,0000000000001C, but ZERO,, all proven beyond any reasonable doubt!!! JUST ASK FOR ALL THE PROOFS

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