Learn how the Paris climate conference is the Trojan horse for one world government to be introduced in total. It is coming make no mistake and life on Earth as you know it will change dramatically forever. Watch the amazing video of the interview with scientist Eland Freeland and you will easily fit all the pieces of the climate jigsaw into place. The message is clear: Australia is being held to ransom by the elitists and we will get much more of the horrific dry weather we are now experiencing unless we agree to one world government. Search cairnsnews.org for HAARP and find out for yourself.
The Lip’s Sean Stone interviews Elana Freedland, author of ‘HAARP, Weather Warfare & Full Spectrum Dominance’, where she gives an

overview of how warrantless

wiretapping has gone wireless and

space-based and how it will soon

be controlled by artificial intelligence,

with information that echoes that of DJ of Level 9News. Freedland asserts that these

ionospheric heaters, located globally

work together to assure that seven

major military operations of global

control, enabled by the Smart Grid

and the ionized atmosphere, which we now breathe are set to create an

electromagnetic lockdown via theSpace Fence, where humanity is to

be neurologically herded toward a

Transhumanist future. Freeland delves into how Artificial

Intelligence and transhumanism are

part of the plot to maintain humanity

in a a hive mind, using the ionosphere-

based Space Fence and the wireless

wave grid, generated within the Earth’s

atmosphere; two mass brainwave

entrainment programs, being used as

ultimate tools to oppress humanity.

Freeland has previously self-published a

fictional American history series called

‘Sub Rosa America’ about the Deep Politics

behind the downfall of the United States

since the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Video: (43 and a half mins)


HAARP, Weather Warfare & Full Spectrum Dominance

with Elana Freeland


– Alexandra

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