Larry Pickering,

No, this is not about the Bendigo Bank’s rapacious associates who have a financial interest in the land surrounding the proposed mega mosque. Nor is it about how the Bendigo Bank cancelled the accounts of all those who objected to the rape of their city. Nor is it about the corrupted Bendigo councillors who did not declare an interest.

And it’s not even about the Bendigo Bank’s violation of community sentiments in promoting the crass Islamification of one of Australia’s historic and iconic cities.

No, but do you recall that ghastly gang rape of a young Bendigo mother… a case that had completely disappeared under a media blackout?

Well, a whistleblower has disclosed the filthy tactics employed by Bendigo’s newly empowered Muslims: “I was working for the DPP’s department of human services at the time and was directly involved in this case. I am reluctant to openly disclose this type of information as former colleagues have faced legal action for far less.”

The anonymous whistleblower went on to say, “Actually, they were all African Muslims and there were more than six involved in the savage rape but only six were formally charged. No adults were convicted.

“It was common knowledge at the time that the adult offenders conspired, under legal advice, to blame the younger offenders for the crime as juveniles would receive the more lenient sentences and a media blackout would be imposed on the entire case”, he said.

As a result, details of the case have never surfaced and the adults involved, Mohammed Elnour, 19, Akoak Manon, 19, and Mohammed Zaoli, 22, walked away scot free after having raped the poor woman 14 times while her two children were present in her home.

“All three juvenile rapists spent some time in remand, yet only two were sentenced and both served no more than 12 months.

Not one of the gang ever admitted guilt nor did they show any remorse for their actions. It was common knowledge that the offenders received financial assistance for their legal defence from the Muslim community, but only after it was confirmed the victim was a young non-Muslim Australian woman.

“DHS and Vicpol members involved in the case were absolutely disgusted by all aspects of the crime itself and the way it was handled but we all were constantly reminded that we would face legal action if found to have disclosed information to the media.

“One thing I would love to share with all Australians is the time when two of the offenders were visited by their family (a loving moderate Muslim family) for the first time since they had been in remand.

“After the offenders had informed the family that it was, ‘All okay because the victim was just an Aussie girl’, the entire family stood and hugged the offenders in relief, the mother was crying tears of joy as she knew the family would have been shunned by the Muslim community if the victim had been a Muslim girl.

“I hope you see fit to share this information with the Australian people and continue the great work.”

Bendigo’s past will hold a proud place in the hearts of Australians. Its future will hold nothing but contempt.

Reader’s comment November 8, 2019:

I feel sorry for you (Comment Jo Morley). Your inability to see what’s TRULY going on here greatly offends me and disappoints me. Rape is rape and it’s horrendous. It’s a CRIME in Australia and should ALWAYS remain so. The rapists that you so keenly defend received SPECIAL TREATMENT because they are African muslims. This disgusts me to no end. These POS’s have been PROTECTED by the law. The crimes they committed were subsequently dealt with as juvenile offences by juveniles and their ‘punishment?’ Only 2 of the rapists spent approximately 12 months in a remand centre. The poor woman, who survived these evil crimes, was raped 14 times! This was a horrendous ordeal that I can’t even begin to comprehend. During the rapes, her 2 children were present in the house, and she undoubtedly, would’ve been terrified for their well being as well.
You speak of, “let’s look inwardly to our own society before we start to blame Islam for this horrendous crime.” Unfortunately, there will always be violence and evil. There will always be crimes of violence, such as rape. What we CAN change and manifest is a culture that CHOOSES NOT TO ACCEPT THIS VIOLENCE & EVIL.
Islam WAS DIRECTLY INVOLVED in these evil crimes. Islam PROTECTED the rights of the rapists, making sure that the RIGHTS of the victim, were disregarded and overlooked. How? By poisoning society that RACISM is WORSE than RAPE.
Even you have trouble seeing this. You’ve jumped to the defence of Islam over defending the RIGHTS of this Rape Survivor and I find that totally repugnant and unacceptable. Your misguided attempt at blaming others for ‘Islamophobia,’ is pathetic and cruel. You don’t get to sully and destroy what this Rape Survivor endured and survived by screaming, ‘Racism’, or, ‘Islamophobia.’
I won’t allow it. You should be reaching out and offering this fellow Survivor support, hope, love, compassion and understanding. I hope that’s what you are receiving.
To blame Islamophobia for the anger over these rapes is unconscionable and reprehensible. You have TRULY lost your way. There is NO excuse or justification for rape yet you’re allowing African muslims that very thing by defending Islam and their cultural differences as their defence. They believe that because of Islam it’s their ‘RIGHT TO RAPE,’ non-muslim women. THIS ATTITUDE MUST NOT BE INDULGED, DEFENDED OR SUPPORTED. The MORE this attitude is INDULGED, the more COMPLICIT you become, until you are no better than the rapists.

from Jacqueline