Australia: Police told to cover up Muslim identity behind 14 x brutal gang rape of young Bendigo mother


Larry Pickering,

No, this is not about the Bendigo Bank’s rapacious associates who have a financial interest in the land surrounding the proposed mega mosque. Nor is it about how the Bendigo Bank cancelled the accounts of all those who objected to the rape of their city. Nor is it about the corrupted Bendigo councillors who did not declare an interest.

And it’s not even about the Bendigo Bank’s violation of community sentiments in promoting the crass Islamification of one of Australia’s historic and iconic cities.

No, but do you recall that ghastly gang rape of a young Bendigo mother… a case that had completely disappeared under a media blackout?

Well, a whistleblower has disclosed the filthy tactics employed by Bendigo’s newly empowered Muslims: “I was working for the DPP’s department of human services at the time and was directly involved in this case. I am reluctant to openly disclose this type of information as former colleagues have faced legal action for far less.”

The anonymous whistleblower went on to say, “Actually, they were all African Muslims and there were more than six involved in the savage rape but only six were formally charged. No adults were convicted.

“It was common knowledge at the time that the adult offenders conspired, under legal advice, to blame the younger offenders for the crime as juveniles would receive the more lenient sentences and a media blackout would be imposed on the entire case”, he said.

As a result, details of the case have never surfaced and the adults involved, Mohammed Elnour, 19, Akoak Manon, 19, and Mohammed Zaoli, 22, walked away scot free after having raped the poor woman 14 times while her two children were present in her home.

“All three juvenile rapists spent some time in remand, yet only two were sentenced and both served no more than 12 months.

Not one of the gang ever admitted guilt nor did they show any remorse for their actions. It was common knowledge that the offenders received financial assistance for their legal defence from the Muslim community, but only after it was confirmed the victim was a young non-Muslim Australian woman.

“DHS and Vicpol members involved in the case were absolutely disgusted by all aspects of the crime itself and the way it was handled but we all were constantly reminded that we would face legal action if found to have disclosed information to the media.

“One thing I would love to share with all Australians is the time when two of the offenders were visited by their family (a loving moderate Muslim family) for the first time since they had been in remand.

“After the offenders had informed the family that it was, ‘All okay because the victim was just an Aussie girl’, the entire family stood and hugged the offenders in relief, the mother was crying tears of joy as she knew the family would have been shunned by the Muslim community if the victim had been a Muslim girl.

“I hope you see fit to share this information with the Australian people and continue the great work.”

Bendigo’s past will hold a proud place in the hearts of Australians. Its future will hold nothing but contempt.


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understand the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head this year.

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  1. I think it is disgusting that you use any person’s rape as a platform for your Islamophobia. I am a rape victim, and frankly it’s just not about you or your racism. I am a Western woman who was raped in a Western country by a Western criminal. Let’s look inwardly to our own society before we start to blame Islam for this horrendous crime. Could you just stop with this crap and think?? People are just people, and victims are victims, and you clearly don’t have have a fucking clue about what this means if you choose to use any womans’ pain to promote your own agenda. Stop. Just stop it. Right now.

    • Well said Jo, I’m sick to death of these disgusting crimes being used in ANY way. I felt we as Australians hit a new low when Turn bull promised millions toward Domestic Violence, knowing full well it’s a hot topic and votes would be won. It sickens me and it cheapens your experience. My wife is also a survivor and she too hates the way govt and media spin this into racism. You have our admiration for being so strong. All the best.

    • Very true but the fact that the mother was told by the rapist that the victim was an aussie makes me sick. As if that justifies the action

    • Well well..Jo Morley.. What a narrow minded view. You are not the only one who has been thru a rape…! Have you ever been beaten or had your neck broken.. At the hands of a man..? How did you Feel? How would you feel if you were the Woman in Bendigo…! And it was covered up.. I too have been through a lot. But I don’t have My Head in the Sand. I have Freedom of speech and the article is there to See. Use your filthy language.. But WAKE UP.. Stupid woman

      • I agree Liane, why was this covered up ? where are there photo’s in the news papers ? only this past week a girl of 14 years of age was raped by four men there photo’s were put out there for everyone to see…wake up Jo Morley ..this is happening all around the western world…? Read the QURAN..

      • Well said Liane.

    • Are you insane? The point of the article is that this whole event went UNREPORTED simply because the perpetrators were Muslim. NO rape should ever be treated lightly, for ANY reason Shame on you. You should know better.

    • Don’t tell me about being a Victim.. Silly silly woman.. I have been to hell and back.. But I don’t dwell on it.. As you seem to be doing. Wake Up and See what is happening for real. The article is there to see and read. Anyone who has been any kind of Victim.. Should be able to Empathise. You are narrow minded and just being Ignorant. Keep your filthy language to yourself.. I’m not so sure you Can see or really care about Our Country and our Children.!🙏🏿

    • Yes, it is disgusting that rape occurs.
      Islamophobia or racial hatred need not be introduced into this conversation.

      A group of men who abide by a foreign identity, with superior numbers, physical strength and comfort with violence, raped a female citizen of Australia. As such, the citizen is entitled to justice to be enforced by the relevant leadership. To attempt to hide the perpetrators’ foreign identity only serves to incriminate it. More to the point, to not hold them to account, under the laws the relevant leadership is expected to enforce, is a violation of the citizens agreement with that leadership.

      As to looking inward to our own society, are these men not part of that? Our leadership allowed them sanctuary at our expense and to show their gratitude, they raped one of us.

      If they are not to be considered part of our society then the response is clear. Foreign men raped a local woman. They are not ‘us’ but ‘them’ and as such deserve no favourable treatment in relation to ‘us’. They are enemies of ‘us’ and as with any enemy, must be removed.

      “People are just people” indeed. Though with some thought you will hopefully see that people have a variety of perspectives and values. Some cultures breed contempt towards women, treat them very poorly and use them as slaves. Some give them power to vote, rule and command the entire coutry. Do you honestly expect men who have been instructed their whole lives that women serve them, to reverse to a situation of equality and even subservience?

      • I agree completely Mike. They don’t want to be part of our society. Islamists are now complaining that that they feel ‘forced’ to assimilate and that their children should not have to learn or sing Australia’s National Anthem in school. If we were in their country we would have to abide by their rules or die.

    • I’m reading this from overseas and was revolted by the savagery in this attack and the lengths taken to cover up the facts – I can’t believe you defend this behavior and even attempt to politicise their culture of rape to make some vague political jab at “islamaphobia” – is this the irrational fear of being raped – or the irrational fear of being beheaded you are referring too? It seems it is you who is manipulating this particular womens pain and frankly leads me to doubt your own story. How – can you possibly defend these people?

    • Islam is not a race. I’m sorry that you went through what you did, there’s no excusing anyone for committing this crime on anyone. The individuals who raped the Bendigo woman were essentially excused for the crime. That should not happen, Muslim, Western or other. There is an underlying aspect to this case, however, that cannot be brushed aside: These men are Muslim, and in Islamic countries, women are treated worse than animals. The idea that they can throw away the victim as “only an Aussie girl” (therefore she doesn’t matter) is reprehensible. Hiding their identity for “politically correct” reasons is disgusting; speak the truth, grow a hide.

      • Absolutely Vincent! The problem is that we are tiptoeing on eggshells around these types, afraid to ‘offend’ their tender sensibilities. They teach their kids to hate infidels. What has happened to our country? Have we lost our spine? They’re telling us in plain English that they want the Caliphate and we are kowtowing and groveling instead of standing up to protect ourselves and our children. What will this country be like for our kids and grand kids? What will it be like in only ten years time? I think we can work that one out already.

    • I think you are missing the whole point, its about how they circumnavigate our laws and totally disrespect them. you need to LEARN more about ISLAM before you start accusing people! Take a LOOK around the world, at what ISLAM is doing….get your bloody priorities straight…

    • You have completely missed the point of the article. There are many points that we should be disgusted at. Firstly, the fact that the older men who raped the woman are cowards ( not just for raping a woman mind you ) and blamed the kids because they knew the kids would get a slap on the wrist while they would have served hard time in a real prison as rapists and would have received some serious jail justice.Secondly, the fact that the Family cared more about what religion the woman was that their Family member raped and that they were relieved that it was ” only an Aussie girl ” is despicable on so many levels. The fact that these vile, disgusting rapists will not be shunned by their community only because they raped a non-Muslim. They are basically saying that rape is fine as long as you do rape a Muslim. This only further proves their lack of respect for anyone or anything that is not Muslim or Muslim related. Australia does not need these barbarians in our country. Lastly, the fact that it was covered up for political motives is shameless and disgraceful. If this had happened in a Muslim country and Australians had raped a Muslim this would have been international news and ALL of the suspects would have been sentenced to death. Australia has become a toilet and the Muslims are a big reason for it and I am so glad that I moved to another country.

    • I assure you that you do not speak for every victim. Sadly a victim suffers, but a criminal is a criminal and nobody has the right to cover up for what they have done whoever they are. This is very obvious today in the investigation into sexual abuse against children by the church. And many more victims would be still alive if it had been investigated and brought out into the open earlier. Women and children are being raped and sexually abused all over Europe. Anyone who breaks the law should be exposed to the public and punished for their actions. People have a right to know what is going on. It is just as racist or bigoted to hide a persons crime because they are an immigrant as it is to demand justice. People are not all just people and By covering up you are condoning their actions. Name and shame!

    • Wow, so if these were western men and the story was covered up you’d be ok with that? If people complained that white men were being protected would you claim it was angloaphobia or Christianaphobia?
      You’re a leftist idiot. The Skaf brothers and their cousins gang raped 70 women in Sydney. The women were singled out based in their skin colour, race, religion and nationality. All were white, Australian born Christian women. It was a race-hate crime that targeted women of a specific religion. It proved these men hatred Australians and Christians yet people like you defend their actions by claiming Islamaphobia. Only 2 brave women ever came forward to detail their harrowing experience and in no time they went from being victims to being called racists and anti-islam. The term Islamaphobia came from that court case. It’s a fascists term used by cowards to silence freedom of speech. Don’t think for a second that it somehow makes you a more compassionate person because you stooped to using that word because all it does is make you a fascist.

    • I am sorry about what happened to you. But in Europe it was only 12 to 14 at first, because Police and the media kept it quiet. Also many women where ashamed of saying anything. Once the word came out that this happened on New years eve and the police and the press started reporting it, over 800 reports where made for one city on new years eve alone, of rape and sexual assault. All where Muslim/North African males. Start reading the news about what is happening in western Europe. It is no longer save. I also want these refugees to leave. Many of them behave like animals, i am sorry to say. My wife is Indian and my 3 daughters are mixed as I am from Holland. so it has nothing to do with Racism. We simply had enough with Muslims. Children that live near a refugee camp get police escort to school. what does that tell you. 2 weeks ago a Muslim refugee sexually assaulted a little girl on the school grounds during their lunchbreak. 3 days ago, one killed a girl inside the camp. yesterday they attacked police who responded to the rape of a 3 year old boy. every week now the cases go from bad to worse. People are not just people. Some are really bad. I have many Muslim friends and even they are shocked what these people do. But the worst thing is that nobody does anything to stop it. But people love to call others racist when they do’nt understand what is truly happening at the moment.

    • Then go and live in the Middle East if you live them and their ways so much.

    • did that western criminal get charged I bet they did . people like you are the problem . defending them because of there race . you are a dangerous fool a compliant fool and as the say a usful idiot to there cause

    • Are you kidding Jo? How about watching this and see if you still want to promote islamification which is exactly what you are doing with your comments.

    • I am with you, Jo. Sorry that you have neen the punching bag for all these ignorant bigots here.

      • How can you just ignore the problem though? The statistics tell us there is reason for concern, especially when we compare the recent situations around the world. Criticizing those who are willing to seriously discuss the issue, is counterproductive and pointless.

    • Jo I am Sorry for what you have been through and do understand your point of view but im afraid it is you that doesn’t understand the big picture!!!!!! have a look whats going on in Europe…. a rape epidemic with migrant Muslim men………. this is what this is about not your rape by a western man which is terrible not taking anything away from that ……. but let me ask you this being a rape victim how do you feel about letting migrants in that think its ok to rape woman because they are not covered meeting their religious requirements?????? Now before you get pissed at me and write a left winged un educated retarded answer, do some research then answer any person with half a brain would answer NO…….. dont use this as a forum to have a go at someone who sees the big picture and has the guts to tackle it here when you obviously dont…………

    • I spose if you were raped by a sudanese muslim who called you a white pig than youd probably feel a little different…if it was your daughter than you may feel different..
      But you should definately open your fuckin eyes and realise you are just a fuckin dog meat to them….you do not have our respect…….

    • nothing to do with islamophobia , stupid woman, the fact is a serious crime was covered up because the perpetrators are muslim end of story , going on the rape stats now showing around the world now , there is going to be a lot more of it, bleeding hearts like you will help that happen with your blind attitude towards those who use there culture/cult to cry foul on anything they don’t like

    • Why aren’t you disgusted by the actions of Muslim rapists?

    • People like you allow these fucking scabby muslim maggots to ply there evil trade in our country.. fucking blind doo gooders to stupid to see islam for what it is…..
      Stop any muslim from entering australia and shoot the stinkin dogs that are already here..
      Problem solved!!!!!!

    • Islam is not and will never be a race. ITS A FUCKING RELIGION

    • Sorry you were raped, it wasn’t me don’t harm other people. That being said. We so called westerners don’t have a RAPE CULTURE, ISLAM DOES HAVE A RAPE CULTURE. THEY ARE ENCOURAGED TO RAPE NON MUSLIMS UNDER THE ORDERS OF muhamMAD WHO SUPPOSEDLY WAS TOLD BY ARCHANGEL GABRIEL TO HAVE IT ALL SCRIBED (mohamMAD WAS AN ILITERATE MURDERING WARMONGER, A RAPIST, A SLAVE TRADER AND A PAEDOPHILE just to name of few of muhamMAD’s accomplishments.

    • You are a moslem protecting Liar as its proven fact that moslems rape much more than any other types just look at the stats in Sweden where 90% of rapes are committed by moslems.This has everything to do with commonsense non the inflaming words like islamphobia that you Lefty use

    • You claim you were a rape victim yet you are against the outrage against Muslim rapists because it sounds islamophobic ? Are you you for real ? You sound like a fraud who was never raped otherwise you would be more empathetic towards the victim instead of the perpetrators who hapened to be Muslims.

    • I think its you that doesn’t have a f#÷×!ing clue about islams rape culture and as a western woman you are just meat to them..wake the hell up!

    • absofuckinglutely!

    • And I am disgusted, outraged, and furious at you using your claimed victimhood to deny the truth, which is by default denying victim in this case the right to see ALL her rapists be punished, just as if they would have been had they been “western criminals”. You sick, demented bitch.

  2. Shoot the barstards!!!

  3. OMG ! These muslim maggots have to be stopped. They do not belong in such a gracious old city such as Bendigo. They have to go , and with them the traitor of Australian culture the “money sniffing” mayor of Bendigo Mr Cox and his rotten crew of easily bribed councillors.

  4. If the people whom are aware of the cover up report it using a public interest disclosure they can be legitimate whistleblowers as the PID is designed to protect public employees and keep their idenetity anonymous. This can be done with the various Ombudsman’s office’s in each state.

  5. Evil and shocking! We need to spread this far and wide. Bendigo is a cesspool of iniquity. Another Muslime cover up!

  6. Moderate Australian

    Islam and Muslims will refuse to abide by the laws of any country ,as Islam considers Islamic Sharia Law as “Supreme” Islam is a Religion of “Rape” “Sex Slavery” “Beheadings” and Barbaric Mass Murders. I cannot begin to imagine what an ordeal these poor young girls at the age of 12 must go through…”including “Prepubescent” having to deal with these ugly, dirty, inbred barbarians having sex with them,”bleeding having their Vagina’s ripped and torn” ( Q4:3;65:4; 4:24) Muslim men can marry up to four wives and can have sex slaves.This is depravity at its worst, and the frightening thing is they are living amongst us.

  7. What sad sick humans we are forced to share this earth with. Shame on any who walk with or near these violent criminals.

  8. How Much More DONT we know about. I’m living in AUSTRALIA.. NO to MUSLIM… Just NO..🙏🏿

  9. You motherfuckers are all going to die this means war i know what your up too and its not going to happen in this country you have my word bet your life on it

  10. I thought better of Autralia.Not to let that trash dothat to one of their own.If that was my family I would hunt every one down and shoot them for the trash they are.

  11. What the fuck has the young lady got any support form the Aussie gov and how the fuck can u turn ur back on rape

    • I’m more interested to know whether the lady got any local support from her neighbour Katherine….. who seems quite comfortable, on the basis on a very thin media article, that everything has been done to bring the perpetrators to justice :/

      Give me a break Katherine…. this whole thing ‘smells’ ….. but I suppose its hard to sniff when you’ve got your head in the sand 😦

  12. Most of the terrorist activity in the world is by Islam ,there whole purpose is to spread the message of there false prophet into the whole world ,and bring it into obedience to there false god Allah, and impose Sharia law .
    .like what is happening in France UK and other nations in Europe .They have whole suburbs and towns ,that have been sectioned off into a Muslim sub culture with there own Sharia law communities .

    And because they have an average of 6 to 8 children per family ,they will take over by virtue
    of population alone .
    I am not inciting hatred for the muslins ,but there religion and world view are very different
    to our`s ,there holy book the Koran ,is full of violence and bloodshed ,against the infidel the Christian and the Jew…..

    There religion and politics are one …..Isis is a political and religious force .with well planed infrastructure .to set up there state under Allah there false god.
    We should be very diligent to stop this in our country before it`s too late .
    But the trouble is that Muslim`s use our( democratic law`s) to promote there cause
    crying out that they wan`t( freedom of religion) and not to be discriminated and persecuted
    against .(we are a peaceful religion)
    It is a problem that is very complex,and I don`t see any solution to it in the near future.
    Islam is an evil disease spreading its curse over the earth.
    and the Western nations are being naive to it`s power and deception

    • Unfortunately What you wrote is exactly their (muslim) agenda & our ‘political correctness’ is allowing this hate/cult to spread throughout the world at an alarming rate.

  13. To not making ppl aware of this, is to make the victim feels there is no justice in the world. She will feel just a statistic. I’m sorry for Jo, it is true ppl could be raped by men, muslims or white or black or else… but a fact is a fact and it needs to be told and I’m sure that Bendigo mum needs justice. To let the rapists go free, they might do it again to other women. It’s a fact there is more rapes in muslim countries going on that in western countries, a rape could happen everyday in muslim countries, in big numbers, unlike in western countries where it happens once in a blue moon. Those victims need justice, to simply treat them as statistic is just wrong….so yeah…it needs to be told…and ppl need to be aware that the rapists are still…running loose in the community of Bendigo.

  14. The fact that the Cairns Post regards Larry Pickering as a reliable journalistic source is the greatest concern in this story. Larry’s tinfoil helmet conspiracy theories might be good for a laugh but legitimising them by publishing them in the Cairns Post is only going to bring the paper into disrepute. Leave the rantings of the islamophobic/yellow peril/mafia/whoever is today’s target take over loonies on the internet where they belong.

  15. How much did the Muslim community pay to be free , without conviction on Rape because she was a Christian Girl ???
    their law is absolute sick, why does the Government protect this crime , just because they are Muslim?? did they sell their Souls already to Sharia Law,
    shame Australia , you done us wrong in any way

  16. That poor women, one can’t imagine living through such a trauma and then knowing there was very little justice and a coverup why, was it just in case the muslim community cried racism. Well let them wale it. Why should we care. This is a disgusting, animalistic crime. outcome. And the mothers acceptance. And to think I felt sympathetic toward Muslim women. They the matriaches perpetuate the cycle.

    A Kiwi charged with possession of dope gets time and his Visa revoked then deported back to NZ where he has no connection with apart from distant relatives as he was born in Aust.

    Wake up legal system and government. That law should surely apply to all on a Visa. I imagine we could have exported a lot of muslim scum as there is not much criminal conduct their not familiar with except ‘oh we don’t drink’ and that is because, only evil infidels partake in that.

    And the non criminal muslims, well belief in the koran which has sick misguided dark age beliefs written by males for males. If some new startup religion started operating with the same values, they would be shut down, charged with numerous offences and labeled an illegal cult.

    They like to live by their stone religion well send them to the desert in the middle of Aust where they should feel right at home, as they don’t need our western capitalism when it suits bloody hypocrites, don’t mind govnt handouts. Maralinga should do the trick. Invite western countries to come and train at the nearby RAF base as they do now, but with live targets.

  17. shut up jo you idiot!!stop defending these muzzrats that want everything and want to destroy everyone.they want the world for themselves and see woman as less then garbage.move on get some help and wake up to yourself!i was raped heaps of times from my cowardly partner and abused and i am offened by this story that the australian police didnt handle this properly,according to this story police are made to be quite about the rapes?the poor woman gets no compensation or therapy or help.the only agenda here silly girl is to protect our women and let the world and australia know what the hell is going on.forget islamaphobia mate these pigs caused everyone to hate them and you read that story and yet all you could get out of it was the poor bloody islamic moslims??absolutely no empathy for the victim huh?you dear girl need to grow up and learn some compassion for your own kind not the assholes that are invading the world and is clearly visible how everyone is suffering with this crap.the whole story went way above your stupid head didnt it?you so bloody worried anout these pigs ,you take them in to your home miss perfect!!then you will know rape like you have never ever known before ,and thats if you get to keep you head ,idiot!!!

  18. Well said Jo Morley,deplorably racist xenophobic article.Rapists are rapists and relgion is irrelevant.

  19. Rape is about power. Religion (all religions) are about power. Politics is about power…….fuck it all…..a woman has suffered a terrible crime. She has been raped by people on all levels of society and will continue to be so. Just remember what the god fareing whites of this country did to aboriginal women not so long ago when we took this land as ours. Remember that and never, ever forget at the heart of it is the victim who will spend the rest of her life struggling to be a survivor. Don’t make a woman’s pain a platform for a political agenda (especially if you want to show how much holier than thou we are above Islam)

  20. If this is tru ,how long do u think it will be before the great aussi people start fighting back against these morons,not just Muslims but govt.people who protect them ,is this why the trying to disarm us all ,think about it ,how can we stop all this bullshit . There is one sure way .get rid of our so called leaders that are suppose to protect the people of Australia .we can see that they are we need to change and get men and women who have the guts to do what is right.for Australia. If they want to live by their laws why come to a great country like Australia and try to destroy our way of life . They need to be sent back to there country so they can live their violent lives amongst themselves and leave our peaceful country alone we have survived for more than two hundred years in peace and harmony, as soon as these radical Muslims arrived here , .look what is happening. They have no respect for any of our laws and our way of life . All I can say is if that was my daughter that was raped and the govt covered it up .well use your imagination people .we need to stand as one to rid of all these insane morons and deport them back to the country they have fucked up in the first place thei own.

  21. Mrs R Mackintosh

    I am a Christian and we have been taken over by Muslims and they will govern Australia in 20 years or less and sham on our government for allowing these people into our country. Japan & China will not let them in they destroy our way of life and they really should not be here but back in the countries where they and their parents came from. They will never become Australians & the fools in government are handing them our country. They will live to regret it but oh it will be too late.

    • I fully in Agreement with China and Japan. Why are we still taking ANYMORE into This Country.. Bendigo is only one.. There’s MORE

  22. Shoshanna White

    What don’t you understand…..Muslim, Islam is a religious sect….not a race of people. They are surely all delusional and considering the comments of these evil worms towards the girl they raped and then the parents of these slimy bastards giving them justification that it was okay because she wasn’t a Muslim is pure ignorance and racist. Grow some assertiveness and behave in a manner that supports loving each other, not segregation or egotistical mind sets. They all need to go somewhere where this behaviour is tolerated….and let them continue to justify their feeble beliefs in the name of this unseen thing, they worship, who seems to control their feeble minds. They don’t fit in with the Australian way of life, or our culture. They are living in the past. The poor victim would still be traumatised by these scum and their actions. How pathetic to have sympathy for any of them that choose to flaunt this sharia law in a country that already has its own laws and system. No wonder people are questioning their ways….any act by anyone, that gives and receives approval of such vial crimes need to be exterminated…..please leave us alone.

  23. Is behaviour is being condoned all over Australia and Jo Morley yeah you were raped in a western country by a western criminal as u put it but this girl was raped in Australia by Muslims that’s not islampgobia or whatever lable you want to put on it the man is stating he was raped by Muslims,it’s being condoned because people like you try shift the blame off the actual offenders and put it on someone else’s head,she weren’t raped by Aussies she was fucking gang raped by Muslims another gang rape by a Muslim group but hey let’s blame it all on their religion or the Aussies,hang on its a peaceful religion isn’t it? Aside from gang rape complete disregard for woman’s rights and Australian laws,thinking it’s ok to kill anyone that don’t believe in their bullshit if a white person believes those same principles they get labled a racist or their a member of the kkk but your theory Islam and killing ok kkk and rallies not ok your a bloody hypocritical bigot yourself lady

  24. Fuck you Jo. And fuck the Muslim dog that did that to me. Bleeding heart. Fuck no

  25. This whole business is disgusting, but what gives the reporters the right to deride the Bendigo Bank? I’d be interested to see how it would be reported if it had occurred in Bundaburg.

  26. They deserve to have it done to them while they’re in prison and then sent away where no one will ever see them again. That way they won’t be a martyr, and they won’t have any influence on any others, Muslims or not

  27. These men should be hung. There is NO excuse for rape. None.

  28. these young muslims should have their dick and balls cut off then our aussie women will not fear them look at what the bastards are doing in Sweden fuck-em off back to where they came from

  29. What everyone has missed here is that a woman was raped by a gang of thugs that had no respect for her, her children or the laws of Australia? I can’t understand why the media did not follow this case more closely or report it as they do when it is a crime that was committed by white or Indigenous Australians? I’m at the belief that we accept these refuges with open arms, we give them housing, financial support and in most cases help that far out-see’s the needs of our own people. To state that it’s okay mum it was only an Australian Woman shows their contempt for us. I feel that under the circumstances these offenders should be sent home, as it is clearly obviously that they want to live under the same laws they did in their old country! Like all those New Zealanders who have committed crimes in Australia and now sitting in detention centers awaiting deportation back to New Zealand should these offender face the same penalty? I think YES.

  30. Not that anyone here cares. But of the 7 men charged 3 minors were jailed for the crime 1 man was acquitted by a jury of his peers, meaning a majority of those tasked with deciding his guilt found him innocent, another had his charges dropped by the prosecution the 2 remaining had were found innocent in 2013 of 2 counts of rape each and the court decided that it was to difficult to judge the remaining charges, as even the jury could not reach a decision as to these last 2 men’s guilt. The lack of media coverage is probably due to the fact that minors were being prosecuted, hence media coverage was restricted. There is no new information or evidence presented by the above article it is nothing but rather it a hateful and racially motivated opinion piece using a disgusting crime to their own hatred lets not forget that its not only Islamic believes that rape women in fact in the last couple of months it has come to light that 4 AUSTRALIAN men and one boy raped a 14 year old GIRL an adolescent child does this mean all Australian males are child rapists? yet there is know mention about it here or on social media. It is blatantly obvious from the “article” above and comments that this is not about the victim or about the rape of a woman its about the idea that she was raped by someone of a religion that mass media and the government has told us to hate.

    • Well said Jack. This is not journalism. This is just a bigoted hate rant given press which, judging by the majority of comments here, has exposed the underlying bigotry within our own society.

      Nowhere does Islam or the Quran preach rape or the suppression of women. These are abhorrent acts of individuals, not of an entire religion. To think otherwise is ignorant, irrational and paranoid. It is astounding how xenophobic and ignorant Australians are considering our own history of immigration dating back to European settlement. As a intensely proud Australian, born and bred, I am disgusted and ashamed of the ignorance, bigotry, xenophobia, hatred and downright stupidity of many Australians evident in many of the comments on this post. We are supposed to be the Clever Country. You make us all look like retarded inbred hicks. Stop it.

      I don’t know all the details of the case, the offenders, or their families. Their innocence or guilt has been determined by our own legal system, which protects both the innocent and the guilty. Unfortunately sometimes the guilty walk free and the innocent get locked up, but it’s the best system we have.

      I find it hard to believe their mother would excuse this horror on any grounds, even racial; that is inexcusable. But given some of the comments on here I wonder if some of you closet bigots and keyboard warriors would have been so outraged if we were talking about some white boys “larking around” and raping some poor Muslim girl. I hope so; even moreso because they represent YOU! And would you accept responsibility for their actions because they are Christian and so are you, just like you expect all Muslims to take the blame for these mongrels? Yeah, it sounds ridiculous because it is. Sometimes in order to make sense of such horror we look for a simple and obvious reason; somethimg to blame. In this case their religion and skin colour are the obvious points of difference, so the reflex is to point to them and say, “It’s because they’re African Muslims. It’s their culture.” Absolute rubbish! By blaming the religion or culture these fools are actually removing the blame from these filthy pigs. They are unwitting apologists for these scum. These pigs MUST be held personally responsible for their actions, not have the blame put on everyone else who reads the Quran or has a darker than usual tan

      I am not defending these rapist s#itbags. They deserve a brutal punishment they wil never forget. Ironically, Islam teaches “an eye for an eye”. It is Christianity that teaches “turn the other cheek”.

    • Exactly… Well said. Sadly the morons here, keyboard warriors all of them care not for fact, they just need to hate someone. They’re so fast asleep they can’t even tell when they’re being used by our media to whip up hatred for our beloved government. The reason the birders are open to these people is the same reason the govt don’t comment on anything negative with them. They have the media do that. It’s designed to generate hatred toward the Muslims, who are 99%peaceful,law abiding, hard working families…… Fact. If enough hatred is created someone either white Christian or Muslim extremist will over react. If they don’t a false flag incident will be orchestrated wherein a false panic and fear campaign begins. People get told to be scared so they are scared, people get told to be angry so they are angry. Before you know it. The police are given more temporary powers, but the powers remain. More control, less freedoms, yet the gates are still open. Its happening all over the world. Islamic extremists are planted in our communities to cause fear. The level of stupidity and bullshit bravado seen in these comments show that these Australians are just as dumb as the govt thinks they are. These for are so easily controlled, we don’t even need false flags here in Oz the average Joe is truly stupid enough to set this to dear box ablaze. Before we know it our freedoms will have gone and the control will be in the hands of world police…. … Safe City Program.
      Australians are truly the most racist, bigoted, stupid sheep left on the planet, hating migrants hahahahaha, Australia is 200 yrs old. Every person other than our natives is a migrant…. IDIOTS!!!!!! Self obsessed, greedy, bigoted, under educated, wankers.

      • “Australians are truly the most racist, bigoted, stupid sheep left on the planet, hating migrants hahahahaha, Australia is 200 yrs old. Every person other than our natives is a migrant…. IDIOTS!!!!!! Self obsessed, greedy, bigoted, under educated, wankers.”

        Lol Charlie just what planet are you from? You sound like the atypical progressive socialist anarchist blaming all and sundry for your own individualistic ideologies.

        You want a fact ? We are ALL immigrants, yes even Aboriginals migrated here, FACT.

        Australians in general DO NOT hate immigrants at least those that come here legitimately, assimilate into our culture, whilst sharing their own, and do not try to change it; FACT.

        As I have worked for the Army, the Federal Police and the Iaw enforcement side of the Aust Immigration Dept I could go on and on and on about further REAL FACTS about the current Migrants from some countries (mostly those that are under Islamic rule) that would have you shaking in your boots but would take hours to type out.

        Grow up Charlie and stop being a patsy for the Anti Establishment, Anti Government, Anti Tradition, Anti Work, Anti Corporate, Anti everything else that doesn’t suit your far far left view, get some worldly education for yourself mate.

        This is still a great country full of people, yes even immigrants, that are truly proud to be called AUSTRALIAN. Your view as stated above has me wondering just where have you been and what have you done around the world, nothing and no where by the sound of it.

        Racist ? Bigoted ? No what we have become is less tolerant of people who come here to rip us off and that is also a FACT jack.

      • Very well said Peter.

  31. You are a waste of space jo morley,you should hang your head in shame for defending these animals

  32. I understand that this is their culture and they have no respect for women not even there own why Some years ago about 30 years back just a small piece in the Sun would be worth reading every word has come to pass

  33. Wake up Jo this is happening all around the western world ? only this past week four scum bags had there photo’s in news papers ? where are there photo’s ? there are gangs of moslems all around the world that are doing the England the town of Rotherham the moslems were grooming young English girls raping them…this is what makes me sick the Government…the Rotherham Council… child welfare all new about this and tried to cover this up …Google Britain First and see for yourself ? there was one thousand four hundred Moslem groomers..FFS wake up Australia ?

  34. The same legal tactics as those employed in this case are used out in Sydney’s western suburbs whenever a Sudanese or Somalian person of whatever religion is brought before a court for any type of crime whatsoever. They are represented by the local ethnic association, legal representation funded, they pull the race card and as a last resort pull the “me no understand” or the “we not brought up that way” card which every left leaning magistrate or judge just accepts. It is pathetic and insulting to the intelligence of the rest of the community, especially when they appear before court with translators to both frustrate the court and display ignorance of understanding. Especially when the victim (s) and the police prosecutors know that the accused speaks and understands English.

  35. I don’t care who you are……….if you have raped, then you should be put to death by being impaled on a 30 foot pole, death takes days, and you will smell your own death coming. I have no pity or sympathy for those who rape……..KILL THEM TILL THEY ARE DEAD !!!!!!!

  36. Hang them all the fucken dogs they are

  37. dont give them jailtime. send them home..

  38. Closing my Bendigo bank acct Monday

  39. Bring on the next election. Vote for Australian Liberty Alliance. Vote for One Nation. Donor vote for the corrupt major parties who are destroying our nation, it’s history and values.

  40. Moderate? You either are or you aren’t.

  41. Not true. Was yrs ago and they were charged. Google it

  42. If this is a legitimate story, then why didn’t go in the Bendigo advertiser? Why is this reported in a Queensland media organisations? I smell a load of RACISM AND BULLCRAP!
    From a actual Central Victorian

  43. Mongrels. Should b hung up by the nuts.

  44. Its beginni g to get to a time where yhe people take the power back and absolutely resist this corruption…time to flip the tables

  45. Who was the official signatory, to force disclosure of this tragic event, the accountability should be traced from the putrid scum rapists then through the channels to all who were involved in conspiring in a cover up, so a minority group could save face.

    • Brad, as a Central Victorian, I can assure you that there was no cover up. ‘Three youths were jailed in March last year for their involvement in the rape, while another two men have been cleared of their involvement.’

      • Katherine, you are, in my opinion deluding yourself. You are also forgetting in all your protestations about the victim. You are almost, by denying that more than 3 perpetrators raped the victim, saying that the other rapes of this woman did not happen and the victim is lying. I know what a shambles our legal system is and how easy it is to circumvent conviction if you can just blame the victim. It seems that the only people that make this a racist issue are those that have no sympathy for the poor victim. You do the crime and no excuse in my mind is valid to escape punishment.

  46. See a Muzz, mash a Muzz!

  47. With all these comments it appears we are turning against each other right or wrong. It all matters of course what is acceptible in our society and what is not. This is clearly not and remains futile to blame each other. If you want someone to blame, blame our government for comprehensively aiding and abetting in this. It seems political correctness is tantamount to our government when it comes to religion. It makes me sick! This crime legally has nothing to do with religion. It is about the law and this seems to have been politically pressured. I can recall a lesser but similar offence about 15 years ago in NSW involving muslims and a christian girl. The offenders were convicted and given sentences from 38 years down. What has happened to us to allow this to happen now. Our government is an embarrassment to all religions and should be ashamed. My advice to them is get a real job. Finally I must say I have overwhelming sympathy for this woman and all similar victims.

  48. Someone should shoot these barsteds and bury them in pig .shit

  49. Australia has become a fucking toilet

  50. I would urge the “4 Corners” team at the A.B.C to expose these criminals in a documentary as soon as possible. The public response would be sensational.

  51. Robert Harris

    They all involved need their balls and dicks removed and they can piss through a straw as well as deportation after their incarceration is fully served along with their citizenship status revoked How disgusting for them to subject the victim to this type of abuse and degradation.

  52. Thank you so much for denouncing this! I´ll be sharing it all over the web!

  53. Greg pearsall

    Deport the pieces of shit. If that was my family member they did that to there would be hell to pay.

  54. Shit!!!!

  55. Ian Phillips

    Moohammid was a proud rapist and abuser of females (and goats, chickens, camels etc. – narked him big time when a dog declined him and a pig smelled him creeping up but……).
    His sad sick followers are no better. Could they be worse?

  56. What is wrong with the justice system in this country where police and weak state and federal politicians let this happen


  58. All Muzrats should be exterminated along with their braindead leftard sympathizers

  59. Some typical apathy being show here by a few ignorant fools. Muslims represent the evil of the world and should be confined to a cage or better still males castrated so no further reproduction of this disease is possible.

  60. J Edgar Billings

    First of all, I am a “Yankee” from Boston, USA, and am so very glad my candidate Donald Trump was elected over that globalist, Hilary Clinton. That said, I am amazed at the defense of Islam being given by leftist women. “It’s not about Islam”, and so on. Yes, it is about Islam: ask any woman who has been molested by these hairy hominids in Europe or Australia.

    Oh, and about “racism”. First of all, obviously (how often must this be said?) Islam is *not* a race. It is an ideology; to be precise, Islam is a *theocratic ideology of domination*. It has always been set to take over the world, and has a 1400-year bloody history to show for it. Who are the *real* racists, when Muslims intentionally target what their pedophile “Prophet” called “banu al-Asfar”, children of the yellow? That means White women; and again, Muslims have a hideous history of enslaving White women especially. Face it, leftists: Islam is “the mother lode of bad ideas”, as Sam Harris said.

  61. J Edgar Billings

    Can clean water come from a sewer? If the Devil had bowel movements, his sewer would be Islam. Nothing good ever comes from that 7th-century Dark Age mentality, and everyone should know that by now. Remember 9/11/2001, Nice, Orlando, Beslan, Bataclan, and every girl raped and every man whose head was sawed off by the Islamic State. Islam is the child of the Patriarch of Pedophiles, Muhammad; why should anyone expect good from it?

    Again, I am astonished that women especially would defend the most misogynistic ideology in the world. There is really no excuse for any rational person to ignore the facts: everywhere Muslims have entered in numbers, including now Australia and western Europe, the rape rates climb for the clouds.

    Also other violent crimes sharply increase in these nations, as the disciples of that hateful child molester -who if he were alive today I would just have to “take the law into my own hands”- pardon me, I mean Muhammad, whose deluded and probably clinically mentally disordered followers run the streets like feral dogs, begin to assert their prophetic “right” to take over the world. It’s right there in the Qur’an and Hadith, for example Sahih Muslim 41.6904: Allah brought the ends of the world close together for my (Muhammad’s) sake. And I have seen its eastern and western ends. And the dominion of my Ummah (nation) would reach those ends”. (added) Islam teaches world domination in so many words.

    Having said all this, I am going to make a prediction. As long as Islam exists, there will be no peace in the world. In order to have peace, we must eradicate Islam from the face of the Earth.

  62. All you lefty grubs need to wake up.

    Professor Raphael Israeli has developed a template of islamic take-over which is historically verifiable and represents a 100% accurate depiction of islamic political intention.
    •As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone.
    •At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.
    •From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal and work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law.
    •When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats.
    •After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning.
    •At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare.
    •From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing, use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels.
    •After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide.
    •100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ – the Islamic House of Peace – there’s supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim.

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