In the book of Proverbs in the bible it states, “For a lack of knowledge, My people perish”.
We must stay vigilant and be on the attack, rather than be on the defensive.
In December 2009, the Global Warming Treaty was all ready to be signed at the Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen. To the best of my understanding, once a country signs in they are bound under the UN One World Government agenda forever. In other words, there is no “Get out Clause” in it at all.
The then Labor Government was ready to sign the treaty, with Malcolm Turnbull, who was then the opposition leader, ready to do the same. This resulted in a leadership challenge in the Liberal Party on 01/12/2009, and Tony Abbott was elected as their leader with a vote of 42-41.
Tony Abbott took a stand against signing the Global Warming Treaty, so the Australian Parliament did not have the numbers to approve such a motion. Thus Australia and Canada, with Christian PM Steven Harper, did not sign the document.
In 2015 December there is going to be another Global Warming Summit and the climate change mob are doing everything they can to get Australia & Canada to sign in. The danger of doing this is that we as a sovereign nation, could lose our rights and come completely under the control of the UN One World Government agenda.
To the best of my understanding, Canada will have its elections this year and the global warming faction is doing everything it can to get the current PM, Steven Harper, out of office so that they can get Canada to sign the treaty. In Australia, because the next federal election is scheduled only for November 2016, the global warming mob wants to pre-emptively remove Tony Abbott our PM from office, and lodge Malcolm Turnbull as PM so that they can get Australia to sign the treaty as well.

Malcolm Turnbull aspiring to the throne

Thank God that Tony Abbott survived the leadership spill!
We now need to cover the PM’s office and team in much prayer. However this may not be enough. We must also actively lobby against Australia signing this Global Warming Treaty. You must write or personally speak to your local MP and clearly inform them that you don’t want them to support it.
A few months ago we had Lord Christopher Monckton working with us for a season in my office. He released this very important message. Please make sure to watch this short 3 minute video. It could save our nation!
Thanks, and may God bless you,
Daniel Nalliah
Rise Up Australia – National President