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9 January 2015

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Previous edition: New York City steps up security at French Consulate and for prominent media organizations after Paris terror attack, which CIAssociate relegated to the spam bin. See: Google Filter Instructions for CLG Newsletter.

Al-Qaeda is plotting Paris-style attack against Britain –MI5 wants ‘enhanced access’ to digital communications | 8 Jan 2015 | Al-Qaeda is planning a Paris-style terrorist atrocity against Britain, according to the head of MI5. Andrew Parker, the Director General of the Security Service, warned that the threat of a "mass casualty attack" was growing and that intelligence pointed to the existence of specific plots. Security was stepped up on Wednesday at British ports, and armed police were put on patrol at the Eurostar terminal at London’s St Pancras station. Mr Parker warned that although three terrorist plots had been foiled in recent months, it was almost inevitable that one would eventually succeed…It is feared that a lack of cooperation from internet companies means that there is a risk of terrorists slipping through the net because MI5 cannot track them. Mr Parker warned that terrorists may soon be able "to operate beyond our reach" as he renewed calls for enhanced access to digital communications.

Mohammed Atta’s passport survived World Trade Center flames of 9/11; Paris gunman who attacked with ‘military precision’ left ID on seat of getaway car By Lori Price, | 8 Jan 2015 | Mohammed Atta and the Paris gunman: These highly-trained terrorists can take down buildings and execute people with the precision of an elite military unit — and yet, they both fumbled and dropped their identification near their crime scenes! (Tortured) 9/11 suspect Mohammed Atta, who left his passport near the World Trade Center following the attacks (conveniently quickly located by US investigators, unlike the black boxes). Today, we learn: ‘A national identity card was found in the getaway car used by the gunmen who attacked the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, French officials said Thursday.’ (See: Alleged Gunman in Paris Attack Left ID in Car, 8 Jan 2015.) Alleged Paris shooter Said Kouachi–who executed a terrorist attack that, by nearly every analyst’s account, had the hallmarks of an elite military unit–left his identity card on the seat of his getaway car! File this most recent ‘coincidence’ under ‘things that defy the imagination.’

One day before terror attack in Paris:France to send aircraft carrier to Gulf in ‘Islamic State’ fight | 6 Jan 2015 | The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and its fleet will be deployed to the Gulf to support operations against the Islamic State group, a military news site reported on Tuesday. The deployment of the marine battle group is due to be announced by President Francois Hollande when he gives his annual new year’s speech to the armed forces onboard the Charles de Gaulle on January 14, according to the "Mer et Marine" news site.

GOP Senators: Paris Shooting Justifies NSA Powers | 7 Jan 2015 | The pendulum between protecting civil liberties and thwarting terrorism may once again be up for debate now that Republicans chair key Senate committees. "If it can happen in Paris, it can happen in New York again or Washington, D.C.," says Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Nutjob), now chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee…In the last year, there have been significant bipartisan efforts in Congress to rein in NSA surveillance and provide oversight on the CIA’s past use of torture on detainees. Some in Congress say the shooting in Paris should remind the public that maybe that debate has gone too far.

Pharma-terrorism in Connecticut: Connecticut Supreme Court upholds ruling that teen must undergo chemo’therapy’ [poisoning-for-profit] | 8 Jan 2015 | The Connecticut Supreme Court upheld a prior ruling Thursday that a 17-year-old cancer patient cannot refuse chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma. The state argued that the teen lacked competency extended to maturity, as well, and that they did not believe she understood the severity of her prognosis. The teen…identified by police as Cassandra Callender, ran away after two treatments in November and, with the support of her mother, refused any more when she returned. The teen believes the chemotherapy will do more damage to her body than the cancer will, according to the Hartford Courant. Connecticut Supreme Court rejects ‘mature minor doctrine’ and rules a 17-year-old girl with Hodgkin’s lymphona can be forced to undergo chemotherapy.

Honda Hit With Record $70 Million Fine for Not Reporting Deaths –The penalty stems from the automaker’s failure to report 1,729 death and injury claims to the agency for the past 11 years. | 8 Jan 2015 | The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has fined Honda Motor 70 million for failing to submit reports of fatal accidents and injuries to the government. Rick Schostek, a top executive at Honda North America, testified at a Senate hearing last week. He later said an audit identified "difficult facts about where we did not meet our obligations." It is the largest amount that the safety regulator has ever levied against an automaker.


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