A response to the opinion article in the Tablelands Advertiser, the “Dirty Victory”, Dec 19, 2014


labor-vote-islamWhen the Standard Bearers Academy announced their intentions for a 1200 pupil multi-faith, Islamic-based education centre in Mareeba, the proponents may well have driven a freight train through the main street during the Rodeo evening parade.

Did the Mareeba Shire’s political, media and social “elite” really believe that the majority of people of Mareeba would not react to this insidious attempt of establishing a “barracks” style Islamic training center without considering the resident’s right to object and basic freedoms of speech, thought without fear of retribution and media vilification?

With incredible, absolute, frightening veracity, the courageous, knowledgeable people of the Mareeba Shire totally, emphatically, with the intense spiritual power of a free Christian society, refuted the proposal with one word.


NO Islamic education center for the Mareeba Shire. An incredible, powerful, spiritual NO!

No ifs, no buts, no explanation.

Not here, nor the Tablelands, not anywhere. The people of the Tablelands delivered a combined statement that will never be forgotten.

Remember this; where there is Islam as a totalitarian state, the people have no say at all.

As for the editor with his “Dirty Victory” Opinion Column, hate is a passion that eventually is exhausting and drains the soul mentally, physically and spiritually. The Tablelands Advertiser, in the Opinion column, referring to the abandonment of the Islamic school, used the word “hate, hatred, five times, the words bigotry and bigoted, then ignorant vitriol,” followed by some other chosen expressions to totally denigrate the “repulsive” Mareeba community.

These are the words and expressions used by Islam to attempt to dumb-down their non-believer opposition.

The opinion column should note, that until the last few years, “hate” was rarely an expression much used in public discourse. Now, there are hate laws, vilification laws, race laws and when all rolled into one, causing us to become “repulsive, bigoted extremists.”

At the two meetings that were held in Mareeba, in the cross section of those that attended, there were some knowledgeable people who presented some brilliant, informative and educational statements about Islam and the adverse impact of Islam here and overseas. There were two journalists and the convener present to confirm this.

Not once were there any expressions of hate or bigotry used, nor was there any level of ignorant, vitriolic discussion. There was some element of excitement, yes, but absolutely nothing to create extremism, there were too many educated men and women present.

The result has been to create a minor division within the Shire’s social harmony, with only a few sycophantic letters to editor with the usual accusations of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, even some out there with wasted self-opinionated apologies.

The Opinion column recommends “education” for the EISM Facebook “hate” page. Education from whom, about what subject, exactly? Islam constantly infiltrates these anti-Islam Facebook pages with misleading racist and bigoted statements to destroy credibility within the Facebook sites. The “STOP the Islamic… “site is carefully monitored, thank you; any dumb Islamic obscenity is out.

As for the demand by this opinion column, to identify those in this community who were in opposition to this Islamic school, this ”Centre for Islamic studies’,” with its Islamic directors to promote Islamic values in higher-education, this is the sort of request Stalin would have used to intimidate then destroy his opposition in 1935-53.

Who, by the way, are you, to issue such a demand?

As for the world observing this discussion on Facebook, please consider the fact that not one of our elected politicians, at any level, or spiritual religious leaders, have shown the least bit of interest in the latest events in Mareeba Shire. Not a comment. So, to which part of the world, are you, the editor, alluding?

The encroachment of Islam in the west, the parasitic demands of Islamic Sharia law, is deliberately creating internal havoc in every nation that has accepted Islamic immigrants and refugees. Perhaps the Opinion column has not noticed, or is ignorant of certain events that are occurring throughout the Middle East and the western world?

As recent events in Sydney have shown, our politicians are terrified of Islam and they have good reason. Electoral system experts have discovered that the Islamic vote controls 15 federal seats in NSW and Victoria, thus the outcome of a federal election. This voting bloc was deliberately initiated by the ALP and Greens to keep them in power. A vote for Labor is a vote for Islam.

Where did political correctness come from? Islam. Where did the “racism-race hate” come from? Islam. Where did the laws come from that forbid any mention or criticism of Islam? Islam. Who controls the Islamic refugee flows to various western nations? Islam. Who influenced the introduction of the hate and vilification laws, 18c and 18d, into Australian State and Federal parliaments? Islam. Who has the power in the UN and the UNHCR to achieve these aims? Islam.

This is an invasion for world domination by a repulsive, secular ideology of total suppression, psychological destruction, apathy and a return to the mass murders, rapes and slavery of all who opposed the Islamic advance during the “golden years of Islam”, centuries ago.

History is about to repeat itself in the western world. Islam is on public trial around the world and Islam, the religion of peace, is not looking good.

The fact is that Islam, having its own Sharia law and Halal food supply, is increasingly and detrimentally impinging on the mainstream Judeo-Christian Australian society with all of the repulsiveness of a pork chop.

Islam is a secular religion that parasitically demands, without apology or request, from its host nation, that it relinquishes its own heritage and laws to appease Islam and Sharia. (Indeed Islam publicly states that the Islamic Sharia supersedes that of its host nation “but only where the two are able to co-exist”.) Work that one out.

Islam, like a parasite, also infiltrates by absolute deceit, deception and stealth, all aspects of its host nation, and then uses this knowledge to destroy its host from within. In Australia lawyers engaged by Muslims use the legal system to allow Muslims to remain on welfare, and “be expected to do so,” whereas mainstream Australians cannot legally do so.

Islam, a relative newcomer in the big picture, is responsible for the deliberate murder and maiming of hundreds of thousands of people in the last ten years or so, via at least 25,000 vicious attacks, even on their own Muslim communities.

In the 1200 years of history of Islam, it has been responsible for about 450 wars against the west. The west has attacked Islam on 11 occasions. (Crusades) Spain is the only nation to defeat and remove Islam in the 11th century AD.

Islam, Sharia and Halal are completely incompatible with the Australian way of life, our culture, heritage and legal system.

The upshot is now for the Mareeba community to contact our council and ask it to declare a ban on Sharia Law in the Mareeba Shire, totally, forever.

Alan Webb