We’re in trouble given our inept political representation

When ego and greed is preferred before the future of our Nation

Laws manipulated for rich strangers have become the norm.

Add political correctness and wonder why you were ever born

False promises and deceit showered on you and me

Our dreams stolen by Canberra and far from free

Where fear smothers hope and trust sours into doubt.

Pathetic political bickering is now what life is all about

Constant changes in policy suggests no one knows what’s best

Arguing and lying “In that place” seems to be an initiation test

Eviction for true blue battlers while groveling to “you know who”

Use any ruse and no holds barred to avoid political Waterloos.

Oh where are our Ghandis in humble cloth and wearing no shoes

Bright, brave souls, sharing, caring and perhaps a Wellington too

All leading by example and demonstrating austerity.

Vision and careful planning to ensure future prosperity.

To admit mistakes and learn from them until they get it right.

To understand the people’s pulse beat by using ears and sight.

Where corruption and “scratch my back” belongs to the past.

How refreshing it would be with no spin doctors at last.

We need solid foundations, not shifting sand for those who follow.

A united sense of purpose and to recapture sanity before tomorrow.

Someone to tell us.

Roll up your sleeves, there’s much work to do.

Whoever the Savior, step forward now, our Nation needs you.

George Mansford © December 2014