Convicted Bali bomb-maker Muhammad Cholili has refused to apologise to Australians for his role in the 2005 terror attacks.

Cholili has been freed from jail after serving around half of the 18 year sentence he received for assisting Mohammad Top and Azahari Husin to assemble the explosives used in the attacks.

“"I will not apologise to Australian (victims) because I didn’t involve in second Bali bombing (sic),” he said.

“My role was simply hiding Dr. Azahari (one of the Bali bombing masterminds), but I have never involved in second Bali bombing (sic)."

The attacks killed 20 people, including four Australians and left over 100 injured.

Corrections directorate-general Ika Yusanti says Cholili became eligible for parole in April, having received several remissions and having an unblemished prison record.

“My case is different with other cases,” Cholili told reporters.

“I’ve been released on parole for good behaviour. I’m happy I’m free.