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Phone Company Bid to Keep Data From N.S.A. Is Rejected –Since 2006, a series of judges on the secret surveillance court have repeatedly ordered companies to participate in program –Identity of co. censored in documents that were made public 26 Apr 2014 A telephone company asked the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in January to stop requiring it to give records of its cust-mers’ calls to the National Security Agency, in light of a ruling by a Federal District Court judge that the N.S.A. program is likely unconstitutional, according to court papers declassified on Friday. But Judge Rosemary M. Collyer, another Federal District Court judge who also sits on the secret surveillance court, rejected the request — and her colleague’s legal analysis — in a 31-page ruling on March 20, the newly declassified papers show.

FBI Releases Heavily Blacked-Out Sandy Hook Records 24 Apr 2014 The FBI has released about 175 pages of heavily blacked-out documents from the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre investigation. Of the 175 pages released in response to a Courant Freedom of Information request, 64 were completely redacted and most of the other 111 pages were heavily redacted. The names of all witnesses interviewed by federal agents have been removed and there are no references to attempts by federal authorities in Washington, D.C., to recover information from a computer disk that [alleged] shooter Adam Lanza [allegedly] destroyed.

Supreme Court rules anonymous tip is enough to stop driver 23 Apr 2014 In a case from Northern California, a divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that police can pull a driver over based on an anonymous tip that he had forced another motorist off the road – evidence, the court said, that he might be drunk and dangerous. The 5-4 ruling upheld the convictions of two brothers from Mendocino County whose pickup truck was stopped by the California Highway Patrol on state Highway 1 in August 2008 after another driver called 911 to report that the pickup had just run her off the road.

KKK Forms Neighborhood Watch to Complement Police in Pennsylvania Town 22 Apr 2014 After a string of local break ins, a Pennsylvania chapter of one of America’s largest hate groups is taking matters into its own hands. On Monday, the Ku Klux Klan established a neighborhood watch to monitor criminal activity in Fairview Township, Pennsylvania. According to the Imperial Wizard, Frank Ancona, the task force was developed to complement existing police efforts — and people in the town have purportedly called on the KKK to do what local authorities aren’t.

US inciting civil war in Venezuela to get its oil – Bolivia’s Morales 24 Apr 2014 Washington is pushing Venezuela towards a "civil war" because it wants access to the country’s rich oil reserves, Bolivian President Evo Morales has warned. The Venezuelan government has also accused the US of fomenting a coup d’état. Addressing over 3,000 young people at a Latin American Youth Summit in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz, Morales branded the US an "empire" with its eye on Venezuelan oil wealth. Morales said that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was blameless in the recent wave of unrest in the country and accused Washington of orchestrating a civil war. [*Exactly.*]

USociopaths trolling for more wars: Obama reminds North Korea of U.S. ‘military might’ 26 Apr 2014 President Barack Obama said on Saturday the United States did not use its military might to "impose things" on others, but that it would use that might if necessary to defend South Korea from any attack by the reclusive North. The North warned last month it would not rule out a "new form" of atomic test after the U.N. Security Council condemned Pyongyang’s launch of a mid-range ballistic missile into the sea east of the Korean peninsula.