This is a compilation of videos taken

by car cams, CCTVs and home video

cameras of the Chelyabinsk Meteor

air blast over the southern Ural region

of Russia, nearly a year ago, the shock

wave of which shattered window

through a large swathe of Russian territory

and even collapsed some buildings.

These collateral effects resulted in

wounds serious enough to cause 1,500

people to seek emergency treatment,

although, luckily no one was killed.

Just in case Comet Ison is NOT a friendly

UFO, being piloted by friendly ETs who

intend to spread good vibes all over Earth

and the human race, as I am being

bombarded, by many subscribers, I’ll give

an alternative view as to what we may

expect, starting in less than 2 weeks:

Planet Earth is about to enter the trail of

fragments left behind by Comet Ison: an

estimated 40-million-mile wave of debris,

which is estimated to occur between January

12-19 (some say starting as early as January


The worst case scenario we might expect

would be multiple impacts over a period of

about one week, similar to the one in

Chelyabinsk (in mid-air) – hopefully not worse,

with actual ground- and ocean impacts (the

latter, more likely, as the Earth is mostly

composed of oceans), which could cause

tsunamis or even megatsunamis.

This is not a fear-mongering piece.

Chelyabinsk happened (without notice,

unlike the widely-expected meteor shower

of Ison).

Bolide impacts have always happened and

they will happen again, one day or another

– and maybe a lot of them, in less than

2 weeks.

Forewarned is fore-armed.

Video (about 10 mins):

Meteor Hits Russia 2013: Best Footage Collection

– Alexandra