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As discussed in previous broadcasts of FKTV, there has been a recent spate of suspicious dismissals from the highest levels of the US military, particularly, from those sections of the US Air Force responsible for the country’s nuclear arsenal.

Amid reports about ‘lost’ nuclear weapons, US Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel has called these ‘lapses’.

Senior Editor of Veteran’s Today, Gordon Duff was recently interviewed about his views by Iran’s Internet news channel, Press TV.

Duff says, “The version of reality that we’re getting from the secretary of defense is one for public consumption only.
The problems go back as many as two decades. The United States Air Force, which controls the majority of America’s nuclear weapons, was infiltrated by religious extremist groups. They took over the Air Force Academy; they had a clear agenda, based on creating a nuclear war – forcing Armageddon. It’s part of their religious philosophy. These failures that we’re hearing about now are only follow-ups of the massive failure in 2006, where an entire planeload of nuclear weapons simply disappeared from their command.

Read more of this transcript of this interview, beneath the video screen, linked below.

Video (almost 4 and a half mins): Rogue US Military Groups Capable of Deploying Nukes