Dishonest newspaper column

This letter was sent in reply to slanderous letters sent to Kennedy electorate newspapers by the Liberal Member for Cook, David Kempton. It was also sent to Cairns News. Notably most of them are owned by either News Ltd or Fairfax. Notably they allow Liberal liars like Kempton to make false statements, but won’t print a reply. This is the normal modus operandi of these newspapers at election time especially this election where Rupert Murdoch has unashamedly backed Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party. We cannot blame him for helping to remove the disasterous Labor Party Government, but his editors must be fair and publish both sides of an issue. Particularly letters to the editor which are a reader’s only empowerment over the mass media.-editor

Dear Sir,

Re your correspondent the Liberal Member for Cook David Kempton.

Cook electorate takes in the northern end of the Atherton Tablelands, a large and suffering agricultural district.

Our State Member is like a phantom, rarely seen or heard of in his own electorate, but has found an urge to warn Mt Isa people against our Federal Member Bob Katter.

It seems Mr Kempton is still off in dreamtime because he forgot to tell your readers about the recent 900 per cent jump in Sunwater charges for irrigation and town water coupled with a 23 per cent hike in power costs, compliments of his party.

Or the State Government forced, dictatorial changes to Tableland Regional Councils planning scheme with highly inaccurate environmental, flood zone and other overlays, placed over freehold land rendering hundreds of rural and town properties almost valueless overnight.

Or his governments refusal to effectively tackle deadly disease-ridden bats which infest our yards, parks and orchards thus posing a great risk to human and animal health.

The only political opposition to these crippling policies we have heard is from Bob Katter, his state member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth and Mt Isa Member Robbie Katter. They are working hard to overturn these and other Brisbane-centric, devastating dictates which have driven local farming and other industries further into the ground since the state election.

In reality, it seems Mr Kempton is more worried about Katters awesome state electoral results and hanging onto his 2.5 percent marginal, retirement package seat of Cook.

Mr Kempton cannot be taken seriously.

From a Kennedy voter