Katter welcomes funds and urges more to be done

The Member for Mount Isa Robbie Katter has urged the Queensland Government to continue its latest round of funding in his electorate to raise the standard of services in remote areas to match those in the southeast corner.
One that comes to mind is Forsayth where the population of 600 has been without town water for weeks, and has to truck it in at a cost of about $400,000 annually.
When I asked the Government to help out, it turned its back on these people.
Can you imagine the kerfuffle if 600 people in the Premiers electorate of Ashgrove went without water?
Or the uproar if those same people had black, dirty water pouring out of their sink like the people in Dajarra suffer every day.
I applaud todays funding of projects in Winton, Burketown and Mount Isa, and they are projects that we have been working towards.
But I cant understand how the Government can treat some people in remote areas so unfairly while millions of dollars are wasted through the Year 7 schools transition (costing $835 million) and building the Premiers Palace in George Street ($700m), Mr Katter said.