This May 25th, 2013, there will be
Marches Against Monsanto held all
over world, inspired by marches
already held in Europe, protesting
the Big Pharma conglomerate,

Over 60 countries, including China
mandate GMO labeling – but not America.
America fancies itself as an advanced
country, yet it is so completely held
hostage by giant corporations and by
their Washington, DC lobbies that this
country is rapidly losing its status as an
advanced nation, as its population is
steadily debilitated by the ravages of
unregulated Frankenfood..

If you want your voice to be heard on
the matter of whole foods as a civil right;
if you want to start a meaningful movement,
that will turn back the legislation which has
allowed trademarked, genetically spliced
abominations from the Island of Dr. Moreau
to enter into our food chain, then look up
where the nearest March Against Monsanto
will be held in your city at the link below the
video screen, on the page linked below:

Video (about 3 mins):

March against Monsanto May 25th, 2013