Private sports clinic and compounding pharmacy attacked by Federal Government and Big Pharma

Australian Crime Commission, Therapeutic Goods Administration (ie Big Pharma) and Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority run smear operation against private, non-drug based treatments and suppliers

By Mel Cameron

STEPHEN Dank, who operates the Medical Rejuvenation Clinic Australia, was treating fatigued Essendon Football Club players with high-dose vitamin injections and peptide hormones.

According to The Australian Mr Dank legally sources GHRP-6 and other peptide hormones through a compound pharmacy located in an upmarket shopping centre.

But according to the ACC, TGA and Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA), Mr Danks treatment of seriously fatigued footy players is evil, and vitamins and peptide hormones are just performance enhancing drugs and those who use them are drug cheats.

Dank said openly on ABC radio a week ago he WOULD have used other hormones (bio-identical) if the law had allowed him to.

But the ACC, TGA and ASDA (and most of the media) dont know the difference between drugs and vitamins and hormones that occur naturally in the body.

As soon as this scandal broke out the TGA started arbitrarily banning products that Danks Melbourne-based supplier Como Compounding Pharmacy could sell online and said the substances could only be obtained with prescriptions (ie under government and mainstream medicine monitoring and control).

Also likely involved in this operation against non-pharma medicine is the World Anti Doping Agency who are of course promoting global regulation of banned substances in league with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority.

Most likely the problem for Big Pharma and the medical establishment is that natural supplements are making major inroads into the sports and body building industries who are now waking up to the fact that synthetic hormones (anabolic steroids), like most synthetic drugs pushed by Big Pharma, can have serious side effects.

They are also waking up to the fact that the mainstream medical establishment has very little to offer them in terms of treatments for injury and fatigue and that nature-based supplements actually work.

Stephen Danks lawyer is going to sue media outlets for defaming him and rightly so by implying he is linked to organized crime. He also slammed Julia Gillard for asking sports people to come forward and incriminate themselves by confessing to drug abuse.

Remember the Pan Pharmaceuticals scandal that went national and had tonnes of vitamins pulled from shop shelves just because of some alleged breach of regulations and contamination fears?

Pan CEO the late Jim Selim was hounded, vilified, falsely accused and his vitamin export company was forced to close. Jim eventually got $50m in a damages payment but died a few years later.

Who are the real organised criminals in this game of control over food and substances?