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It appears that the American regime is here to arrest me for all the good I have done.

I want you all to know my story. And I have to rush this now. I once presented in 1992 video showing Secret Service driver William Greer killing President Kennedy. Shortly after that I was brutally assaulted. This is available at youtube these days.

With audio added, it is even more clear that Greer did it.

The day I arrived in Arizona in 1997, 3 vehicles chased me giving me a message I had not escaped.

Within 2 years, I became severely ill, and the AZ Dept of Env Healh found that a mercury toxin had been placed all over my home. I had breathed it in for 2 years and nearly died.

It destroyed my health and all this of course devastated me medically, psychologically, and financially. Many things came to pass in the next years that proved the federal govt did this to me. Including more break-ins to remove evidence.

I went from a happy healthy person to an invalid. The books I would write came about because the mercury poison gave me porphyria, mast cell disease, asthma, heart failure, kidney problems, and more.

I set out to find out why the Govt was so evil and so different from what people believe, and indeed why the world is so different from what is on TV, etc.

By 2006, massive evidence indicated that the World Trade Center was destroyed primarily by small nuclear devices and that the China Syndrome was there for 6 months afterwards till all fission fragments were taken away.

There are many firemen accounts of flowing molten metal even 6 months afterwards and 4 people had their skin melt off them without being in any fire, and outside several firemen even later said they knew nukes were used as they were far from any fire and felt great heat on their skin.

I wrote books, to tell the world what is really happening as well as to tell the world what the American Govt did to me. And where it all leads alas.

They are here: I am the anonymous physicist and I need your help.

It appears now that they are about to kill me or arrest me for all the good I have done. I have heart failure now and am on oxygen 24/7.

I am asking you to post this all over the internet. If they do not kill me, I will need financial, legal, and medical assistance. I am asking that someone start a fund for me.

Should they kill me or arrest me, I would like the words the Steve Rochlitz treatment refer to when the American Govt places poison all over a citizens home for telling the truth about anything crucial.

After the Nazi period, a famous phrase was coined. And I paraphrase, When they came for my neighbors, I did not protest, when they came for me, there was no one left to protest.

And here they did not have to take me to a gas chamber, they brought the gas chamber to me.

And now they are about to finish me off.

I am asking each of you to make history and try to stop them from killing me. Please tell the world.

Please help me.

Steve Rochlitz



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