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How your IGA can fight the corporate slag heap enforcing vaccine tyranny

BigW’s “friendly” reminder that greeted a Cairns News reader in Geelong, Victoria. BigW, owned by Woolworths Group, are quite proud to announce that they now discriminate. The city council followed suit, demanding vaccination proof at the local art gallery.

By Tony Mobilifonitis

AUSTRALIA’S top business corporations – especially those in retail – are enforcing Morrison and the premiers’ unlawful, tyrannical attack on the unvaccinated population and vaccine mandates.

These corporate slag heaps, as typified by names like Westfield, who run just about every shopping mall in Australia and all over the globe, and Wesfarmers, who own a conglomerate of brands like Bunnings, Coles and Officeworks, should be avoided like the plague.

Wait a minute you say, they won’t let the “unclean, unvaccinated” in their doors anyway. But they will if it’s an “essential” supermarket like Coles (owned by Wesfarmers) or Woolies (Woolworths Group) or Aldi.

Woolworths owns Big W, and liquor stores including Dan Murphy’s, BWS and Cellarmasters. The trio of grog sellers somehow managed to worm their way into the “essential” category, but not Big W, which is demanding proof of vaccination at the door or it’s goodbye – as discovered to the annoyance of a Cairns News reader from Geelong who was looking for a bicycle tyre tube. So much for their “inclusivity policy”.

Maybe the best way around this is to shop at Woolworths’ major competitor IGA, who also operate as Drakes IGA. Drakes supermarkets in South Australia recently took a public stand that they were open for all, but it apparently decided to tone it all down. Nevertheless, their intentions were good, so why not give them your ‘dollar vote’.

Voting with your dollar against the big corporates and supporting smaller, independent retailers, is probably the most effective way to punish them. This corporate cabal claim to be about “diversity and inclusion” but have no problem practising discrimination based on an unlawful violation of a person’s informed consent right to choose their medical treatment.

There are also many legal issues around disclosure of private medical information. Readers facing demands to vaccinate should go to Concerned Lawyers Network and AdvocateMe Updates (Telegram) or a law firm like AFL Solicitors in Sydney. Form letters are provided to lay the basis for your role in any future class action.

These big corporates also specialize in bankrolling the predictable two-party system. Coalition or Labor, it doesn’t matter, as long as they can lobby to get the best laws and regulations to suit their business models and bottom line. And what’s best for Wesfarmers will inevitably be best for Woolworths Group or Westfield.

Look at the Westfarmers board of directors. They even have a former Kiwi prime minister in their ranks. These upstanding “pillars of the establishment” all have “the right corporate connections”, but are contained in their corporate bubble world of endless board meetings and cocktail parties. They seldom reveal any original thinking and like corporate robots in general, simply run with the politically correct causes of the day to give their corporate slag heap a veneer of respectability.

And like the governments they work with, they are ultimately under the control of the banks, the hedge funds and global investment Goliaths like Black Rock and others that can pull the rug on them at will, should they not “behave” in a manner fitting of a global corporation.

Fresh Food Data People’s reward card could get you locked away by COVID tracing fascists

Woolies “The Freesh Food People” are now “Woolies the Fresh Data People” and are all on board with the COVID fascism being imposed by HSBC and their other big-bank shareholders.

WOOLIES supermarkets have a “surprise” for you if you use their Everyday Rewards card. You could be ordered into self-isolation by a health bureaucrat for two weeks merely because a so-called “COVID case” attended the supermarket around the same time you did.

Too bad if neither you nor the “case” revealed by bogus PCR tests are showing any flu or cold-like symptoms, the fascist health bureaucrats will order you to “self isolate” for 14 days because that’s “the new normal”. Too bad also if you work or operate a business that requires you to be out of your home. Oh, but the new normal nanny state we’re sure has some sort of “COVID support” for you.

Using good old-fashioned cash and not using any so-called loyalty or credit card could spare you the inconvenience and assault against your basic liberties and rights because Woolies’ Everyday Rewards card data is shared with the government. This has been confirmed by a report in the Australian Financial Review.

According to a poster on the 2021 Awakening channel on Telegram, an SMS demand from the government to self-isolate after shopping at Woolies is exactly what his brother experienced. “My Brother who lives in Maroubra received an SMS last night from the Government that he had been identified shopping at Woolworths on Wednesday by using his credit card to pay for groceries and must self isolate with his wife for 14 days – because someone had tested postive shopping there,” he wrote.

“The incident time bubble they are using was not revealed.. could be over 1 day or many more. Hundreds of cars are turning up to the testing stations in panic. I asked him to look up whether there is a legal obligation to get tested and there isn’t, just strong coercive directions. He got his car out of the queue saying there is no legal obligation stated.”

The poster said Woolworths Everyday Rewards “instigated this draconian invasion of rights of privacy and human rights” and noted that Woolworths was owned by Rothschild banking subsidiaries HSBC Bank, Morgan Chase, putting the supermarket under “NWO global bank control”.

Woolies is the largest company in Australia by revenue and the second-largest in New Zealand, the largest takeaway liquor-retailer in Australia and the largest hotel and gaming poker-machine operator in Australia. Woolworths launched its general purpose credit card in 2008 with HSBC named as its credit card partner. The Woolworths Everyday Money MasterCard allows customers to earn shopping cards redeemable at Woolworths group retailers. But now the truth about control by data is being revealed.

The Financial Review reported data from Woolworths’ Everyday Rewards customer loyalty program was used to help trace thousands of shoppers who visited the retailer’s BWS liquor store and neighbouring supermarket in Berala, Sydney, at the same time COVID-positive customers and staff were there in December.

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