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Soros sock puppet orders raid on Colorado election clerk’s office as Dominion watches on

Jena Griswold, part of George Soros’ network of Democrat dupes acting as secretaries of state, is digging a hole for her own demise by trying to obstruct a county election official from doing her job.
Tina Peters (centre) on stage at Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium after learning of the rogue secretary of state’s raid on her office.
Radio Talkshow host Boone Cutler was quickly on to the scandal.

COLORADO’S Soros-funded Democrat secretary of state Jena Griswold staged a raid on the office of a county election clerk’s office on Tuesday while the clerk flew to Mike Lindell’s symposium in South Dakota to expose election fraud to some 46 US state representatives.

Griswold and her election officials have refused to answer questions on the November 2020 election raised by some 1000 citizens of the state. So far they have discovered some 25,000 non-resident votes

Earlier, the computer set-up for the three-day symposium was subject to hack attacks, forcing organisers to twice run back-up systems. The office raid was “well timed” and Griswold’s state officials did not allow it to be observed by the deputy standing in for Tina Peters, the Republican elected as Mesa County’s election clerk.

An employee of Dominion Voting Systems, whose equipment is under investigation in multiple states, reportedly accompanied the state officials conducting the raid. Dominion, Griswold and other bought- and-paid-for Soros secretaries of state have been denying Dominion machinery can connect to the internet, when hard evidence shows they clearly can.

Peters has been investigating reports of election irregularities in the county, and has been continually harrassed by the desperate, power-drunk Griswold, who is product of George Soros’ Secretaries of State Project, as is Katy Hobbs, the Democrat Secretary of State for Arizona, who has been fighting the election fraud investigations there as well.

The raid on Smith’s office happened just before Lindell was to make a major announcement to the symposium, and threw the plans into temporary chaos. Lindell was visibly upset and flustered by the development but ushered Peters, cyber expert Sean Smith and Republican activist Sheronna Bishop on to the stage well behind schedule. It is unclear if all the information that was to be released was released because of the legal implications of the raid.

Mainstream media have jumped on the raid to spin the story that Smith’s office is “under criminal investigation for a voting systems breach that gave passwords to a Qanon figure”. In fact Griswold was the only person authorised to hold the password.

Radio talkshow host Boone Cutler posted on Twitter it was “a massive scandal” and people should do everything to make it heard. “Framing one of your subordinates because they are investigating you is big. Doing it with a major press release hand in hand with the mainstream media hints that it is even bigger. “The SoS (secretary of state) being explicitly Soros funded means it is even bigger than that. This story unravels a ton of connections. Post about it wherever you can,” Cutler said.

In a statement the crooked and nasty little Soros puppet said on Monday she “ordered the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder to comply with inspection of election equipment, video footage, and other documents in the county”.

“The Clerk’s Office must prove that chain of custody remains intact and that there has been no unauthorized access to voting equipment in the county. Failure to do so will result in decertification of the specific voting equipment in Mesa.”

She went on the lie that “Colorado has the best election system in the nation, with built in security redundancies”. As Secretary of State, my number one priority is to ensure all election security protocols are followed and to safeguard Coloradans’ right to vote.”

US Supreme Court fails, so the people take election fraud evidence to US Federal Grand Jury

Judge Paul L. Nally explains the Grand Jury process to a reporter from a local TV station.

By EDITOR, Cairns News

PEOPLE from Georgia and several other states are turning to their last hope of getting election fraud prosecuted – a federal Grand Jury. Late this week 44 people signed a petition to present to a federal Grand Jury calling for an official investigation into election fraud allegations in Georgia and other states. The group showed up on the Justice Department steps in Georgia live on NTD – one of the new channels not partaking in the criminal cover-up of election fraud investigations by the big media club – CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, Washington Post, New York Times etc.

Astonishingly, the US Supreme Court led by Justice John Roberts, has also joined the cover-up by refusing to hear evidence of fraud and simply dismissing a series cases appealed from lower courts on procedural issues – apart from one brought by President Trump against the State of Pennsylvania, which it has agreed to hear two days after the global business kingpin and alleged president-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated.

Retired judge Paul Nally, who assisted the Grand Jury petitioners, said the group of 44 “had seen and were able to understand evidence which gave them a reasonable belief there were serious election violations in this presidential election cycle”. “Now, normally, we the people depend upon the executives of departments to handle criminal prosecutions when crimes are committed. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case in this situation. The Attorney-General, Mr Barr, shortly before leaving office, made the comment in words to the effect that he did not see sufficient amount of evidence to indicate to him that there would be a significant difference in the vote count.”

Judge Nally said this all implied to the petitioners there would be no attempt by the Justice Department to prosecute anyone who may have committed criminal acts [in relation to the election]. “We do not agree with Attorney General Barr’s assessment based upon the evidence we have seen. We are satisfied that there is probably cause to believe that criminal acts did occur and did adversely affect the value of each of our votes and the votes of our neighbours.

“Those votes are our individual pieces of property, so when they are unlawfully taken, it is time to criminally prosecute somebody. Now in our Republic there is a governmental entity, established both in the United States and State of Georgia Constitution, called the Grand Jury. They stand between the government and the people. The neat thing about it is, everybody answers to that body – everybody. So we are asking that … Federal Grand Jury to look at all 50 states to determine if there was in fact evidence of malfeasance, and if so, to determine who the perpetrators were, the crimes they committed, and return presentments or indictments as the Grand Jury sees fit.”

Judge Nally said in the federal circuit grand juries were appointed from a computerized random selection of names that were summonsed and brought in for questioning. They were not required to be legally qualified people. “They come here sometimes with nothing more than commonsense. But that’s the beauty of it,” Nally told NTD. “It’s their commonsense, their understanding of the weight, relevancy and sufficiency of whatever fact or law that was put in front of them.”

Judge Nally said the authority of grand juries went back into common law and Article 5 in the US Constitution and Article 1 in the Georgia Constitution. In effect the idea of the common law Grand Jury had been picked up the by founders of the state and “sat down” in the constitutions.

“Not only is a Grand Jury clothed with extensive power in reaching a discretionary decision on a matter, but they have a great deal of discretion about how they handle the fallout from that evidence that they see. They can issue a presentment, they can issue a special presentment, they can issue an indictment.”

Nally then referred to a Grand Jury case in in Liberty County, Georgia, in 1953, which heard from a citizen’s committee in relation to complaints of criminal acts against a local sheriff. The committee did not want to see the sheriff jailed for life, but instead invoked their power to order the Governor to remove him from office.

Judge Nally said there was a case of intimidation of a Federal Grand Jury in 2013 when a federal attorney lied to a Grand Jury foreman and tried to get the complaint sent to the FBI. He said grand juries did not have discretion to not hear a case, but what they did with what they heard was “entirely their business”.

In addition, when a citizen petitioned a Grand Jury and when they stepped into the Grand Jury room, they were standing there as a government attorney, a state’s prosecutor. “And that’s case law history,” he said. In the case of efforts to establish a Grand Jury being obstructed by judges, district attorneys, or US attorneys, this would simply bring up another criminal issue for a Grand Jury Inquiry. Further information on grand juries can be found at Nally on Georgia Grand Juries on Facebook.

Bannon warns against ‘crazy talk’ and sounds battle call to US Christians

Bannon laid down his battle strategy in a Zoom call with thousands of US and other Christians worldwide. Click on picture to view video

By EDITOR, Cairns News

2016 Trump election strategist Steve Bannon has strongly rejected suggestions that Trump should invoke emergency powers to beat the election theft as “crazy talk”. But speaking on a national Christian prayer network Zoom meeting hosted by Eric Metaxas on December 22nd, Bannon sounded a battle cry and said the fight against the election theft was “a fight that we can’t lose”.

“If we lose this fight to secure and close on this massive landslide victory that President Trump won on November 3rd we’re going to cease to be a republic… and on our shoulders this rests,” said Bannon, recalling the warning of Benjamin Franklin to a woman on the day of the Declaration of Independence that new republic would remain “a republic if we can keep it”.

Bannon told the thousands of Christians on the call that the 2016 that victory was providential. “We were just a ragtag group down 14 points. But Trump stood up to the managed decline of our country by the elites of this country and the elites around the world – what I call the Party of Davos.”

Bannon was scheduled to speak for 15 minutes on the call but spoke for 50 minutes. Metaxas said “every syllable was gloriously important”. He rebroadcast it on his national radio program.

Bannon went on to explain the global economic war being waged by China and its national and corporate allies. “His (Trump’s) fight over the past four years has I really think, been in the face of the Chinese Communist Party and their allies around the world, on Wall St and corporate America and the City of London, in Europe, in the Middle East, in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia – all their junior partners and North Korea – they’re trying to control the Eurasian landmass and really drive us into this unrestricted warfare that they’re currently fighting us on – information war, cyber war, economic war.

“We’re very far down the road in that and one of the reasons that we’re winning and one of the reasons all these forces are aligned against President Trump is that he was turning this country around. He was returning us to our original greatness.”

See video for the remaining 45 minute message and please share.

Military option looms as US election fraud showdown heats up on several fronts

Peter K. Navarro has pulled the key evidence together and briefed a largely unresponsive media.

By EDITOR Cairns News

Posted by Attorney Sidney Powell on her Parler page @TeamSydney.

THE fight to overturn the Democrat-globalist election fraud has opened up on a new front with US patriot leaders calling upon President Trump to exercise his emergency powers under his 2018 Executive Order against foreign interference in elections.

Trump’s Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe says in a report there is already evidence of China being involved, prompting calls for martial law from attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell and General Michael Flynn and others in the military.

The Executive Order states “not later than 45 days after the conclusion of a United States election, the Director of National Intelligence, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate executive departments and agencies (agencies) shall conduct an assessment of any information indicating that a foreign government, or any person acting as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign government, has acted with the intent or purpose of interfering in that election.”

So with Ratcliffe’s investigations and reports doing exactly that, Trump can theoretically take martial law action to such as appointing a special prosecutor to seize election machines and detain anyone suspected of election fraud. But such action would be strategically risky by fueling a media and Democrat frenzy accusing Trump of election stealing. But it would put an end to legal blockages such as the one in Arizona, where the state’s biggest county is defying a state legislature subpoena to hand over Dominion Voting System’s election rigging machines.

Maricopa County, which encompasses Phoenix and about 60 per cent of the state’s voters, has called in lawyers to fight the state’s Senate’s Judiciary Committee, which served the subpoena on November 15. Maricopa County had more than 200,000 “digitally adjudicated” votes, which means they were scanned through Dominion machines that have been demonstrated in public to change votes automatically.

Legislature subpoenas do not have the same force as court subpoenas, under which case the machines could be seized immediately. Arizona’s state legislature wants Congress to accept an alternative slate of 11 electors or nullify the electoral votes until a full forensic audit can be conducted.

Probably still the best option is that now being considered by both Republican senators and congressmen – rejecting the Electoral College votes from the six key states Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconson, Nevada and Arizona, during the counting process in the Senate on January 6th. This would force the Congress to vote to resolve the matter with one vote per state allowed – in which case Trump would win 30 to 20.

Meanwhile senior Trump administration official Dr Peter Navarro has dropped a bombshell report called The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities. It gathers the critical evidence pointing to massive election fraud in six key US states that global big media claims doesn’t exist. In Australia, only SkyNews Australia (not UK) has seriously entertained the very real evidence while the usual suspects ABC, Nine, 10, 7, SBS and major print media rattle off the obligatory “Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud”.

But Dr Navarro, an economist and Director of US Trade and Manufacturing Policy, says the report infers “a coordinated strategy to effectively stack the election deck against the Trump-Pence ticket.” Navarro says observed patterns of election irregularities are so consistent across the six battleground states that they suggest a coordinated strategy to, if not steal the election outright, strategically game the election process in such a way as to “stuff the ballot box” and unfairly tilt the playing field in favor of the Biden-Harris ticket.”

“At the stroke of midnight on Election Day, President Donald J. Trump appeared well on his way to winning a second term. He was already a lock to win both Florida and Ohio; and no Republican has ever won a presidential election without winning Ohio while only two Democrats have won the presidency without winning Florida. At the same time, the Trump-Pence ticket had substantial and seemingly insurmountable leads in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. If these leads held, these four key battleground states would propel President Trump to a decisive 294 to 244 victory in the Electoral College.

Shortly after midnight, however, as a flood of mail-in and absentee ballots began entering the count, the Trump red tide of victory began turning Joe Biden blue. As these mail-in and absentee ballots were tabulated, the President’s large leads in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin simply vanished into thin Biden leads.

At midnight on the evening of November 3, and as illustrated in Table 1, President Trump was ahead by more than 110,000 votes in Wisconsin and more than 290,000 votes in Michigan. In Georgia, his lead was a whopping 356,945; and he led in Pennsylvania by more than half a million votes. By December 7, however, these wide Trump leads would turn into razor thin Biden leads –11,779 votes in Georgia, 20,682 votes in Wisconsin, 81,660 votes in Pennsylvania, and 154,188 votes in Michigan.

Texas case raises hope as Georgia Republican chiefs and Dems, corrupted by China, fight Trump


Steven Bannon (left) with outspoken Georgia lawyer Lin Wood, who is filing lawsuits to fight election fraud in the state. – –  click picture to view video

Arizona, despite a rejection of a voting fraud case, became the 18th state to join the Texas Constitutional challenge to state election practices.

HOPES are mounting that a Supreme Court of the US case launched by the state of Texas is America’s chance to save the nation from the scourge of radical socialists and globalists who have Joe Biden on a string and have very clearly rigged the 2020 federal election.

The potentially bleak future for America was spelled out by Georgia lawyer Lin Wood on Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic program on One America Network during the week, when a Democrat member of the House Intelligence Committee Eric Swalwell was outed as having slept with a Chinese spy.
“I’d like to think the Supreme Court realizes this country is on the brink of disaster,” said Wood. This country’s divided. China’s trying to get us divided. They want a civil war in this country. I’ve never thought of this as an election, I’ve thought of it as a colour revolution. Part of it was to send COVID over here and created civil unrest in our cities. Then they have a disputed election followed by violence in the streets. That’s a colour revolution. That is the playbook being followed here. So the Supreme Court is going to have to act as soon as possible.”

Wood represents the real desperation of Americans and many other freedom loving people worldwide who can see clear evidence of a massive, crooked election rigging operation. But hopes lifted later in the week when Texas sought leave from the Supreme Court of the US to file a complaint against the battleground states of Georgia for violating Constitutional requirements in regard to elections. Eighteen states in total are seeking to file amicus briefs in support of the Texas action against the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisonsin, whose administrations are accused of failing to adhere to Article 2 of the Constitution, which requires state administrations to set election rules – not executives or courts.

Meanwhile Wood, who is seeking redress for vote fraud in Georgia, has blown the whistle on the role of China in the state – a glaring example of the corrupting influence of the Chinese Communist Party that has also been playing out in Australian states like Queensland, NSW and Victoria in particular.

Georgia’s state legislature is controlled by the Republican Party, but the corrupt executive of the state is covering up clear evidence of mass vote fraud. This executive is Governor Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan. Kemp has been in close relationships with Chinese “ambassadors” from the Houston Consulate for at least a decade in his previous role as Georgia’s secretary of state. The consulate was shut down by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in July when the location was identified as a nest of spying and intellectual property theft.

In March Raffensperger outraged Republicans when he did an $11 million deal with Democrat Stacey Abrams, without legislature approval , to send out absentee ballot requests to 6.9 million “active registered” Georgia voters during the primary elections, opening the door to potential ballot fraud. When irregularities were found, Raffensperger vigorously denied anything was wrong, and went ahead with recounts without audits.

Kemp, Raffensperger and Duncan are a world apart from MAGA Trumpers. They are professional politicians and bureaucrats living in another world, and now openly defying Trump’s call for the state’s mostly loyalist legislators to support the Texas action. But for Brian Kemp, China was Mr Money Bags, buying Georgia exports and boosting economic development. This is the same story we’ve heard in every Australian state. “China is a top source for imports and our third largest export market,” Kemp said on a state Department of Economic Development video. “We welcome thousands of Chinese visitors every year to the state and we are constantly helping to develop new opportunities for Chinese companies.” It’s a script rolled out everywhere that China seeks influence and ultimately, control.

“Kemp is a globalist who has a closer relationship with China than with the people of Georgia,” Wood told Bannon. Meanwhile Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell of California, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, has been called out for sleeping with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang or Christine Fang seven years ago.

News site Axios reported that Fang, a Chinese national, entered the US as a college student at a San Francisco university in 2011 and “targeted up-and-coming local politicians in the Bay Area and across the country who had the potential to make it big on the national stage”. Fang also engaged in sexual or romantic relationships with at least two mayors of Midwestern cities over a period of about three years.
Tucker Carlson of Fox News ripped into the congressman: “The truth is that the real threat we face as a country is from the Communist Government of China, which… has long been in bed with our Democratic elites, in some cases literally in bed.. and yes, we’re looking at you Eric Swalwell you lying creep.”

Trump wins but must fight to expose massive Democrat vote fraud

MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff (left) demands voting fraud evidence from former Director of National Iintelligence Richard Grenell who suggested Soboroff go look for himself.


Top investigative reporter John Solomon who will run forensic examinations of polling booths in key US states.




FORMER Trump strategist Steve Bannon says Donald J. Trump has actually won the election and the only thing between now and his inauguration is the fight in the courts to expose and prosecute the overt fraud that the Biden crime family and their media and globalist allies hope will get them over the line.

“They will not allow us within 30-100 feet to supervise the ballots being counted,” a registered Democrat poll observer and whistleblower working in a counting location in Philadelphia told investigative reporter Milly Weaver. “This is a coup against the United States of America…This has nothing to do with Joe Biden or Donald Trump this has to do with our Democracy.”

Even after a judge overturned the polling count rule keeping observers 20 feet away from ballot counters, officials still barred the observers. Later they made them stand six feet from the ballot reader – again, almost impossible to properly monitor.

Pennsylvania state officials also changed polling rules an hour before the election on November 3 to allow “certain voters to cure their defects” i.e. fix defective ballots and resubmit them.

The massive numbers of late mail-in ballots, such as the reported 120-135,000 all-Biden votes received early in the morning at a Wisconsin counting centre, were clearly aimed at stealing the strong leads gained by Trump candidates on voting day.

In Nevada, another “close state”, the former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell reported finding 10,000 fake ballots. But mainstream media outlets including Australia showed their clear bias by uniformly described this and other allegations of fraud “unfounded”. How would they know before a proper investigation?

But not all mainstream media is part of the Democrat election theft, and renowned investigative reporter John Solomon (The Hill, Just the News) announced he had a team of 10 reporters going in to the counting rooms of Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to do “full forensic examinations … precinct by precinct”.

Solomon, speaking on Bannon’s online show, said he had heard of vote counts in precincts being higher than registered numbers of voters or 80-100% voter turnouts which is possible “but almost unheard of” in US political history.

To date, in the third day after poll night, all the talk was of Biden winning because of his apparent unassailable lead of 264 Electoral College votes requiring only one state to give him the required 270 to win. Trump meanwhile, was saddled with “only 214” Electoral College votes because at least three states that he said he clearly won were labelled by the media as “uncertain”.

The highly respected Rich Baris, of Big Data Polling, told Bannon’s online show that in Pennsylvania, “voting deadlines and accountability were removed” because of COVID. Bannon noted that state’s Attorney General Shapiro said Biden would overtake Trump even before the 750,000 votes “that came out of nowhere” were still uncounted.

President Trump’s personal attorney and former New York prosecutor Rudi Giuliani said corruption among state officials Pennsylvania was well known and had been going on for generations, and their primary tool to maintain power was vote fraud.

Electoral fraud exposed plus Huge voter turnout for Trump smashes records

This video exposes electoral fraud has started in the US.

Early voters in Texas have reported casting their straight Republican ticket then seeing the voting machine change their ballot over to the Democrats when it comes to the President and Vice President pick appears

“Voters are being warned to check your ballots, take a video of the screen  and double check it before you hit submit”

This video also informs “Trump comes up Trumps” again outstripping Clinton controlled media polls raising false flags to the actual preferred candidate with the people.


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