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What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Christmas is a time for family,  a time for relaxing, a time to have fun with santa, presents, decorations, green trees, reindeer songs etc. Or so our increasingly pagan, materialistic culture would have us believe. 

What is the real cause for celebration?  The Apostle John said it all. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whomsoever believeth in Him might be Saved” Jn 3 -16. He who believeth Not has already dammed themselves. 

Be happy at Christmas, dont be afraid as you face the hideous evil being planned for us by Satan, we have already won.

Christmas can never be separated from Easter. The unpleasantness of Easter makes all of us aware of our guilt, no sleigh bells, no santas no drunken parties.

Christ Jesus, the Second member of the Trinity, our Creator God, became one of us in a little village of Bethlehem almost 2000 years ago.  He put His life forward as a Atoning Sacrifice, so that  fallen humanity could have the guilt of its sins taken away in the final Judgement. A rescue mission for the doomed.

 Unbelievable Love.

Why would God be born in human form and be rejected abused and tortured to death? If God suffered and died to appease His own Righteous and just requirements, His Sacrifice isn’t relevant to Us as fallen humanity.  It is God dying for God. 

If Jesus was just a good and perfect man, his Easter Sacrifice would not be sufficient to redeem more than himself. So the baby Jesus was not only true God, but also true Man, born of a woman, NOT the queen of Heaven. Just a decent, believing young woman. One of us. Mary, a descendant of King David as foretold by the Prophets for a thousand years. 

How can God become a man? Atheists often scoff. Remember, God created man in His own Image. Not as the evolutionary cult would have us believe,  just another animal. Descended from a monkey. 

No person, who is made to suffer in this fallen world ruled by Satan and his sick followers, can ever charge God with sitting in Heaven, watching suffering mankind with disinterest and detachment. 

The old Beatles song, “The fool on the hill”, was completely and blasphemously wrong. It is Buddhist despair. The baby born in Bethlehem is Gods answer.

No matter what we suffer or face in this fallen place, He has also suffered. Rejection, abuse, ridicule, torture abandonment and death. He has gone ahead of us and overcame it all for us, right to the Resurrection of His dead body to everlasting Glory.

Remember this year as we celebrate Christmas,  His love for us all. He is our Brother and we are His people. He will never abandon us in suffering and death.

Be happy, dont be afraid as you face the hideous evil being planned for us by Satan, we have already won.

from the part time Philosopher.

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