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Just talking to Bob Katter he says the Libs are going to  get tough on guns and they will allow China to buy as much of our property as they wish. The Libs have agreed to let in 300,000 Asian 457 visa workers to take our jobs. In hindsight Vietnam was a waste of good men.

KAP is only preferencing Labor in four seats. Think about it. If KAP doesn’t control the senate there is no point in Katter running 100 candidates across the country. Our few preferences wont help Rudd at all-he is terminal even among the miners. ALP preferences most likely will help to get Blundell into the senate.

If we lose Bob and control of the senate then kiss agriculture goodbye.

Miners and Asian 457 visa workers will overrun the country and there will be even fewer jobs for our kids. This will be our last chance of turning around the unprecedented mess left to us by a two party system of government.-editor

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