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Humpty Dumpty will have a great fall If the High Court files this application to stop bankruptcy

When will the first shots be fired by the oppressed citizenry ?

Signed complete forms 23; 18 and Exhibit DJW 1 to DJW – 11.compressed.pdf

A former police prosecutor has attempted to file an application in the High Court of Australia against his bankruptcy proceeding initiated by Mackay City Council. If filed it will bring down the entire bogus system of corporate government operating in Australia.

So far the Registrar, Deborah Carslund, has refused to file it, knowing the consequences would collapse the unlawful corporate system.


David Walter, of Herberton, (pictured)who is a passionate Constitutional analyst, gave his evidence by phone to a Federal Court Circuit hearing in Brisbane on February 14.

The presiding Judge, Angelo Vasta, said in spite of the pleadings by Mr Walter detailing the unlawful system of government, he was bound by the Bankruptcy Act 1966, that coincidentally was the year of the introduction of decimal currency, that Mr Walter contends has no value anywhere in the world.

Judge Vasta upheld the order of the lower court to bankrupt Mr Walter, in spite of his admiration for the judge’s concordance with his argument.

He told Judge Vasta by telephone hook-up that in light of careful manipulations and entrapment by counsel Mr Houghton, instructed by King and Co for the Mackay City Council to entice him into the court, he could not enter a courtroom in Queensland or he faced two year’s incarceration as a result.

Judge Vasta did not know about the defendant’s dilemma, brought about by the former tenacious prosecutor’s appearances in Queensland courtrooms over a decade helping land owners who had been crushed by former Premier Beattie’s unlawful Vegetation Management Act and other corporate policies.

The Bar Association with its normal vindictive attitude towards any person who steps outside of the precious but unlawful legal boundaries jealously protected by the State’s legal system, was able to get an order from one of its compliant Justices to have David Walter banned from court rooms or face two years jail.

Such is the threat posed by David Walter to the cosy relationship between the political party government of the day, all levels of the judiciary, the banks, the Bar Association and the Law Society.

Mr Walter has asked readers to send this article to every email address they have in their address book.


Toowoomba CSG mining activist burgled, intimidated, no action from Qld Police

Senate inquiry into Beattie, Bligh and Newman Governments to follow the CSG money trail

01 October 2014: KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter today used Question Time to warn Parliament of criminal activity requiring investigation following the announcement of a Senate Inquiry into the Queensland Government, CSG mining and Galilee Basin coal mining approvals.

Mr Katter asked both a Question Without Notice, supplemented by a more detailed Question With Notice, to the Minister representing the Attorney-General, in relation to burglaries at the home of Heather Brown-Pascoe – a former newspaper columnist with The Australian and leading campaigner for the protection of prime farm land.

“Computers, laptops and filing cabinets of both Ms Heather Brown-Pascoe and her husband, containing material relating to government business and political figures, were potentially accessed and that property has been stolen and information purloined,” said Mr Katter.

“Are Ministers aware of any communications on the Heather Pascoe-Brown case and of any correspondence between Queensland Police and either State or Federal ministers on this matter.”

The Foreign Minister, representing the Attorney-General, told the House of Representatives that she would personally investigate this issue together with the Minister for Justice and Attorney-General.

Mr Katter’s more detailed Question with Notice, to the Attorney-General and Federal Minister for Justice, was also today listed on the House of Representatives Notice Paper.

Mr Katter said he hoped that the unanswered questions as well as the decision-making processes regarding the Galilee Basin would be addressed in the Senate Inquiry into the Queensland Government – enabling the Senate to examine all workings of the Queensland Government.

“It is our contention that the Queensland Government has stalled decisions on who is awarded the tender to construct the railway line into the Galilee Basin, because of ‘hands in back pockets’ and political ‘argy bargy’. It is now our intention to put this in front of the Senate Inquiry.

“The Galilee Basin rail project is the greatest gift to anyone; whoever has the railway line has control of half of the coal coming out of the Queensland. This is the greatest gift ever rewarded by any Government in history; and circumstances under which the decision has been made need to come under the closest of scrutiny.

“Coal is our greatest asset outside of water; the Galilee Basin holds half of the nation’s entire coal reserves, which up to date have not been tapped. This is at the heart of the Inquiry,” Mr Katter said.

## ENDS ##

Question Without Notice To the Attorney-General:

Is the Minister aware that since September 2013, the home of stud breeder Heather Brown-Pascoe national campaigner for the protection of prime farm land has been broken into 3 times?

A past lead columnist for The Australian and from 4 generations of farming Heather had her computers, and files rifled and information on government and political figures purloined.

Since no one is aware of any police action to investigate the case

Can the Minister advise if there’s been any, and if so what was the communication between Police and State or Federal Ministers?

Question With Notice – as appears on the Notice Paper, Page 48, 1 October 2014

Mr Katter: To ask the Ministers listed below (question Nos. *# to *#)—

(1) Is the Minister aware: (a) that between September 2013 and May 2014, the Toowoomba home of Ms Heather Brown-Pascoe, a nationally renowned campaigner to save prime farm land, has been burgled on three occasions; (b) that Ms Brown-Pascoe was the leading columnist in The Australian, is from a four generation farming family and currently runs Queensland’s major horse stud; (c) that during these break-ins, computers, laptops and filing cabinets of both Ms Brown-Pascoe and her husband, containing material relating to government business and political figures, were potentially accessed and that property has been stolen and information purloined; (d) of the fact that an insurance company has paid out for the losses from this break in provide proof that the break in and thefts occurred; (e) that Ms Brown-Pascoe and her husband were advised by their security team that the threat to their safety was real and escalating and arson was possible and under such advice they vacated their home; and (f) that despite considerable evidence, Ms Brown-Pascoe and her husband have hardly heard from the police and in fact no one is aware of any evidence that the police are even carrying out an investigation.

(2) Has the Minister had any contact with Queensland Police or relevant state Ministers regarding this matter.

(3) Is the Minister aware of any communications on this issue between Queensland Police and either State or Federal Ministers; if so, what was the nature of such contact and any discussions which may have occurred.

*# Mr Katter: To ask the Minister representing the Attorney-General.

*# Mr Katter: To ask the Minister for Justice.

For information on Bob Katter’s role in the 43rd Parliament click here: