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CDC successfully sued – unable to provide a specimen of ‘Covid-19’, a certificate of vaccination identity

by Lindsey Symonds

It bears repeating. There is no Covid-19. Covid stands for certificate of vaccination identity – which is the entire point of this exercise.

No SARS Cov-2 was ever isolated from any human tissue and shown to be infectious and transmissible. The CDC could never supply a sample of ‘covid-19’ to any research lab for independent testing and research – and were successfully sued by many universities for failure to do so. The symptoms of concern , the red flag symptoms which have been drummed into us for the last two years – ‘stay home and get a ‘covid’ test if you have : sniffles, cough, runny nose’ – are the symptoms of the cold and flu. Now the CDC admits on their own website the RT PCR test could never distinguish between the common cold and influenza.

That’s because it IS THE COMMON COLD AND INFLUENZA. If if walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, tastes good with plum sauce : it is a duck. And this duck has a 99.8% survival rate.

For this we now have a mandatory injection with a spike protein biotech that will destroy your immune system over 3 or 4 injections and give you acquired immuno deficiency – apart from an adverse reaction to the serum itself – and these can be life threatening and fatal.

Gunner running dirty, illegal military operation against NT indigenous peoples

Gunner went off his head when a reporter questioned the mandate push. “People are actually supporting the idea of a teacher being unvaccinated in a remote community classroom, with kids who cannot be vaccinated. I reject that utterly … Stuff it, shove it,” the lisping NT Covid dictator pouted. Below: Plastic covered goons visit an Aboriginal household whose members don’t seem too impressed. The ABC’s PR pic carefully avoids any suggestion of intimidation and physical force being used against these people.

NORTHERN Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner – stop your filthy pharma-funded war on the indigenous people of the territory you are supposed to be serving!

Once upon a time in the colonial yesteryear it was blackfella poisonings and forced family separations. But this time the poisoning it at the end of a needle, forcibly pumping a dangerous, half-proven mRNA concoction into their bodies in the name of “indigenous health care”. Forced family separations are, of course, “to save them from Covid”.

The indigenous people know it’s genocide and so does the rest of awakened Australia. Gunner and his health bureaucrat friends have sealed their fate. Karma will not be kind to them. Roll up your sleeve Gunner and get your booster shot – a real one that is, not the fake shots preferred by coward politicians.

As reported already by Cairns News, children from 11 upwards are being held against their will and force vaccinated by these teams of health workers supported by police and army personnel approved by the Morrison government. “We’re in a state of emergency. This is a crisis situation here in the Territory – an act of war against our people,” a community woman posted in a video on social media.

She said food supplies were also being withheld from families and Territory child welfare services were “waiting like vultures” to grab the children because of this situation. “So the government has got all these angles stitched up, but the bottom line is that they are vaccinating our people against their will.” She added there were reports of police at Port Keats rounding up people, taking them to the clinic and forcibly vaccinating them.

She said the government had also taken control of communications from these remote communities and it was difficult to confirm information. “There’s a state of emergency here. I’m putting out a cry for help to he world,” she said.

Cutting off food supplies and interference in communications suggests a well-planned military operation designed to intimidate the communities. Cairns News suspects these forced vaccinations are being driven by generous per capita “grants” sponsored from the swill of corrupt Covid dollars floating around government circles.

Gunner and his Labor Party mate Mark McGowan from WA, are drunk on the Covid quarantine powers given to them by Morrison, quarantine powers that constitutionally, are the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth. And Gunner, in the fascist dictator style of Dan Andrews, has targeted these small, impoverished indigenous communities to show us what a “strongman” he is.

Gunner can also terrorize the rest of the population into compliance by picking on the basically defenceless indigenous communities. The message might well be: “If it’s good enough for the indigenous to get vaccinated or go to the prison farm (otherwise known as the Centres for National Resilience at Howard Springs), then it’s good enough for the rest of you.”

Expat Aussie blogger Adam Piggot was on to these “quarantine centres” back in August and has decided to stay offshore to avoid being sent to one on his return home. “The Centre for National Resilience. It sure doesn’t get much more Orwellian than that. This is a name of which Kim Fats in North Korea would be proud. And this prison, for that is what it will be, is for ‘mandatory quarantine accommodation’.”

Meanwhile the poor, isolated indigenous communities of the NT would benefit twice from prescribed ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine – firstly for their regular uses against parasites and malaria and secondly for whatever viruses are moving around under the “Covid” banner. But not for the ignoramus Gunner and the health department mafia currently running the genocide.

Again, the shamefully dishonest and discredited PCR tests (called “gold standard” by the lying TGA chief Skerrit) are being used to ramp up the panic and fear along with the compliant “reporting” by the ABC and legacy media who deceitfully ignored the reports of illegal coercion and forced shots. Instead they focused on Gunner and company rounding up those associated with a so-called case and shipping them off to the quarantine prison farm.

As reported by the ABC, “NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker said the four people who escaped hard lockdown in Binjari were found in a public housing block along the highway with seven others this morning. As a result,11 people have now been listed as close contacts and were on their way to the Centre for National Resilience”.

And how exactly were they “on their way to the Centre for National Resilience” at Howard Springs? They were being forcibly taken there. And of course, because they came from the so-called “exposure spots” Binjari and then Katherine, everyone and every place they went near has allegedly been contaminated. It’s the old Covid panic story rolled out again, this time tailored for the NT.

The unluckly 11 had, in Chalker’s words, “wandered to the caravan park” where they caught a taxi “so we’ll have to work… to identify what exposure sites may have been at the caravan park”. And of course the taxi driver was also considered a “close contact”. Oh shock, oh horror. Shut down the entire Territory then. Three of the positive cases are children from the same family. Yeah, grab them too Mr Gunner. What’s that? You already did? Wow what a strongman leader you are Mr G!

So the total number of indigenous people reportedly shipped off to the quarantine prison farm are a child and her mother, two children and their father from Katherine East, the five from Binjari and two from Robinson River – 12 in total.

And the BS and fear-mongering continued unabated across the ABC and TV news channels as they faithfully repeated the NT government’s corona virus website updates while ignoring the Nuremberg 2.0 crimes being perpetrated against the indigenous communities.

Comment from Alison Timber, a Darwin Aboriginal elder:

Gunner has always been dirty. He thinks as he said he’s a born and bred Territorian, if he was he’d have more respect and gratitude compassion towards us indigenous people.
They The Government want to take away our dignity health Land kids. They have painted a big picture of
Aboriginal communities as if we are the bad people lowest of the low. We have to face coercion stereotypes racism everyday of our Lives. This time Gunner you have gone to far you and your buddies are all gunner have to get out of the territory. Don’t bother coming back.

Editor: says it all really.

Alberta stops COVID lockstep lunacy but corporates push vaccine fascism

The warnings made by the outspoken pastor Artur Pawlowski early in 2021 proved very relevant for Australia.

THE province of Alberta, Canada, is apparently done with COVID-19 lockdown, testing and forced isolation lunacy. Is this the result of mere politics, i.e. the Canadian election due on September 20 and likely to be rigged by the slimy socialist Justin Trudeau in cahoots with the Canadian-based Dominion Voting Systems?

In the case of the province’s so-called conservative premier Jason Kenney, the “open up Alberta” move has a lot to do with politics and big business. Up until now, Kenney, like state and provincial leaders everywhere across the western world, simply ran with the crooked COVID narrative without question as public health officials suddenly became defacto dictators.

Like Victoria and NSW, Alberta gained international infamy as police state tactics saw pastors arrested and jailed and churches locked down and fenced off – all apparently to stop the spread of the big bad virus.

Despite the backdown, Alberta is also still in the grip of corporate COVID fascism with the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC) deciding that from September 15, they will require full vaccination for anyone attend events at their venues, in addition to facility staff.

Premier Kenney went on the record as being against this, and saying it possibly contravened several provincial acts. But if he really was he’d be launching legal action to stop it. Rebel News reported people on the street calling it “horse shit” and related terms.

As of early to mid-August in the province, the fear-inducing system that uses fraudulent PCR testing to ramp up “positive cases” for the contact tracers and media to scream about, has been largely abandoned along with the requirement to isolate if you test positive. Voluntary isolation is still recommended.

The Globe and Mail News also reported the province had dispensed with dispense with wide-scale testing measures. “By the end of August, testing will be done only in doctors’ offices and hospitals. Almost all masking orders will be lifted,” the news group reported.

Media elsewhere, or course, are totally ignoring this newsworthy development as mass-scale totalitarian COVID fraud is ramped up in Australia and the mostly Democrat-controlled US states.

Is boofhead NSW Minister Elliott really going to arrest these patriotic Australians? We’ll see about that mate!

These Australians peacefully exercising their right to protest in Sydney last Saturday, before being insulted then targeted for arrest by the vile and vindictive NSW Police Minister David Elliot.
Just part of the protest march through Sydney last Saturday, claimed by David Elliot and his media friends to number only 3500! And the same unbalanced, power-drunk Elliot wants a squad of detectives to identify and charge them all.
This NSW minister is off his block and must resign.


THE rancid authoritarian regime now running New South Wales is going after the mums and dads, grandmas and grandpas, children, teens, and adults who exercised their lawful right to protest in Sydney on July 24.

The anti-citizen NSW terrorist operation was announced by the distasteful NSW Police Minister David Elliot, after he insulted the thousands of protesters his police are commissioned to “protect and serve” by calling them “boofheads”.

But it’s Elliot who deserves the “boofhead” label. He demonstrated deep-seated ignorance not only over his ministerial obligations as an elected public servant, but in crossing the line to inflicting truly Stalinist-style tyranny on the free people of Australia. This minister is no longer one. He is a tyrant abusing the powers of office to an extent unheard of before in Australia’s history.

Elliot wants the July 24th protesters identified and reported to Crimestoppers in an operation involving 22 detectives. It’s a mirror of the Democrat-inspired FBI terrorist operation in the US to track and arrest innocent participants in the so-called insurrection at the Capitol Building on January 6 this year.

We should not be surprised at this latest act of tyranny by Berijerklian and her cabal of power-corrupted cronies. They, like her fellow terrorist premiers Andrews of Victoria, Marshall of South Australia, the law destroying thug McGowan of Western Australia and Queensland’s DNA-trading-for-the-CCP Palasczcuk family, all appear under the control of the uber-rich globalist pedophile puppet masters who have declared war on freedom and humanity in general.

It’s a shocking crisis of government in Australia. When broadcaster Alan Jones stated recently that Berejiklian had lost the right to govern, he was being polite. This COVID madness is a crisis of government in this nation that must be addressed by the people.

Elliot says the NSW police “strike force” will work to identify and charge the 3500 people (there were at least 10,000) he claimed were involved in Saturday’s “illegal anti-lockdown rally in Sydney’s CBD”. The boofhead minister also ordered them “go and get tested” because in his estimation there would be “at least one person in that crowd with COVID”.

In fact there could have been thousands of people in that crowd “with COVID” or some form of corona virus in their system because real medical experts – epidemiologists in particular – will tell you that half to 80% of the population has natural immunity. But such knowledge is typically ignored by corrupt tyrants hellbent on control of entire populations.

And as if anyone among the protesters would go line up for hours to have some plastic-covered goon stick an elongated, poison-contaminated ear bud up their nasal passage and then have the goo put through a fraudulent test condemned by courts in Europe so that they might be sent into forced quarantine. It would be hilarious if not so deadly serious.

As noted by one of the speakers at the Brisbane World Freedom Day rally, the only test required for dealing with the so-called pandemic should be an IQ test. But that might be going too far, as it could result in a massive leadership vacuum across at least four Australian states and the federal Parliament.

Minister Boofhead should apologise to the thousands of Sydneysiders he has not only insulted, but now threatened with investigation for exercising their lawful right to political protest. This is pure Stalinist-style terrorism and the people of Sydney must go out again in defiance of the ludicrous city lockdown on the basis of a couple of hundred so-called COVID cases.

The fear peddling dimwits of mainstream media and politics are also condemning the Sydney protest as a likely “super spreader event”. Did they ever wonder what “the virus” was doing when masks were off a few weeks back – for instance at the footy? Did the virus take a holiday? No, it and other viruses were spreading – that’s what they do, and the majority of reasonably healthy people with a functioning immune system simply fight them off. Zinc and vitamin D3, a supplement highly recommended by online British GP Dr John Campbell and many others, are good preventive medicine.

Others like the immune compromised or elderly with existing illnesses may need extra care. Repurposed drugs like ivermectin, budesonide (a steroidal inhalant) or hydroxychloroquine can help infected people drastically reduce their viral load, as proven in trials and clinics. But the Berejiklian cabal and their so-called health advisers don’t talk about this – they merely push the dangerous and ineffective vaccines that large numbers of Australians don’t want. It’s criminal negligence cloaked in the respectability of “public health” and people are sick of it (pun unintended).

Ivermectin, India, Craig Kelly’s evidence bomb and covidiots

Craig Kelly MP, one of the few public political figures in Australia with the courage and intelligence to push the fact that COVID-19 is easily and effectively treated with common medicines like Ivermectin.

AS Indian states deploy the cheap and effective anti-viral drug Ivermectin and wipe out COVID-19 infections and deaths, public health officers and premiers in Australia are persisting with their bogus and diabolical fear-mongering game of case counts and lockdowns.

These bureaucrats and politicians who love the dramatic COVID coverage should wake up and realize the people of Australia are not only sick of it but disgusted by their lying, duplicitous and dictatorial behaviour. The same goes for the big media channels who are part of this charade.

An example of their duplicity is that the same actors refuse to even mention Ivermectin or other inexpensive treatments for their dreaded virus. Oh no, they have billions of dollars invested in vaccines and only vaccines can save us – or so the story goes. But there’s also the big problem that most Australians don’t want these “jabs” because they offer “occasional prizes” like blood clots and even death. But that was AstraZeneca and they’ve revised the advice for that one now.

So you might like to try Pfizer-Biontech mRNA vaccine as an alternative? Sorry to inform you but there’s another big problem with that one, the horrific threat of accumulation in the ovaries and bone marrow of previously untested “novel lipid reagents” contained in those vaccines. And that’s from the inventor of that technology, Dr Robert Malone, in a series of videos. Go to the 3:06 mark on the video link with Dr Malone, Bret Weinstein and Steve Kirsch. A long version is also available on TrialSiteNews.

Meanwhile in India at least four states are employing mass dosing of Ivermectin as a prophylaxis (preventative) treatment. Indian data analyst Juan Chamie noted that in the state of Uttarakhand, cases had dropped from 9642 in May to less than 200 now. Fatalaties had fallen from 223 a day to only three now. Indonesia has also jumped on the Ivermectin bandwagon for mass treatment, while Singapore has dropped all public announcements about “cases” except those that end up in hospitals.

Also fighting for the cause of Ivermectin is the Indian Bar Association, which launched a lawsuit against WHO chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan, accusing her in a 71-point brief of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin.  The same charge should be brought against Australian health authorities for banning hydroxychloroquine.

Contrast this to the pathetic behaviour in Parliament House last February of senior Labor Party politician Tanya Plibersek, who tried to big-note herself in front of her media fans by publicly “outing” Craig Kelly for advocating Ivermectin to treat the Wuhan Lab virus.

Plibersek told Kelly she wanted Scott Morrison to intervene to “stop you spreading crazy conspiracy theories” about Ivermectin. Kelly quickly countered and told the clueless Plibersek in earshot of her media entourage, that she should take heed of the views of Professor Robert Clancy, an emeritus professor in the School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy at Newcastle University, who also advocated Ivermectin and backed Kelly’s stand.

Plibersek didn’t know how to respond, going all awkward and forcing a look of incredulity as if Kelly was telling her about the tooth fairy. She then turned to “serious” mode, saying “My mum lives in your electorate and I don’t want her exposed to people who are not going to be vaccinated because of these crazy conspiracy theories that you’re spreading.”

This MP, who has held five ministerial positions, actually believed that Craig Kelly was spreading a conspiracy theory by sharing data and medical support for a medicine that effectively treated COVID-19. Plibersek, like so many naive people who develop their worldview from TV news, had swallowed the repeated narrative that “only a vaccine can save us”. She was a real-life victim of brainwashing and psychological warfare.

But Kelly “had his day” in a recent Parliamentary sitting. The independent Member for Hughes took to the floor to give a science lesson to group-think party politicians and the Press Gallery drones who attacked him for promoting Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19.

Kelly cited the multiple peer reviewed trials and studies showing the dramatic effects of the common Ivermectin on COVID-19 infections – information that has been around since the second half of 2020 when doctors and researchers in a group called Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.

Kelly’s stand for truth has cost him all the political security, perks and promotions of his previous Parliamentary Liberal Party membership. But Kelly has gained instead the respect of millions of Australians who can see through this diabolical COVID “health emergency” charade, that is being driven by malignant forces pulling strings within the health bureaucracy, the premiers and prime ministerial departments and from without by the global health mafia. This rot has to end, or Australia is in truly dire straits.

Family dragged away to quarantine by South Australia’s COVID gestapo

SA Premier Stephen Marshall, yet another tool in the global “health” network’s campaign to “induce” and extort governments to install totaltarian systems of control over populations.

SOUTH Australia’s Liberal-Labor COVID regime used a bogus PCR “positive test” to justify shutting down a school and sending cops and plastic covered goons to drag at least one healthy family out of their home and force them into so-called “self-quarantine” last November, according to a text received by Australia One party leader Ricardo Bossi.

The so-called case involving a high school girl was part of a panic operation involving SA Health who demanded that anyone who attended Woodville High School on November 23 “isolate immediately with all members of their household until further notice”. This followed the identification of a so-called “COVID cluster” in the suburb of Parafield i.e. a collection of some 29 so-called “positive tests”. At least one court case in Europe and well-informed scientific opinion has dismissed PCR testing as a viable indicator of viral infection.

The text sent to Bossi confirmed that the creepy Premier Stephen Marshall and his Liberals have been deliberately testing the tolerance of South Australians to Canada and UK-style COVID fascism. The SA Liberals and their Labor accomplices are also rolling-out a communist-style network of snitches (“marshalls”) across the state to enforce social distancing and meeting restrictions in local neighbourhoods.

It appears the plan, with the full approval of the South Australian Legal Services Commission, is to “normalize” imprisonment of South Australians without due process of the law and the operation is being tested initially in the poorer, working class western Adelaide suburbs like Parafield Gardens where push-back from lawyers is unlikely.

Ricardo Bossi said upper crust suburbs like Unley were being avoided but called on all South Australians to speak up and call it out. Parafield Gardens has been repreatedly targeted since last year as the site of a series of so-called COVID “outbreaks” based on phoney RT-PCR “positive test” results.

Meanwhile this post appeared on the Agents of Truth Telegram channel introducing the Bossi’s video alert on the family quarantine outrage.: “Happening in Australia right now. They’re moving healthy people from their homes into quarantine areas, simply for being in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid. They’re not only moving the individual but everyone else in the house. Dark times for humanity.”

“Here’s the SMS we received, and it’s about COVID lockdowns, quote: “Here’s one you won’t hear on the news. They are now removing healthy people from their homes in the western suburbs of Adelaide,” said Bossi. “Last night my friend’s brother was taken away, his three grandkids with them, and the grand-daughter (who) is friends with the girl from Woodville High School who tested positive,” the text read.

Bossi clarified: “So a girl from Woodville High School tested positive and her friend and all of her family were taken away.” The text went on: “Two cops were there last night along with some SA Health dickheads in masks and disposable PPE gowns – a whole family of five forced into the back of a 30-seater bus and taken to a hotel in the city to be quarantined.

“They are not positive cases. Kiss your livelihoods and your freedoms goodbye for a couple of weeks or however long you are associated with a confirmed case of COVID. This is insanity people, wake up.” Bossi said a covering note to that SMS said family members were being picked up from Parafield Gardens and “they were screaming and crying”.

“Now they didn’t pick them up from Unley, they picked them up from Parafield Gardens,” said Bossi. “As you know Unley is, let’s say, the better-heeled end of town. What they do is start at the lower end of town and work their way up to see how much push-back there is.
“Ladies and gentlemen, once again, if you sit back and say nothing all is lost. They can no longer sit back and watch this happen. They must respond.”

Just to indicate the depths of the power-grab by the “SA Health” corporation and other such entities Australia-wide, the following is SA Health’s ridiculous “self quarantine advice”: “If you have been directed to self-quarantine or if you have had a COVID-19 test you must go directly home and not stop anywhere on the way. You must stay at a suitable place and not leave unless to seek urgent medical care or to have a COVID-19 test. If you must leave for these reasons, wear a surgical mask. You must not go to public places such as work, school, childcare, university, shopping centres, parks, social or religious gatherings. You must not go shopping or to restaurants – shop online or have family or friends deliver what you need to your door. You must not have visitors at your home.”

These so-called public health experts should know, but don’t want the bulk of the population to know, that people get infected with all manner of corona viruses including the infectious Wuhan lab flu variety. Most people who catch a corona virus fight it off and become immune naturally but those who are vulnerable, especially the elderly with other health issues, may fall ill and even die from regular seasonal flu viruses.

As reported previously by Cairns News, these government health corporations in Australian states have also criminally banned and ignored treatments such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and budesonide that can cure corona virus infections, especially early in the infection stage.

Queensland’s turn for another lock down driven by PCR testing lies

While Queensland Health lies about the effectiveness of PCR testing, it also bans the readily available COVID treatment hydroxychloroquine and ignores the even more effective Ivermectin triple therapy treatment made available for prescription by Professor Thomas Borody of Sydney and promoted by US doctors like Pierre Kory MD (above) pictured testifying to the US Senate.

QUEENSLAND’S “health” dictators have again shut down the state on the basis of dodgy PCR (or RT-PCR) testing that they lie about on their official website. Thousands of Brisbane businesses, schools and other facilities are being shut down for three days before Easter along with schools and other facilities based on four new alleged “COVID-cases” around the city, bringing the “case” total to seven.

In reference to the accuracy of PCR testing, Queensland Health states: “It’s very uncommon for these tests to return an incorrect result, but it’s important to remember that issues can occur in all types of testing.” Research by the highly-respected

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in the UK largely contradicts this claim.


But to that claim, Queensland Health adds a little qualifer: “To account for this, if there are doubts about the accuracy of a particular test result, your doctor may ask you to be re-tested.” The “go back to your doctor” escape clause is also used by PCR testing companies.

One of Queensland’s five COVID-19 testing companies refused to comment on the accuracy of its PCR testing process. When contacted and asked about the accuracy of tests, the Brisbane office of Sullivan Nicolaides told a caller to “contact your doctor”. The company simply refused to answer any questions about testing accuracy.

Local GPs may not know much about the accuracy of PCR tests if they are not familiar with recent research showing them to be highly inaccurate. PCR testing is also the subject of legal action around the world. Nevertheless, Queensland and other state medical authorities are still relying to the tests to inflict damaging lockdowns on the state.

Worldwide, it has been revealed that PCR testing has been testing with high cycle thresholds, that is, the times that the amplifying test has to be repeated to get a positive result. The higher the viral concentration the lower the amplification cycles are necessary.

The state of Florida, which is defying Biden and the Democrats’ use of COVID as a wrecking ball against small business and society in general, is making reporting of cycle thresholds in testing mandatory. This will help the state health authorities get a more accurate indicator of real viral threats instead of citing every positive test as “a case”, as happens in Australia.

According to the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine “PCR detection of viruses is helpful so long as its accuracy can be understood: it offers the capacity to detect RNA in minute quantities, but whether that RNA represents infectious virus may not be clear.”

But after reviewing 14 studies, the CEBM reported “It was not possible to make a precise quantitative assessment of the association between RT-PCR results and the success rate of viral culture within these studies. These studies were not adequately sized nor performed in a sufficiently standardised manner and may be subject to reporting bias.”

In other words, Queensland Health and the entire Australian health bureaucracy are relying on tests based on poor, inconclusive research. “These studies provided limited data of variable quality that PCR results per se are unlikely to predict viral culture from human samples. Insufficient attention may have been paid how PCR results relate to disease. The relation with infectiousness is unclear and more data are needed on this,” the CEBM reported.

Significantly, the CEBM said if this was not understood “PCR results may lead to restrictions for large groups of people who do not present an infection risk.” Are you listening Queensland Health? It’s unlikely, because the clowns running our health bureaucracies are under the control of the global pharma complex pushing vaccines for their own stupendous profits and the idiotic social engineering schemes of the World Economic Forum and Gates-Rockefeller mass eugenics.

An extensive open letter by Danielle Burnie on the PCR testing scandal and addressed to Professor John Skerritt of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration was published by Cairns News on February 26. Ms Burnie is threatening to sue the TGA if they do not act to rectify procedures based on the testing.

“PCR tests results have been used by the government to justify implementation of strict and drastic measures that have negatively impacted on people’s lives and resulted in many deaths. The results have been a violation of human rights by removing freedom, destroying businesses, isolating and torturing our elderly, causing a major mental health crisis, causing great suffering to children and families, greater poverty, increased suicides and other unnecessary deaths. The people of Australia are suffering PTSD as a direct result of Government measures,” Ms Burnie wrote.

“This is a clear act of misfeasance. This practice needs to be ceased immediately and I urge you to recall all PCR testing equipment and demand that any government measures that were applied based on these test statistics be immediately ceased. A proper evaluation needs to be conducted and a thorough investigation must be launched into the misconduct by the government in relation to PCR testing.”

Perhaps Professor Skerritt and his fellow pharma plants on the TGA may be prompted to act as legal action such Serene Teffaha’s class-action lawsuit in Victoria’s Supreme Court on behalf of locked-down high-rise housing estate residents proceeds. Teffaha is also planning a national class action against the range of unlawful and oppressive so-called anti-COVID measures including lockdowns, detentions, mandatory mask wearing and “mandated” vaccinations.

Zambian leader rejects depopulating Covid ‘vaccines’ for his people

Letter to the Editor

GOING VIRAL IN AFRICA: Zambian Leader Dr. Mumba Refuses COVID Drugs After Discovering Bottles Marked “Not for Use in EU or USA” (VIDEO)

A new video is going viral in Africa on the COVID drugs.
The video includes several clips of Europeans speaking on eugenics of the African population.

The video ends with Zambian political leader Dr. Nevers Mumba discussing the COVID drugs.

Zambian Leader Dr Nevers Mumba has refused to let his people take the obviously depopulating mRNA Covid vax

Africans are starting to wake up to the fact that Big Pharma is a major part of the plan to reduce the world’s population to no more than a billion people. The president of Zambia has discovered this and is now refusing the West’s vaccines, which have been designed to depopulate Africa so that Western governments can retain control over their natural resources.

This has been going on at least since the early 1980’s when the CIA introduced HIV and spread it throughout Africa through vaccines. The dangerous Covid vaccine is designed to change one’s RNA, which may alter what it means to be human. Some of us don’t trust Big Pharma to create a vaccine that would actually be beneficial to mankind. Why? Because they are not trying to save lives but to depopulate the earth.

They started out by fomenting wars. Then they moved to contraception. Then they introduced abortions. None of these killed enough people, so they began killing people or sterilizing women through vaccines as well.

Just because they have concentrated their efforts on Africa does not mean that America and Europe are exempt. India has issued a warrant for the arrest of Bill Gates for killing hundreds of thousands of Indians through his vaccine programs. Some African countries discovered that Gates’ vaccines were sterilizing young women. The fakestream media refuses to cover these stories in order to ensure that everyone trusts Bill Gates and Big Pharma with their lives.

from Kev Crisscross, Brisbane

The Pfizer vaccine was developed in just a few hours in a single day on January 25, 2020.

by Kev Crisscross

The Pfizer vaccine was designed in just few hours in a single day on January 25, 2020.

…………According to the co-founder of BioNTech Dr Ugur Sahin, the COVID-19 vaccine he designed for Pfizer was designed in just few hours in a single day on January 25, 2020. No other vaccine in history has been created and manufactured so quickly. Previously, the fastest vaccine ever developed took more than four years.

Even Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine took just two days to design.

According to pharma giant Moderna, the COVID-19 mRNA based experimental vaccines are Operating System designed to program human DNA. These vaccines are being approved for emergency use for the first time in history.

Read more of this post

Ex-Russian Intel Officer: Depopulation Agenda is Real

“They” think that you’re so medicated, fluoridated and distracted with meaningless entertainment that you can’t connect the dots . . . In this outtake, a former Colonel of the Russian Military Intelligence service states that the current Coronavirus pandemic (or lack of?) is serving 4 main purposes:

1) Depopulation initiative
2) Political control over the remaining population
3) Deflation of the current financial bubble
4) Liquidation of geo-economic competitors

And why the rush then for vaccines and vaccinations? Full story:

Woman Has A Rant – Sheep…..TAKE NOTE


Look at what happenned to me a few days after i got the Moderna Vaccine

Ex-Russian Intel Officer: Depopulation Agenda is Real



Coming soon to a place near you so you can apply for one,

That is after you have had Bill Gates’ deadly injection.

Do you want to ask your dopey Liberal, National, Labor or Greens member why?



Massive freedom rallies in London, Berlin and across Europe demand end to Covid lock-downs

“Tracking and tracing are the tools of this inquisition”

by Alexandra Bruce

This video shows David Icke addressing the crowd in Trafalgar square in London yesterday, proving that every dog has his day. Decades of foreboding predictions from people like Icke and Alex Jones over the past 30 years, about a Fascist New World Order have finally come true!

Anti-Lockdown, anti-vaccine and anti-mask protests were held across Europe, from Belarus to Berlin to Denmark to London and Madrid, with record-breaking attendance.

In Berlin, protestors demanded the resignation of Angela Merkel and her government, with a Facebook rumor claiming that an airline and several European bus companies had offered to refund travelers’ fares if Angela Merkel’s government actually resigned!

One excited attendee tweeted, “IF GERMANY GOES, THE WHOLE EU GOES! 🥳🥳🥳🥳NEXT WEEK, THE HAGUE!🥳🥳🥳🥳”

Early estimates in Berlin were that the gathering would draw between 2.6 million and 5 million attendees but numbers fell short of this after police declared it an illegal assembly due to “health safety” concerns.

In Berlin, Robert F Kennedy Jr. spoke to a massive audience, estimated by his own Children’s Health Defense organization to be the largest crowd in German history, in the “hundreds of thousands” but the few Mainstream Media outlets that did report on the event offered estimates as low as 18,000.

Kennedy led the protest against “Bill Gates’ bio security agenda, the rise of authoritarian surveillance state and the Big Pharma-sponsored coup d’état against liberal democracy.”



Dear friends who came from all over Europe. Today we are here to give the world a powerful message.

Humanity can not and will no longer be ruled by a model based on threat and control.

Right here, right now, we can all refuse this. Right here, right now, we can change the ‘narrative’. We can create ‘OUR new normal’.

We keep hearing the words ‘Solidarity’, compassion and equal rights in the mouths of politicians who try to separate and divide us. People who order fines, isolation, experiment on our health and restrict all our freedoms. Those people are not philan-thropists. They ask us to believe in a new religion called ‘the scientific consensus’, a fabricated dogma used by a corrupt cast called ‘experts’ who serve no other than their own interest..

Tracking and tracing are the tools of this inquisition. We know where this ultimately lead us to: Isolation, punishment and slavery.

We can choose to see things as they are, with the dangers and the opportunities they bear.

I believe history has given the German people this capacity and this responsibility.

So, I have some very good news to share, because today I am surrounded by brave people.

I am standing next to a man who is literally catching snakes with his bare hands. (Yes, watch it on Instagram). Rattlesnakes hiding in the bushes of the Californian valleys, and also more poisonous species who produce toxic drugs and pesticides and experiment them on humans and on nature.

This man acts with courage, passion, service and faith. That is true leadership, the capacity to inspire others by one’s actions. That is what the Kennedy’s have done, that is their legacy.

And today, today this man meets other men and women with the same values. All of you here who have come to show your true courage, your true solidarity, your true humanity. All of you who individually and collectively are peacefully manifesting your sovereignty.

I will call you all Berliners.

And as a European, as a mother, as an individual asking for the respect of my human rights I say that I am proud to ‘a Berliner’.

Children’s Health Defense Europe wants to become a Berliner alliance.

Thank you so much for joining us.

Grazie a tutti per la vostra presenza.

Hartelijk dank voor jullie aanwezigheid

Merci a tous de votre présence.

Gracias por su presencia.

Vielen Danke fur Ihren Anwesenheit

from Forbidden Knowledge Television

Multiple Covid agendas rolled out in Victoria

Excerpt from an interview by Sarah Westall with US military analyst Dave Hodges

…….There’s multiple agendas with COVID… from a Globalist perspective, COVID is robbing human beings of their humanity. It’s robbing them of their civil liberties. It’s teaching that whoever runs the government under us is supreme over you and you will do what you say. You’ll wear the the symbol of oppression, which is a face mask, you’ll stay six feet apart, we’ll control if your kids go to school, we’ll control every aspect of your life and we don’t have a Constitution any longer, that’s gone.

And they have taken care of that, so that’s one goal, is subjugation. The other goal, believe it or not – people aren’t procreating when they’re wearing face masks – and our birth rate is plummeting.

I talked to a demographer out of Arizona state university and he told me, he said, “Our birth rate’s gone down to 1.8, going into this year. He said no nation’s ever come back from 1.8. You need 2.1 to maintain and if we don’t have a 2.1 through immigration and birth rate, then we can’t support the Ponzi schemes of Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.”

It’ll be a catastrophe for the elderly and he said he thinks the birthrate could go to 1.2 in a year and he said, “That’s where Italy is at. Italy’s falling apart…”

It’s not an accident that COVID was engineered to kill off the elderly. They’re killing two birds with one stone…………..

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