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Common sense gone out the window

1 – Eleven teens die each day because of texting while driving in the USA. Maybe it’s time to raise the age of Smart Phone ownership to 21.

2 – Legal gun owners have 300 million guns and probably a trillion rounds of ammo. Seriously, folks, if we were the problem, you’d know it.

3 – When JFK was killed, nobody blamed the rifle.

4 – The NRA (National Rifle Association) murders 0 people and receives No $$$$  in government funds. Planned Parenthood kills 350,000 babies every year and receives $500,000,000 in tax dollars annually.

5 – I have no problem with vigorous background checks when it comes to firearms. While we’re at it, let’s do the same when it comes to immigration, voter I.D., and candidates running for office.

6 – People keep talking about another Civil War.  One side knows how to shoot and probably has a trillion rounds. The other side has crying closets and is confused about which bathroom to use.

Now tell me, how do you think that would end?

Don’t be afraid to share this. There’s more logic and common sense expressed here than probably anything you have seen on the news today.from Larry Hannigan

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