Common sense gone out the window

1 – Eleven teens die each day because of texting while driving in the USA. Maybe it’s time to raise the age of Smart Phone ownership to 21.

2 – Legal gun owners have 300 million guns and probably a trillion rounds of ammo. Seriously, folks, if we were the problem, you’d know it.

3 – When JFK was killed, nobody blamed the rifle.

4 – The NRA (National Rifle Association) murders 0 people and receives No $$$$  in government funds. Planned Parenthood kills 350,000 babies every year and receives $500,000,000 in tax dollars annually.

5 – I have no problem with vigorous background checks when it comes to firearms. While we’re at it, let’s do the same when it comes to immigration, voter I.D., and candidates running for office.

6 – People keep talking about another Civil War.  One side knows how to shoot and probably has a trillion rounds. The other side has crying closets and is confused about which bathroom to use.

Now tell me, how do you think that would end?

Don’t be afraid to share this. There’s more logic and common sense expressed here than probably anything you have seen on the news today.from Larry Hannigan

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Translated: Not the weapons but old ones and of course no machine guns deal with them.
    So you can read it: Danke, wir haben Maschinengewehre und noch bessere Panzerfäuste auf dem Schwarzmarkt in Australien. Editor


  2. Nicht di Waffen sondern alter und damit umgehen natürlich keine Maschinen Gewehre


  3. Alison: “it’s all for the goal of Luciferianism”

    Agreed, but unfortunately we still tolerate and accept the nonsense for some reason. So much for their “follow the science” mantras.


  4. tonyryan43: “it’s time to replace these retarded degenerates unceremoniously”

    But wait a minute Tony, didn’t we just put a fresh batch of them into government ? lol Go figure!


  5. @ jo… 100% on the mark!


  6. periguinfalcon

    Pretty spot on, it’s not about your country anymore, it’s exactly as you say – greed. Selfish people only interested in self financial gains, once they retire they couldn’t care less if overseas nationals buy their business and or farmland as long as it’s top buck! Couldn’t care less about their neighbours, their fellow country people!

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  7. “as normal human beings can be identified as being acceptable candidates for election.’

    Good luck with that Tony! First, “normal” human beings need to set up a committee to choose candidates and that is where the usual problem of bribery starts. Before “candidates” check in for an election they are already spoiled by those who have other thoughts about what Australia stands for.

    Greed, which has become a proud Australian attitude of the last two generations will not be bred out through circles of “state run re-education”.

    Acceptable candidates would be only those who already have proven in their own lives to have understood life itself and the mechanization of profiteering through “others” and stay far away from the “honey traps”, layed out for them.

    We live in times where NORMAL human beings have been replaced by misguided clones that only see their lives in electronical gadgets and surreality and with the right buttons pushed will fight for “their Reality”.

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  8. We could assist them but they are both unable to extract their plights from Telegram. Ed

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  9. daviddd2
    one reason is – it’s all for the goal of Luciferianism


  10. robshealthy1gmailcom

    Thank you for the amazing articles you write. It is much appreciated. Regards Robyn


  11. WTF… Suddenly nobody can tell us what a “woman” is? lmao

    And we tolerate such sht for what reason? Stupidity or gutlessness?


  12. Watch the latest Max Igan video:
    Below is a screenshot from the 33:22 minute mark of a possible Stage 5 Martial Law lockdown in August. I would not be surprised if that would happen.

    What about news here in OZ, did you hear about Ossie Cossack in jail waiting for his court case? He could be in jail for 1 to 6 years while he hasn’t done anything wrong.
    Same with Monica Smit. She lost her Court case and now has to pay $80,000 while she also has to pay $100,000 for the Prosecution case.

    The Australian JOG (Jewish Occupied Government) just wants to show the people what they do with people who dare to speak up against them and their Masters.

    They making such a fuss about the latest school shooting in the USA with at the most 50 students and teachers killed while the “vaccines” are killing and injuring millions of people all over the world.

    The school “shootings” are designed to take the guns off the people, but Big Pharma can keep on killing and injuring billions all over the world.

    At least 5 billion people have now been “vaccinated” worldwide with so many having had their boosters.

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  13. This is from Lew ‘Why We Need Our Guns’:
    Same applies to Australia…

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  14. BRAVOOO!!!

    Q. How many young people and children are running wild in the North Queensland city of Townsville engaged in criminal offences every day?

    Where are the Parents?

    So far there is no end in sight! No plan for prevention!

    No Plan to Train every Boy and Girl in our …sorry… compulsory Public Schools education system … in which, both Church and State Governments have FAILED unspeakably to do their duty of care towards…. quote: – The grossly ignorant public! – spoken in the House of Commons and repeated by The truly Honorable Mr. Henry Parkes M.P. in his 1866
    Speech to Sydney Parliamentarians to present his case introducing his Public Schools Education Bill which Parkes read the 2nd time in September 1866..

    Thank You!

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  15. Yes, I agree with tonyryan43 but why is Larry Hannigan throwing at us US News most of the time? There’s ample Aussie News if you take the time too look for it, even on Tik Tok. Last time I looked outside all I saw was Aussie, not anywhere else. Like, for example, this coming weekend in Gympie the gov is having a family day to get more people to have the jab which, of course means more Phizer and co kickbacks. Such is outlawed in our constitution, referendums and the Bio-Security Act 2015 and the AMA Ethics Code of Qld! Also Qld hasn’t legitimate government, why isn’t that all over the news? No news about the AEC not having the election writ displayed at every polling station, not even their writ to have an election?!

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  16. When we have politicians who think they do not have to explain themselves to the electorate, who are otherwise unaccountable to their portfolios, and who are confused about whether or not men have breasts and can have babies, or who think infants should be compelled to submit to a dangerous faux vaccine, it’s time to replace these retarded degenerates unceremoniously and appoint a caretaker government until such time as normal human beings can be identified as being acceptable candidates for election.

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