Open warfare between Russia, America, UK in Ukraine, less than 1.5 sq klm of Bakhmut now held by Ukraine

Update: We are advised 🪖May 20, 2023. This afternoon, the city of Bakhmut/Artemovsk was completely liberated by Russian Wagner forces.

From Colonel Yuri Kominyski

Heavy fighting against thousands of US and Polish mercs continues. The Biden administration has found a way for US soldiers to enter fray while bypassing legalities. The yanks are in the background managing the conflict via the Poles provide for the cannon fodder. Its open war with the Americans in the Ukraine. The heavy equipment is being operated by the Poles and the Checs.

RF soldiers now have better training, generally conducted by those that have seen the front. The Ukro’s tried to break through the line only to lose 530 men. Last week 120 American corpses were returned to the states, these were men of various ranks nothing below Sargent level. The RF is targeting command / control centres resulting in an estimated 800 dead and 120 wounded.

The RF missiles struck a headquarters where high-ranking officers were based in the Donbass region. Ukrainian generals are known to periodically visit the Donbass. Key military personnel Zaluzhny, Syrsky and Klintsevich are notably absent failing to attend NATO meetings, no public appearances for some time hence presumed dead. Ukraine denies their death’s. Wagner believes that General Tantsyura, was likely destroyed in a transport vehicle near Chasov Yar, denied by the Ukrainians.

The RF waited them out at one of their strong holds and hit them. Syrsky the commander of the defense of Bakhmut was liquidated by the Russian Air Force there are no official statements. Titarenko the chief adviser to the Zelensky Office was liquidated in the DPR region. He was taken out by an artillery strike in the Yar Clock region, where numerous high-ranking officers and several politicians of the Kiev regime were gathered. Nikolaev region 28.4.23 approximately 20 officers (higher ranks) were killed following a rocket strike including foreigners. No official comment, posting video or photographic materials has been outlawed by Zelensky.

The newest Russian weapon “glide bomb” is impacting the Ukrainian war and may force Kiev to reconsider its offensive as the bombs can bypass the Ukro’s air defences. The glide bombs are a nightmare problem for them. “FAB-500 carries 300 kg of TNT about five times more than a 152 mm projectile the glide bomb is cheap and plentiful. The planes do not need to enter the air defense coverage area.

Kiev estimates that the RF uses at least 20 FAB-500 glide bombs daily. Glidе bombs were used on the Ukrainian militant strongholds in Bakhmut and Chasov Yar. Wagner assault units took the so-called “Nest”, a complex of high-rise buildings turned into a citadel by the militants. Simultaneously, the RF launched strikes against Odessa, from where the drones that attacked Crimea were launched. Ukraine has trained 1000 drone operators. The FAB-500 glide bomb was used on the lower Dneiper (Attaman Island) where the Ukro’s attempted a crossing but didn’t get very far.

The Ukro’s are finding it extremely problematic to gather their forces for an offensive, as soon as they gather in numbers they are hit. The French have provided the Ukro’s with light armoured amphibious transport. A novel concept but the light armour is amenable to being easily pierced.

There are no more roads to Bakhmut, the Ukro’s are forced to supply the city through open fields that are under constant fire. The so-called ” Bakhmut meat grinder” turned into an ” Bakhmut furnace” on the night of May 8th. May 12th, the Ukro’s suffered one of the biggest losses since 2014, 1,725 men were killed.

Strikes on the 2nd Azov brigade on the southern flank and 2nd mechanised brigades and one motorised rifle battalion on the northern flank were stopped, the losses equate to one regiment (this from a NATO Officer). Russian air superiority is hard to overestimate once they push the Ukro’s into RF positions, they expose themselves to an artillery and airforce firing bag.

The “Constructor block” is de-nazified. The Ukro’s (18/05/23) lost their strongest defenable area the “Nest” it was completely de-nazified by Wagner. The Ukro’s currently have 2 reinforced areas remaining within the city “Domino” & “Airplane”. Wagner advanced 130m taking 28 high-rise buildings turned into fortresses in the fortified area “Nest” in Bakhmut, the enemy had 20 high-rise buildings. He noted that despite all the difficulties, Bakhmut will be taken in a matter of days.

Less than 1.5 klm2 of Bakhmut remain under Ukro control and shrinking rapidly.  A large number of foreign mercs and others are trapped in the “Domino”: Australians, Poles, Britons, Swedes, Norwegians. They tried to flee through via open fields, but reversed course due to heavy artillery most of the Georgian mercs are dead. The remaining Ukro troops are actively defending their last stand. “Wagner”, uses large-calibre machine guns to work on targeted buildings, where enemy positions are well equipped on the first floors. The men use armour-piercing and incendiary cartridges, which are not just able to pierce the walls, but also set fire to the building.

16th May, RF forces eliminate over 695 Ukrainian militants in Donetsk region. Up to 150 Ukrainian soldiers killed South of Donetsk and Zaporozhye regions. RF artillery strikes a massive ammunition depot in Nikolaev, S. Ukraine. RF air defences intercept 9 HIMARS missiles, destroy 19 drones.

Multiple coordinated attacks are intended to prevent the Ukrainians from accumulating sufficient forces for an offensive, the intent is to create an acute shortage of everything everywhere. It is almost impossible to quickly restore supplies of equipment, weaponry and personnel under conditions of heavy dependence on weapons imports. Presumably the enemy is preparing its offensive against the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.

By striking the rear, the RF will impact morale and psychological state while reducing their ability to replenish reserves. Additionally the Russian fleet has built up a naval presence in the Black Sea able to launch 28 Kalibr missiles daily.

Wagner chief Prigozhin notes that in the Ukro’s deliver pinpoint strikes if the line “breaks” is where they’ll send their reserves to ensure a further breakthrough the Ukro’s wish to occupy the tactical ridges. Wagner expects that the Ukro’s will launch their offensive at various points, likely in the north: Bryansk, Kursk, and Belgorod directions. Further Svyatovo-Kremennoe and Bakhmut directions. The main strike will focus on Zaporozhye.

16th May, an RF hypersonic Kinzhal destroyed a US multifunctional Patriot surface-to-air missile and radar station as well as 5 launchers in Kiev. The RF sent numerous decoys that triggered the Patriot. Once its location was identified the Kinzhal destroyed the Patriot System, 5 launchers and its operating team which the RF believes was 46 men. The Ukro’s fired the entire loadout of a MIM-104 Patriot battery (8 launchers, 4 missiles each).

About 6 minutes later there were a lot of flashes from AAA guns (possibly Gepards), then 3 large explosions hit the SAM site. 30 US Patriot air defense missiles costed at $4 million / unit for a total of $120 million, the launchers valued at $10 million US a piece.

Furthermore the stray patriot missiles detonated on Kiev’s infrastructure. Russia will continue to identify and destroy the Patriot air defense systems. The US is trying to save face by suggesting that the SAM was damaged, not destroyed. An assessment of the degree of damage is being conducted to determine repairability.

UK delivers Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine

The UK has transferred “Storm Shadow” long-range cruise missiles with stealth capabilities, boasting a maximum range from 290-560km they are capable of flying at extremely low altitudes and bending around the terrain which exact type and quantity of the units delivered are not disclosed. This confirms the UK’s unprecedented level of involvement. This will enable the Ukro’s to strike any target in Crimea including the Crimean bridge and other Russian regions, including new territories. Russia’s MoD reports that within a 24 hour period, 7 Storm Shadow cruise missiles were intercepted by RF air defence.

On May 12th Storm Shadow missiles struck Lugansk they injured 6 children, the British should be pleased. Kiev assured the UK that the new weapons would be used only for defense and on the territory of Ukraine, and not for attacks on Russia. This is the next stage in the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict. Page 2/over