by Lyndesy Symonds

Gail Macrae worked in hospitals, including in the intensive care unit (ICU), as a nurse, and she is also a midwife. She was employed at Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center from 2015 until 2021 when Operation Warp Speed was launched by the Trump administration.

Around the spring of 2020 when covid was really ramping up, Macrae started to notice anomalies between what the media was reporting and what was actually happening at her place of employment.

“They were never full of patients,” Macrae said about how her hospital was anything but “overflowing” like the fake news media was reporting at the time. “As a matter of fact, from the onset of covid, for the whole first year of this pandemic not only was our hospital under capacity, but I was getting canceled.”

(Related: Remember when Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida was caught trying to murder patients to inflate its covid numbers and make the “pandemic” seem scarier?)

How many other nurses were told to violate their morals by murdering patients with remdesivir and ventilators?

Unfortunately the biotech spike protein in the mRNA injection is recombinant. That means it can combine with other viruses endemic in the community like Herpes Zoster, Ross River, Epstein Barre etc.

Eventually monster recombinant prion variants are going to emerge from those who are vaxxed and become infectious – therefore transmissible to others.

People should be looking now into how to treat at home with natural remedies and the Divine Assistance. It is not as though these perilous times were unforeseen by the One who knows the end from the beginning.

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