Treaty is a contract, trade agreement and a trap. Lurnpa people

The referendum question released yesterday: “Do you support an alteration to the Constitution that establishes an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice?”

The wishy-washy Liberals as usual, cannot agree on having a referendum for the Voice. Nothing unusual here, the only decision they ever made while in power was to inject the population with a toxic gene-altering compound that has already killed around 33,000 victims.

This video is evidence that our community people are not being consulted on what a Treaty or Voice to parliament means. You can not lock people into an agreement they know nothing off, its fraud. The Corporate government is rushing this through without consultation, because they are desperate. We must say no to a Treaty and a Voice, both are nothing but corporate contracts designed to maintain the ongoing theft of land resources whilst maintaining control over the Tribal people. When the government pushes something they say is good for us, then we know something is wrong, its always been in their best interest everything they do around us, its all based on trickery and fraud, its just another attempt to maintain our enslavement. -Lurnpa