Voice campaign not traveling to well in spite of Albanese propping it up with $75 million, would be better spent on housing

56,504 already signed

Sign this open letter to tell Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton:

Australians should be one, together. Not two, divided.  

As one of his first acts as Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese announced a referendum to create an Indigenous ‘Voice to Parliament’.

Albanese finessing participants at Garma Festival in Arnhem land

He wants to change the Australian Constitution to cement identity politics in our founding document.

This means our nation will be divided by race.

But why don’t other special interest groups deserve a ‘Voice to Parliament’? Why not children, or Australians with disabilities?

Labor is making up the details on the run and that’s not the way to amend the Constitution.

They want the Constitution changed before there’s even detail on the amendment.

Where’s the evidence this will produce practical change for Indigenous people?

Instead of bringing us together, this will drive us apart. And it will be there in our Constitution forever.

Sign the open letter to let Albo and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton know you want Australia to be one, together – not two, divided.

It’s urgent: we need to call out that there’s a referendum campaign coming and those driving a divided Australia are already off and running.

So get your voice out front and centre today to defend your freedom, security and prosperity.

Join with many others like you to keep Australia united by signing this urgent letter before the referendum begins! 

Labor-Greens duopoly Creating yet more, massive unaccountable black bureaucracies

Australia’s electoral commission will be beefed up by almost $70 million over two years to prepare for the referendum on an Indigenous Voice to parliament, while an agency helping drive the federal government’s Yes case will receive $6.5 million.

In a move likely to provoke opponents of the Voice proposal, the National Indigenous Australians Agency will receive $6.5 million by 2023-24, with part of it to be spent on the working groups set up to advise the government on its referendum strategy.-SMH

The usual wishy,washy Liberal leader Peter Dutton has asked for more details before they support the referendum. They too have no backbone when it comes to lavishing money on the Aboriginal industry. They will be in the political wilderness for a generation, thank God. Ed

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Now this is Terrifying.Pray that they will not close it! ________________________________


  2. R Solomon…..I know how
    Get out many loads of house Building materials I have transported to Palm Island Community in NQ only to see them being destroyed before construction has been completed.
    Get out into the communities and see what is really going on. I have been to dozens of them and it is the same everywhere

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  3. Albo has had the votes counted already I would suspect. It is just a matter of giving the public the illusion of choice…..

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  4. David… Aha. Yet another who sees the real world. There is indeed a vision, which emerges from a base of hard research and practical experience and you may find it soon on the Liberty website.


  5. Please instead find suitable renting premises for all Australians who reside in Australia!

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  6. Yeah the 24 murris who claim to represent the rest are driving the referendum that rank and file is largely uninterested in. Ed

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  7. Have found tha bouses are being leased to overseas folk who have no rental history i n order to get residency here. Folk who have a rental history of 15 years and are australian are excluded/How can we change this? Also North Sydneycouncillors are wanting to set a rule to outlaw the use of leather and fur…Is the Prime minister taking his VOICE too far? Are our grandchildren to go to school in bare feet now? Will some-one help Australia? ________________________________

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  8. This is the type of activity Soros would push. Which Albo have we got running this pea and thimble game? Just trust us and we can fill in the details after the referendum! Both major parties know the masses don’t trust them. This imposed agenda will not help it increase our trust of the self serving corporations pretending to be state or federal governments here. To make a change like this we need to articulate a Vision of what the change will look like. We need some Incentive to make the change. We need huge Resources to implement the changes. We need the people with the Skills to develop the pathway and manage the change. (I see no evidence of this in governments) Finally we need to see an Action Plan. Otherwise we are heading out to sea in a leaky boat, just before the storm! Trust us, be damned.

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  9. I seriously doubt that the highly influential VOICE of the Aboriginal Industry in the Parliament will be in favour of $75 million for housing in Aboriginal communities.

    They will be in favour of the Referendum and increasing their power base at the expense of the Aboriginal population and communities. They will use Aboriginal Law as a legitimate source of law on this continent as an anti-White lever and shoehorn for the United [Communist] Nations legitimacy in terms of the subverted Australian Constitutional government.

    The Anglo-Celtic population of Australia [ or any nation of the Isles ] actually understands tribal politics very well – a lot better than the anti-White, UN backed Aboriginal Industry.

    To Lead is to Serve

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  10. tonyryan43 said – “I will fight this my own way.”

    Words well stated.

    Fighting this game by THEIR rules is doomed to fraud, double cross and disappointment. After all, THEY make up the “rules” as they go along.

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  11. May I sound a note of caution.

    The last time we had a politicised referendum, it offered Aussies the choice of republic or monarchy. According to surveys, the vast majority of Aussies prefer a republic but, because the new president was to be chosen by the inside few, and not by the people, most voted for a monarchy.

    History will forever show Turnbull as an idiot who killed off his own cause.

    Likewise, because the opposition to the Voice option is already typified by ignorance, arrogance, outright bigotry, and even racism, many people may support the Voice even though they oppose it intrinsically.

    One aspect shines through the opposition camp, and that’s that they just don’t like blackfellas… period. Who the hell wants to be seen as one of those?

    Speaking purely for myself, I am not about to put my signature alongside racists and idiots. And I mean European racists. Chinese racists. Aboriginal racists. Any bloody racists.

    I will fight this my own way.

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  12. Stop putting hard earned tax payers money into Aboriginal greed projects. There is great wealth in many s original corporations, so it’s time those claiming to be Aboriginal and those who are to be drawing their free living expenses, housing, medical, funeral expenses, vehicles, cigarettes, alcohol, clothing etc., are kept by the Aboriginal corporations. If any living person wants financial comfort they should work for it. Above all, it’s time for those who enjoy all the trappings of society without working to respect those tax payers who support them.

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  13. With sincere respect to anyone promoting this or any other petition opposing the so-called “Voice” referendum, please consider…

    1. Our pollies and beauracrats wipe their arses on our petitions. Seriously. Just check the latrine in any official building – that’s where petitions go.

    2. The Australian Electoral Commission is positioned as the arbiter of any referendum. Repeat – the Australian Electoral Commission. Remember each and every recent election here in Australia? Does it need to be spelt out? The fix is ALREADY IN.

    Petitions such as this particular one DO serve a purpose – they allow our adversaries to assess exactly how many fake votes they’re going to need to win their fake referendum. No big deal – the Australian Electoral Commission can pluck whatever result our masters require from out of its big, black, hairy, worm-infested, utterly corrupt and completely owned arse. And that’s exactly what they do.

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  14. It’s unconstitutional! So wrong!


  15. I DEFINITELY AGREE WITH FUUNDING FOR HOUSING! ________________________________

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  16. Our Constitution does require a revisit, but not in this fashion.
    There are generations of people who were not even alive when our Constitution was ratified, and also many who might not even know we have one.
    So we do need a lengthy and comprehensive debate about our Constitution, if only to make people aware of hat it says, and to give them some input into a rejuvenated contract.
    I would not trust Albanese to run the mother’s club, let alone the country, so his Voice is definitely to be given a No vote.

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