Corruption in US and Australian governments is a solvable problem, but not without free and fair elections

Initiate a political insurgency

by Lawrence Sellin, Gateway Pundit and Cairns News

So, what do you do when rigged elections won’t let citizens “vote out” a corrupt tyrannical political aristocracy?

One needs to look no further than the Declaration of Independence for an answer, specifically The Preamble.

Parliament House of the corporation: American author Lawrence Sellin recommends voters create a political insurgency

We have elections, but we do not have representative government.

Most members of Congress, seek office, not to uphold the Constitution and serve the American people, but to obtain power, and to use that power to accrue professional and financial benefits for themselves and their wealthy donors.

The Republican establishment component of the Globalist Uniparty has gradually solidified its choice to no longer represent what had been its constituency, but to adopt the identity of junior partners in the ruling class.

All the traditional means for the American people to seek the redress of grievances have now been blocked by a self-absorbed permanent political aristocracy.

Preamble to the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,—That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Americans are suffering the un-sufferable, being subjected to a long train of abuses and usurpations, all designed to place us under absolute despotism.

It now becomes necessary for those who believe in a constitutional republic to dissolve the political bands with the tyrannical Globalist Uniparty.

It was the Arizona contingent of the Globalist Uniparty, which did nothing to correct the identified flaws in the 2020 election, that controlled that state’s 2022 election.

Americans have all the legal means to prevent those who have attained power illegitimately from exercising that power, by publicly declaring independence and initiating a political insurgency.

Organize massive civil disobedience, demonstrations, sick-outs, strikes, lawsuits and otherwise legally over-load the system to bring non-essential state services to a standstill.

Create parallel political and economic systems.

If allowed to rule, the Democrats, who now control the main levers of state power, will amplify all the destructive and oppressive policies of the Biden regime.

Rigged elections only succeed when we allow it.

A majority of Australians still believe we have free and fair elections but the results speak otherwise. Pre-polling for weeks, postal votes and a corrupt Australian Electoral Commission have allowed the system to be usurped by trade union operatives and other bagmen on behalf of the New World Order.

Perhaps we now have an argument for Australia’s first revolution. Australia after all is the 52nd US State.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He had a civilian career in international business and medical research. Dr. Sellin is the author of Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. crisscross767 said – “Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

    Article 6

    For the purpose of this Statute, “genocide” means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such…”

    Every item in that list applies emphatically to the behaviour of every Australian state government, the Kiwi government, the Canadian government, most European governments and a majority of American state governments over the last several years – and continues even today.

    There’s not going to be enough lamp posts – and guillotines would be more efficient.


  2. Yes Ed, you’re right. Having grown up in the outback I travelled to some of those communities as a kid with my Uncle, seen it for myself, not many tradies would go to the places he went, others would refuse, though we were both always treated well. In my late teens in MtIsa I lived in a 1bedroom flat, small shoebox size thing, shared a wall with the only other flat, it was identical to mine, a nice young couple with a baby rented that one, aboriginal folk, we had a huge shed, nothing unusual to see 15+ extra people returning many mattresses to the shed come morning & back out they’d come at night. Wouldn’t enter my head to complain, there might have been a bit of noise occasionally as we shared a wall, but no trouble, I just couldn’t get over how they all fit there, no complaints from me, though if they’d had the wrong neighbour? as a few years later I worked for the local council & became privacy to some bs laws that could cause trouble if people wanted to. Later in life I’ve known more than a few that work for child safety, there’s bs laws but most of us good folk turn a blind eye though some are not as understanding.

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  3. Many homes in Aboriginal communities and regional townships often bed down 20 or more each night. Ed

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  4. It comes as no surprise that two Jews, Bourla and Zaks, are spearheading two COVID-19 vaccines to which many may one day soon owe their lives.

    “…….Pfizer’s CEO is Albert Bourla. Bourla is Jewish. He was born, raised and educated in Thessaloniki, in northern Greece. He left Greece with his wife when he was 34.

    In early 2020, Bourla pushed to accelerate Pfizer’s development of a possible vaccine against COVID-19. He did this in partnership with the German company BioNTech, founded by a Turkish-born married couple, Dr. Ugur Sahin, 55, and Dr. Ozlem Tureci, 53, who were educated in Germany, where they now live and work. Bourla boldly ordered preparations for production to begin, well before approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

    Dr. Noubar Afeyan, 58, is co-founder and chairman of the biotech company Moderna. Afeyan is Armenian, emigrated from Lebanon to Canada and eventually did his doctorate at MIT. His company Moderna was born in the famous MIT lab of Prof. Robert Langer.

    Moderna’s chief medical officer is Dr. Tal Zaks, an Israeli who completed his M.D. degree at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Like the Pfizer-BioNTech version, Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, too, has proven highly effective in clinical trials. Dr. Zaks believes the initial doses will arrive in Israel in early 2021.

    Now, back to the back story – how Jews changed the world during the remarkable one hundred years, 1847-1947, according to Lebrecht. Lebrecht begins his book with the Communist Manifesto, published in London by Marx and Engels in 1848, and ends in 1947 with the birth pangs of the State of Israel.

    From 1820 through 1924, an unending flow of Jews made their way to America from Europe, ending in a massive surge of immigrants in the early 1900’s. My mother and father were among them, driven by economic hardship, persecution, and the huge political upheavals of the 19th century.

    Millions of European Jews left their towns and villages and embarked on the arduous journey to the goldene medina of America (and Canada), where Jewish genius flourished. It is fascinating that a similar massive wave of emigration – a million Russian Jews who emigrated to Israel – fueled the growth of Israel’s hi-tech industry, from 1990 to 2000.

    After you read this book, it comes as no surprise that two Jews, Bourla and Zaks, are spearheading two COVID-19 vaccines to which many may one day soon owe their lives……………”


  5. To be an Orthodox Jew is to agree with the Talmud that, “It is permitted to deceive a goy.” (Baba Kama 113b) ,

    jJewish Leaders of the Covid Cabal
    August 13, 2021 renegade 9 Comments

    Recently a commenter going by “Zero” gave us all a reminder that the U.S. government response to the “Covid crisis” is very jewish, just like the pharmajewticals.

    CDC Director, Rochelle P. Walensky, is a jew.
    CDC Deputy Director, Anne Schuchat, is a jew.
    CDC Chief of Staff, Sherri A. Berger, is a jew.
    CDC Chief Medical Officer, Mitchell Wolfe, is a jew.
    CDC Director, Washington Office, Jeff Reczek, is a jew.
    COVID Czar, Jeff Zients, is a jew.
    COVID Senior Advior, Andy Slavitt, is a jew.
    HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra, is possibly a jew.
    HHS Ass. Secretary, Rachel Levine, is a dude and a jew.
    Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla, is a jew.
    Moderna’s vaccine created by a jew, Tal Zaks.
    Johnson & Johnson’s CEO, Alex Gorsky, is a jew.
    Teva is an Israel pharmaceutical company.
    Regeneron Pharma CEO, Leonard S.Schleifer, is a jew
    AstraZeneca’s CEO, Pascal Soriot, was to take over as CEO of Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals, which means he’s probably a jew.

    But this is just a coincidence

    “The Jew is an inborn communist”! Otto Weininger, a Jew, Sex & Character, pp 311 !
    “Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).
    “Some call it Marxism (Communism), I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise – The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but Communism) !!!
    “Bolshevism and Communism, were Jewish proposed, Jewish financed, Jewish led and Jewish operated. The most muderous regime this planet has ever known, was Jewish through & through.” ~ (“The Secret Force” by Maurice Pinay) !!!


  6. auntieet: “Bonhoeffer’s Theory of Stupidity”

    Of course stupidity is to blame. Together with gutlessness. Here’s a sample of it!

    1. First, too many fools are stupid enough to be “confused” about whether they’re Martha or Artha.

    2. Then, too many other fools are MORE stupid enough to accept the notion that Artha actually IS Martha.

    3. Then,too many yet other fools are EVEN MORE stupid enough not to deny the stupidity of 1 and 2.

    4. What’s more, the whole joint is EVEN MORE STUPID ENOUGH THAN EVEN MORE STUPID ENOUGH to cancel the truth and reality of nature and make believe that fantasies are real.

    Looks like we’re going to be fkd by stupidity for at least a generation or three.

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  7. The Covid Conclusion
    November 28, 2022

    Dear Readers, I have given you enough information over the years to let you know that the Covid virus was not the threat it was portrayed and that the “vaccine” was neither effective nor safe. The Covid virus did not come out of a bat cave, but from NIH funding, first at the University of North Carolina and then in Wuhan, China. The “pandemic” was an orchestration for profit, power, and, as evidenced by the deaths, disabilities, infertility, and stillbirths caused by the “vaccine,” population reduction. In fact, the mRNA “vaccines”, whether intended or not, are bioweapons, writes Paul Craig Roberts .

    The Pfizer documents released by court order show that Pfizer knew in advance that the “vaccine” caused miscarriages and stillbirths, heart problems, neurological problems and death. Yet the company and public health agencies responsible for protecting public health went ahead and created a climate of fear, based on the lie that no treatment was available, and injected 70% of the US population with an untested substance based on an “emergency permit”.

    To put it plainly, the pharmaceutical companies, NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO, politicians, institutes, medical societies and medical boards, with fear and mandates, forced a majority of the American population to play Russian Roulette with a “vaccine” that would take their lives. could terminate or destroy.

    Despite this colossal crime, the only demand for accountability so far has been a civil suit.

    Was this great evil just a mistake? Absolutely not. As evidenced by the documents Pfizer sought to keep under lock and key for 75 years, the pharmaceutical companies knew of the outrageous danger of the “vaccine.” Read more ……


  8. Polysorbate 80 in vaccines is known to cause infertility …and so on –

    Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

    Article 6

    For the purpose of this Statute, “genocide” means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;

    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction
    in whole or in part;

    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.


  9. Repentance is our most urgent national need. We are witnessing God’s judgement upon us. What will it take to wake up His demonstration nations?


  10. Many thanks for the sketch/vid auntieet. Love love love it! – brilliantly done…and Sooooo true.


  11. Some smokin’ comments tonight! And a standing ovation for auntieet !! (Btw Nice is for wimps)

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  12. yes ron, one paycheck between a roof over ones head to living on the street is the shocking reality for a lot of people, but more are facing that horror these days

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  13. ron: yep!
    daviddd2: yep! I’m finding it really extra hard to be nice, was easier in my younger days.
    As I get fed-up with stupidity, a good man shared this little sketch/vid with me tonight. Yep, “abandon all attempts to convince the stupid person”. If I mistyped the link, it’s “Bonhoeffer’s Theory of Stupidity” from “Sprouts” on youtube.



  14. auntieet: ” Yeah, I’m over being nice”

    Never! 🙂

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  15. auntieet – Well said.
    What you have said about the homeless, the battlers and their kids is quite true. For many years I worked in jobs that gave me full exposure to what you have said. I have been present when the supposed authorities have taken babies and kids from a parent(s) it was justifiable to do so???
    Where did the babies end up?????

    Most people have no real idea of how easy, how quickly, they can end up in the same predicaments. The longer we keep letting the tyrants and their lackeys wreck our country and keep taking our freedoms and rights, the more chance that a large number of us will end up homeless, locked in a “camp” or sleeping in a shed or tent.

    Communities in Australia and across the world have been fragmented on purpose – for control. We need to get back to being real caring communities, the type of communities who do not fail their kids and do not let people bring up a family in a tent or in the back of a car.

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  16. Pat from Vic: “By my understanding, the enemy we now face isn’t “communist”, not by a long shot – it’s “fascist”, given the definition that “fascism” involves subversion and control of the government and resources (including LABOUR, that is, the “useless eaters”) by corporate interests and big money. ”

    Nailed it 101%, mate! While the “fascists” are having a picnic, the poor reds under the beds fighters will be swatting the” communist” flies. It’s a strategy akin to crossing the road and looking the wrong way. Splat!

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  17. Stephen Sneddon: “I find it strange that people keep talking about communists running everything… The so called elites are certainly not communists and they have no inclining to want to share not even a bread crumb with you or I but there only desire is to make you a puppet slave to serve their desires.”

    Absolutely! The so called elites have successfully kept themselves behind the curtain and brainwashed their short changed humble bellwethers to lead the rest of the sheep away from themselves towards their exact opposite so called “communist” puppets they have put in place.

    A simple case of a thief yelling “Thief!” and pointing at somebody else in the crowd. And the crowd of course rushes to condemn and lynch the wrong person while the thief safely cackles himself silly at the crowd’s earnest thirst for justice.

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  18. Sunny: re: Eureka, Freddie’s right. I can’t recommend no book as I’m going on what a great historian passed down to her offspring, my grand mama, some might say stories, but they were true accounts of exactly how it started & how it panned out & the true result from her siblings of what went down. It was a war on peoples rights/freedoms & fckers tried to change the real story, same as these present days. She said there were ‘infiltrators’ stirring up the pot, today some call them ‘controlled opposition’, I call them radical extremist freaks infiltrating a just cause. Her words were proven right when researched, she was so switched on, remembered facts & figures & knew the truth, another relative helped GlenvillePike with his books, though somethings were a bit off, eg: names & dates, us family would just write on the side the full right true truth when we bought his books, & why shouldn’t we, we knew the full story. I’m certain that if you researched on the internet you’d come across old newspapers/archives or others that restored & spread the whole true story of Eureka. When you come across the true story you’ll understand why me & Freddie say “unfinished business”. It’s why I was so pissed with that bs fantasy feather fluffing political party (what a crock) during political storm up here in fnq, ‘Informed Medical Options Party’, the devils whore, a Sylvia up here in fnq, she represents their party, along with her possie, pussy possie lead with a wannabe called Pasha, a pommie freeloader in tow with their idiotic groupies, standing for ‘a stand in the park,’ frauds, they underestimated others with vid footage of their despicable acts, tried to pull down my Freedom Banner & our Eureka Flags & covered up my man’s signs of info with their crap, apparently my man & I were too visual for the cowards. Ungrateful immigrants & her convoy of followers. Infiltrators. They can’t deny it, no-one can say it didn’t happen, I have proof & like a thorn in their side, it’s there. Yep, beware people, infiltrators everywhere, blowing their own trumpets for self glory. Coward genes also bred & are here in present day.
    ron is right as said, “the longer we leave it, the harder the fight”.
    Also ron: when I hear/read the Eureka chant it chills me to the bone.
    On another note folks, something the ‘unbelievables’ don’t fathom is:- current rental crisis all orchestrated by the cvdscam, example: family living it rough, either in a tent under a bridge or in a park, or in a van or tent or shed in someone’s yard, you are classed as homeless & not providing a safe environment for your children, they can come & take your children away, make them ‘wards of the state’, put them in foster care or govt run institutions, infiltrated by pedos. If you’re sharing a house, then local council can say too many people living in the house, bylaws, only so many allowed in X amount of bedrooms. Warning: don’t partake in a msm story on a family doing it tough, they’ll take your kids. But, maybe we need enough mumma bears fighting for their children & strong men to say enough, to wake them up & get them to fight. If enough unvaxxed’humans are left that is.
    Gotta hand it to ‘Pat from Vic’ pulls no punches, says it how it is.
    Yeah, I’m over being nice

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  19. Tony Ryan you are seriously a fountain of knowledge. (No offence to all the wonderful contributors on here that I learn from basically daily). What i learn from reading your comments is astounding, much I have been questioning for years. You really ought have your own show, platform, roadshow coupled with some others on others on here and you would be literally dynamite.

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  20. Victoria Premier Dan Andrews Thanks jews for Destroying Free Speech in Australia

    August 18, 2022 renegade 12 Comments



    So true stephensneddon, whether new to parliament or new to a portfolio, the pollies quickly receive their brief to stay the course.


  22. Pat from Vic… A Victorian who has the balls to tell it like it is. Good for you, mate. There are a great many more of us than Deathly Dan suspects. His end will make Mussolini’s look like hospice indulgence.

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  23. Stephen Sneddon… that was one of the most pertinent letters to grace this page. I hope many read and learned from it. So many have been conned into hating the true left, which was also variants on the philosophy of “each according to his needs and each according to his means”. This was largely Australia from 1947 to 1975, an egalitarian democratic meritocracy which social scientists now deny ever existed. And yet I lived through it.

    The globalists are in fact two distinct parties. Ruling from above are the billionaire investment banker elite; assisted temporarily by the (expendable) nouveau plutocrats. The other group are the vast army of brainwashed and ignorant supporters of anthropogenic global warming, LGBTQ etc and transgenderists, and the half-world of mRNA jabbees, academics, executives, scientists, school teachers. social workers, and journalists.

    What I don’t know is how many of these are educable.


  24. tonyryan43 said – “If we want democracy, or to give it its full title, installation of a democratic meritocracy, we will have to fight for it. There is no possible way we will be permitted to vote for freedom and democracy.”

    Absolutely spot on.

    FWIW, the sentiment of the parent article, and in your comment, is mirrored in the philosophy promoted by Riccardo Bosi’s Australia One Party.

    At some point this is all going to come to a head. I’d much rather sooner than later.


  25. ohaircut351 said – “This arseCLOWN is one of the most hated pricks on the planet after the goings-on of the last 3 years … DON’T TRY & TELL ME FOR ONE HOT SECOND the people of Victoria voted this clam back IN …”

    I think you’re being way too kind to that walking bowel movement from a dog’s rectum.

    When Dictator Dan finally passes from this world (and right now isn’t soon enough), he will be emigrating to a rather warmer habitat, and his new constituency will less amicable than his present subjects.

    This individual (I won’t say “man”, because that implies “human”) is a textbook psycopath – no conscience, no trace of empathy, and pure evil to boot. “Full term abortion” – the practice of killing a living newborn child during its birth – was legalised here in Victoria by Dictator Dan, and is now a thriving multibillion dollar industry in every Australian state.

    BTW, Dictator Dan has also expressed his approval for extending “full term abortion” up to 28 days AFTER birth, ie, “post-birth abortions”, and there are already agitations among the Australian political class to legalise “post birth abortion” up to TWO YEARS OF AGE.

    Dictator Dan also BLOCKED legislation to require pain killers for the butchered babies during their slaughter, because that would CONTAMINATE the child’s organs and render them unsuitable for the organ trade. All you happy Australian families with kiddies running and playing in the sunshine, you better wake up to what’s happening, because your country is going to Hell.

    All of this from someone who has the stupefying audacity to claim Catholic heritage. Anyone who aids, abets or supports this f*cking genocidal psycopath IN ANY WAY is on a one way trip to Hell.

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  26. stephensneddon said – “Please do not mention that communists are running the governments as this is truly a very poor analysis of the world situation.”

    Indeed, this “communist” catch-cry seems to be a favorite among certain of the American resistance movement – Stew Peters for example. That Cold War indoctrination must be hard to shake – generations of people told scary bedtime stories about the “Evil Communists”, while in fact the most evil regime in history (SO FAR) has turned out to be the cabal controlling the American Empire for the past 100 years or so.

    By my understanding, the enemy we now face isn’t “communist”, not by a long shot – it’s “fascist”, given the definition that “fascism” involves subversion and control of the government and resources (including LABOUR, that is, the “useless eaters”) by corporate interests and big money. In the present circumstances, we are seeing the most extreme and egregious species of fascism EVER – an aspiring absolute Globalist Empire implanting and coordinating its particular totalitarian brand in each country IN LOCKSTEP around the planet, with an unfolding agenda to kill off 90% of the human population and enslave the rest FOREVER.

    And what’s more, the billionaire psycopaths and their legions of willing minions are fully capable of doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals, because it’s RELIGIOUS for them. For anyone that has yet to figure it out, these people worship Lucifer, they have a global network which specialises in trading, torturing and sacrificing children, they drink babies’ blood and they eat human flesh – not because they HAVE to, but because they WANT to.

    Just take a look at publicly broadcast interviews with George Soros to get an inkling of the evil facing us. This man enthusiastically participated in the genocide of his own people, was delighted to thieve the belongings and wealth of the slaughtered, is more than happy to publicly boast about it, and has not the slightest pang of conscience or even a hint of remorse. And he’s probably the best of the vermin we’re up against.

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  27. I’ve never heard that about Eureka before!
    Makes more sense than the sanitized version. Can anyone recommend a book that has this version of Eureka history?
    I also really like those first few sentences from Declaration of Independence. Think we should use them !

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  28. Chriss, plenty of castor beans growing wildly in Qld/Aus, even with councils constantly trying to poison it.
    Should become a “mandatory juice” for all resident honorables hiding beyond kangaroos, emus, queens and princes without any authority of the natives.


  29. auntieet – “it’s unfinished business” too. Yep, damn straight Freddie, “unfinished business”.

    I believe that you are right about “unfinished business” still a lot of parasites running thoroughly rotten systems in Australia, especially in Victoria.

    just as relevant today as it was in 1856:

    We swear by the Southern Cross, to stand truly by each other, and fight to defend our rights and liberties’. 1856

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  30. You too Ron: damn straight mate!

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  31. tonyryan43 – “If we want democracy, or to give it its full title, installation of a democratic meritocracy, we will have to fight for it. There is no possible way we will be permitted to vote for freedom and democracy.”

    100% correct, real world – no other way.

    The grubs who now demand that we blindly follow all of their dictates laugh at our bent knees, they have no respect for weak minded blind compliance.

    The longer we leave it, the harder the fight.

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  32. tonyryan43, thank you re: Eureka. Not many realise how more in-depth it was or will even talk about it. It’s how it was explained to me, more than mining licences, an assault on democracy, hard men with spirited women backing them took the mongrels on, tried to, was an us against them scenario, deaths, chaos & trials, but the truth was shown & a lot of those fighting for truth genes survived. We must be related to a different mother & different father as I always say “it’s unfinished business” too. Yep, damn straight Freddie, “unfinished business”.

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  33. Mussolini’s method of suppressing holders of the Communist mind set.

    Click to access Black_Shirts.pdf

    (How Italy Found Her Soul)
    The True Story of the Fascisti Movement
    Sir Percival Phillips, K.B.E.
    (Special Correspondent of “The Daily Mail.”)
    In their war against Bolshevism the Crusaders of the Black
    Shirt used many weapons. One of the most effective was castor
    As one youthful leader explained to me, it was not so much a
    weapon as a remedy. The Fascisti were constantly encountering
    acts of disloyalty which deserved punishment on the lower
    scale, and Signor Italo Balbo, who looks like a militant poet, but
    is nevertheless one of the veterans of Fascismo despite his 27
    years, conceived the idea of purging society in this simple way.
    He had to deal with the case of a man of nearly 60, who was guilty of
    propaganda against the State. The culprit was too old to be beaten.
    Signor Balbo had him forcibly fortified with a pint of castor oil,
    administered in two large tumblers by simply stopping his breath
    until he had to swallow or die. He was kept under restrains until the
    remedy had taken a firm hold on him and then sent back to his family.
    Thereafter castor oil became a sovereign remedy for “Red madness.” It
    was given to all breeds of Bolsheviks, from desperadoes recruited from
    the criminal classes to schoolmasters and “intellectuals ” higher up
    in the movement to overthrow the kingdom.

    The effect was unfailing. I am told that a “patient” never rendered
    himself liable to a second dose. When he emerged from his retirement,
    pale and haggard, he found himself an object of ridicule instead of a
    martyr. He was never quite the same man again. Fascisti would pass him
    by with an ironic inquiry as to the state of his health, and Communist
    accomplices had difficulty expressing sympathy which did not betray a
    suggestion of amusement.
    Ridicule thus became a powerful ally of the Crusaders of the Black Shirt.
    The psychologists at the head of the movement gauged exactly the mentality
    of their opponents, and where less subtle leaders might have relied
    mistakenly on brute force alone, they waged war with fine discrimination…………………….”

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  34. Great write-up, clever in every way and exceptionally brave to speak such truth. Thank you.


    By Thomas Hobbes

    ( The Climate Change doctrine came to mind )

    One Makes The Things Incongruent, Another The Incongruity

    And for their Morall, and Civill Philosophy, it hath the same, or greater absurdities. If a man doe an action of Injustice, that is to say, an action contrary to the Law, God they say is the prime cause of the Law, and also the prime cause of that, and all other Actions; but no cause at all of the Injustice; which is the Inconformity of the Action to the Law. This is Vain Philosophy. A man might as well say, that one man maketh both a streight line, and a crooked, and another maketh their Incongruity. And such is the Philosophy of all men that resolve of their Conclusions, before they know their Premises; pretending to comprehend, that which is Incomprehensible; and of Attributes of Honour to make Attributes of Nature; as this distinction was made to maintain the Doctrine of Free-Will, that is, of a Will of man, not subject to the Will of God.

    And That All Government But Popular, Is Tyranny

    From Aristotles Civill Philosophy, they have learned, to call all manner of Common-wealths but the Popular, (such as was at that time the state of Athens,) Tyranny. All Kings they called Tyrants; and the Aristocracy of the thirty Governours set up there by the Lacedemonians that subdued them, the thirty Tyrants: As also to call the condition of the people under the Democracy, Liberty. A Tyrant originally signified no more simply, but a Monarch: But when afterwards in most parts of Greece that kind of government was abolished, the name began to signifie, not onely the thing it did before, but with it, the hatred which the Popular States bare towards it: As also the name of King became odious after the deposing of the Kings in Rome, as being a thing naturall to all men, to conceive some great Fault to be signified in any Attribute, that is given in despight, and to a great Enemy. And when the same men shall be displeased with those that have the administration of the Democracy, or Aristocracy, they are not to seek for disgraceful names to expresse their anger in; but call readily the one Anarchy, and the other Oligarchy, or the Tyranny Of A Few. And that which offendeth the People, is no other thing, but that they are governed, not as every one of them would himselfe, but as the Publique Representant, be it one Man, or an Assembly of men thinks fit; that is, by an Arbitrary government: for which they give evill names to their Superiors; never knowing (till perhaps a little after a Civill warre) that without such Arbitrary government, such Warre must be perpetuall; and that it is Men, and Arms, not Words, and Promises, that make the Force and Power of the Laws.


  36. Hi Editor, thanks for re-posting this article.


  37. The Preamble to the American Declaration of Independence is one of the most beautiful statements for human freedom and dignity of all time. It must become the focal point globally for all peoples.
    It sums up man, made in the Image of God the Creator and defines the personal Sovereignty and value of each and every life, including the unborn.

    Humanity’s rebellion against The Lordship of Christ and the reduction of the Ten Commandments to the Ten suggestions has got us to where we are now.

    I had said that the Canberra Protests should have taken back the People’s Parliament and notified Elizabeth the Second, that we The People required Her to appoint a Governor or else abdicate.

    None of this happened because the criminals who run things had skilfully created a fake leadership to lead these protests into impotent street rallies which were ” trying to get the political class to hear our voice”.

    Why would you even bother to speak to people who aren’t a lawful Government, but are only a private corporation registered on the USA securities Commission? Other than to say ” step up here while we put this rope around your neck”.

    Betrayal is the name of the game.
    Create a new lawful Government. Forget Charles, he can’t become King of anything because the Crown failed to fulfil Her Contract with the People and appoint a Governor, now there is no Constitutionaly appointed Governor General to offer Charles His Royal Styles and Titles.

    Charles is finished as a peoples Sovereign and is just a creation of the Private corporate Governance.

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  38. I find it strange that people keep talking about communists running everything.

    However it is far far far from that, as the word communism mean having all in common. I laugh at the word as there has never been communism running the world governments but billionaires who control the flow of money, arms and food around the world. These people put in and remove puppet governments that suit their needs.

    As the love of money is the root of all evil, not money but the love of it.

    I don’t need to name these people as they are by now well known to most people.

    The so called elites are certainly not communists and they have no inclining to want to share not even a bread crumb with you or I but there only desire is to make you a puppet slave to serve their desires.

    Please do not mention that communists are running the governments as this is truly a very poor analysis of the world situation.

    Even the Chinese government whom people call communist, are just greedy men who have greed for money and power, and once again have no desire to share anything they have with others.

    Australia is just another pitiful US state run by handlers telling the pathetic politicians what to do

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  39. Readers will grossly misinterpret this article unless they understand why Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

    The investment bankers killed him because he denied them a privately-owned federal reserve bank and civil war loans, but the overweening motive was to smother the resonance of his Gettysburg Address in which he defined democracy as “Government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

    His death, however, triggered the Populist Movement; a campaign to introduce democracy to the US. The campaigners fully understood that electing somebody to do your thinking for you was alien to democracy, which in fact meant the community formulating all local, regional and national policy.

    The bankers were determined to prevent this because their corrupt power would be ended. By usurping control over all media, they convinced the public that representational paraphernalia… elections, parliaments, voting, campaigns, and lobbying… were all part of democracy, which they are not.

    We are screened from the mathematical reality that the only votes that count are those of the “swinging voter”, usually around 5% or less, and the media targets this tiny segment at very little cost. And by owning electoral commissions, a Plan B can be put into effect to prevent any unanticipated demand for a change of government.

    Victorians recently experienced both measures.

    But this war against democracy in Australia is not new. In 1854, the US investment bankers got wind of thousands of workers from many countries, including the US, Russia and China, meeting in Australia to create the world’s first genuine democracy. The bankers demanded that the British military crush this alarming movement. We know of this as the Eureka Stockade Massacre, although we are told it was a rebellion against high-cost mining licences.

    If we want democracy, or to give it its full title, installation of a democratic meritocracy, we will have to fight for it. There is no possible way we will be permitted to vote for freedom and democracy.

    Eureka, December 3 1854… unfinished business.

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  40. This arseCLOWN is one of the most hated pricks on the planet after the goings-on of the last 3 years … DON’T TRY & TELL ME FOR ONE HOT SECOND the people of Victoria voted this clam back IN … BULLSHIT …


  41. Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
    Because you have rejected knowledge,
    I also will reject you from being priest for Me;
    Because you have forgotten the law of your God,
    I also will forget your children.”

    2 Chronicles 7:14-20 “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

    The Fatal Discourse of Rabbi Reichhorn’s “FuneralOration”

    Rabbi Reichhorn’s Protocols

    “6. By the ceaseless praise of DEMOCRATIC RULE we shall divide the Christians into political parties, we shall destroy the unity of their nations, we shall sow discord everywhere. Reduced to impotence, they will bow before the LAW of OUR BANK, always united, and always devoted to our Cause.”

    “Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism.” — Pro-Communist, “Red Rabbi” Stephen Wise, advisor to Presidents Wilson and F.D.R., when asked in 1935 by a reporter to comment on Communism. Wise, a staunch Jewish supremacist, was also known as a “Father of Zionism” for his help in securing the Zionist Balfour Declaration, thus another representation of how Communism (just like neoconservatism) originated as a Trojan Horse for Jewish supremacism in America !!!

    “The Jewish serpent will show its hydra’s heads everywhere, blocking the way to a relaxation of international tensions. We Jews will not allow peace in the world, however hard statesmen and peace advocates try to bring it about.”
    — London Jewish Chronicle, March 3, 1939

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  42. Greetings,

    Your editorial is very insightful. Keep up your great work.

    Kind Regards,

    Will Hamilton Development Director Conscious Energy Initiative Pty Ltd Trading as Conscious Energy ACN 638 494 274 Mobile : + 61 478 391711

    Sent from ProtonMail, encrypted email based in Switzerland.


  43. The Americans have the means to free themselves f the Federal Government via Anna von Reitz’s State Assemblies, where Americans (rather than US CORPORATECITIZENS, who have no rights (the US GOVERNMENT CORPORATION being, in actual fact, a British Territorial Government-Anna has proved all this) can re-convey themselves back to the Land jurisdiction. This is done via a simple process involving just a couple of forms. Australia has an equivalent process, based on Anna’s, which is necessarily more complicated. It is available here:
    Have a good look at it.


  44. The Communist subversion of the Australian and US governments must be met with Counter Revolution in every institution of social influence / governance. The ownership of the electoral process by the Independant Interest (where is that hex emoji?) is part of this subversion.


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