The circled cities were shut down in response to the unrest at the massive iPhone factory in Zhengzhou (below) where thousands of workers confronted police goons covered in white protective suits.

PROTESTS and riots have erupted across China in almost every major city across the nation, according to reports in both mainstream and alternative media.

Chinese people have been out on the streets tearing down the barricades set up to lock them into zones and races to literally herd them like livestock to mass testing centres staffed by zombie-like characters covered from head to toe in white plastic protection suits.

There are also massive quarantine camps, where many people are sent just because they are one member of a family deemed likely to have Covid. Things came to a head last week after a dozen people were burnt to death in an apartment building in Urumqi, the capital of Xianjiang Province that had been locked down for three months. Fire engines were blocked by pandemic control barriers and cars stranded after their owners were put in quarantine.

White the globalist powers of the West tell us how bad is Vlad and Russia, the world’s most powerful dictator in the form of China’s President Xi Jinping, whose CCP is driving the lockdown, was breezing around the recent G20 meeting taking curtsies from the “social democrat” leaders like Anthony Albanese and Justin Trudeau.

Albanese bragged to media that he had 35 minutes with Xi, no doubt licking his highly polished black shoes in the hope of getting the dictator to lift punitive tariffs on Australian exports. Also at the G20 was Klaus Schwab, who gets an audience despite him not representing any of the G20 countries.

Schwab, coincidentally, was also at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Council) CEO Summit singing the high praises of China as a “role model” for other countries, although he admitted the “China vay of doing things vas not necessarily the vay other countries might do it”. Schwab was doing his own form of bootlicking while talking to state-run Chinese media.

The globalists have been on full throttle recently, holding a swarm of their gatherings in South East Asia following the G7 meeting in Germany, The G20 and health and finance ministers summits were held in Indonesia and APEC in Bangkok, Thailand. Schwab and Xi, of course, have huge stakes in these goings-on, as do all big multinational companies.

But back home in China, things have not been going too smoothly for Xi and his CCP hordes of faceless bureaucratic yes men. Up to a third of Chinese population has been locked down in an insane attempt at “zero Covid”, which is about as scientific as a government declaring a Zero Bacteria Month.

“So what we’re seeing going in China is mass protests in almost every major city across the country from east to west to north to south,” journalist and ex-US naval intelligence officer Jack Posebic reported from Washington.

Posebic said the protests were kicked off by two situations, firstly the massive zero-Covid lockdowns for the past three months across China. He noted China had been open from the end of 2020 all the way to the National People’s Congress held until October this year. “That was the coronation of Xi Jinping as the CCP’s pre-eminent chairman for life, whose Covid-zero strategy is what created the new lockdowns,” he said.

“Municipalities, neighborhoods, local leaders, were cracking down more and more and more and they were competing to see who could show more fealty (loyalty) to Xi Jinping by cracking down the most and enforcing the strictest lockdown. It became a challenge and a test fealty of the local CCP commissars to see who could get away with the most stringent lockdown,”

The protests and riots have also hit Foxconn, the world’s largest iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, with violent clashes between police and some 20,000 factory workers angry over lockdowns and the company reneging on a bonus deal. The government has been recruiting CCP cadres and army veterans to fill in the thousands of vacant positions.

China Insights reported that on November 23rd, the government began shutting down shopping centres and entire cities and imposing more strict controls on movement. The CCP allowed broadcasts of the Soccer World Cup, but blurred out the crowds because masks were not being worn. Many Chinese are unaware that restrictions have been lifted elsewhere.