The Trusted Digital Identity bill 2022 and 10 million Optus identity thefts

The massive and unprecedented Optus data heist this week should put paid to any Australians placing their trust in this so-called ‘trusted’ legislation soon to be introduced by the Labor Party.

As more and more information is released by telco Optus it seems that up to 10 million former and existing customers have had their identity stolen by sophisticated hackers to be re-sold to criminal networks in Asia.

Gone are your identities through the theft of Passport numbers and all personal details including drivers licences.

In Australia, particularly with government, banks and telcos your date of birth is your official ID number.

You can’t change your date of birth therefore the loss of the millions of birth dates will now cost victims dearly as criminal networks clean out your bank and credit card accounts.

These devious Asians will open false accounts in banks, obtain credit cards, rip off power companies(not that would worry most customers), food retailers and engage in just about every online business transaction that can be done.

Your identity is gone forever thanks to fascist government policies that forced telcos to take and store this personal ID data when activating a phone.

Thank the Liberal National Party and the Labor Party as your identity just jumped out the window.

And the devious socialists in the ALP want you to sign onto their Trusted Digital Identity legislation soon to go before parliament?

Optus customers should take every measure they can to cancel every piece of ID they have and try to start again. Remember Google captures all your online transactions. Will it be next?

The Trusted Digital Identity bill 2022

This proposed legislation makes way for biometric data to be stored by government or private companies. It includes finger prints, hand prints, iris scans, facial scans and your DNA. (we have been reliably informed that Queenslanders who were PCR tested for Covid with intrusive nasal swabs have their DNA recorded in private data banks held in Brisbane.)

The government website states:

‘This legislation provides assurance to consumers that their privacy and security is protected.

It is also relevant for businesses and state and territory governments who wish to:

  • be accredited for the digital identity services they provide under the Australian Government accreditation scheme, or
  • participate in the System as an accredited onboarded participant (provides identity services) or a relying party (services that require their customer to verify their identity online).’

The Optus damage so far:

1.Nearly 10 million current and former Optus customers have been affected by the data breach

2. An expert says the data could be used by criminals to take out fraudulent loans or impersonate victims

3.Australian intelligence agencies are investigating the data breach, which could have implications for national security.

Brendan Walker-Munro of the University of Queensland said with those personal details, criminals would be able to commit “garden variety identity theft”.

“Someone posing as you can contact certain agencies and redirect physical mail, potentially even your electronic mail,” he said.

Dr Walker-Munro said the information released could allow people to impersonate others.

“Essentially, they’re able to commit a crime and almost make it look as though this this innocent person whose information they’ve obtained was actually responsible for it,” he said.

An Australian Federal Police task force will work with the Australians Signals Directorate to identify those behind the breach.

“I want to reassure Australians that the full weight of cybersecurity capabilities across government … are working round the clock to respond to this breach,” Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said.

Yeah Albo and are you going to going to play Santa Claus at the ACTU Christmas party this year?

Editor: It should be noted that Australia has long been recognised as the world wide testing ground for all devious operations of the Deep State. Take the Covid mandates for example and years before the introduction of colour TV, fuel shortages, shooting millions of livestock under the bogus BTEC scheme and then the Port Arthur sting that removed many guns from the population, ad infinitum.

There could be more to this data heist than it seems.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Old kodger…I got rid of my mobile phone a couple of years ago.It was an invasion of my privacy.
    People should beware of Smart phones and Smart tvs.They have technology on them which allows the’ Powers that be’ to monitor what is said in your home.
    We have a new tv but made sure that the snooping technology was turned off….I hope!
    They are trying to herd us like cattle into agreeing to the ‘safe’ Id system…all propaganda towards that.Don’t believe it.
    As someone said, We are a test case in this farcical attempt at take-over.


  2. Precisely! John Alexander, Yet another psy-op of fear mongering to impel the digital ID uptake.


  3. John Alexander

    Recommendations” after the apparent Optus leak.
    * Switch your drivers licence to a Digital licence
    * Use Facial Recognition for all devices
    * Keep devices updated with every new update
    * Use 2-factor identification for bank accounts etc..
    These controlling Track and Trace tactics will deliver us to the Digital ID they want for us.
    How do we actually know if the Optus information was really leaked/hacked? Was it because we heard it on the news?

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  4. Nothing surprises me anymore. Was this deliberate? How could this happen? Now telling us the person wasn’t using sophisticated techniques. Funny that government and media stream media ain’t saying much. Well more fool for the sheeple believing and trusting government and big businesses.

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  5. Hi Blisskitt, re: “Not that I am suggesting anything at all but coincidence ? Gladys at Optus.” Haha! well it was never any surprise that the equally unethical, moral compassless (is that a word?), lying Bury-the-jerry-can found her perfect haven at Optus. Carrying on right where she left off no doubt.


  6. Not that I am suggesting anything at all but coincidence ? Gladys at Optus.


  7. I never keep passwords, or anything sensitive on my computer, and the pension makes damned sure there’s f’all in my bank account so good luck with this one


  8. Thanks to Deb delarue; Dick; and ohaircut351 for your perceptive deductions. Optus, having never possessed a moral compass or ethics, would be prime accomplices for helping the government engender fear – resulting in digital ID uptake.


  9. This also appears to be them implementing what was rehearsed at the dry run similar to Event 201 known as cyber polygon … don’t get me wrong we may or may not have been legitimately hacked the proof and the truth is in the preplanned pudding miraculously gifted with an extensively detailed remedy in no time flat … we’ve see the same patterns becoming predictable typical of these PATSY false flag ….. induce a PROBLEM .. ⏳ for REACTIONARY .. alternative motives hidden in RESPONSE … did seem like more pieces coming together

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  10. Orchestrated I think, another step closer to round us up for digital ID.

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  11. ES Said – “Treason must pay well for fake politicians.”

    … that’s the problem – we need to make them more afraid of us than they are of their Globalist masters.


  12. “HACK ATTACK” . We’ve been waiting for this one, wonder I g when the deep state globalist opportunistic parasitez would pull it off.? Question is, is it the first step to forcing digital ID and forcing ppl to put every ounce of their life in the Digital ID profile. I’m not too going anywhere near digital ID.

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  13. Nothing to do with Cyberpolygon?
    What were they practising behind closed doors.

    Problem. Reaction. Solution.

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  14. stephensneddon – “Give them all 10 jabs of the poison covid jab and see how they feel.”

    I agree.

    The Australian federal, state and local governments are corporate entities, -they are a business. Why would we trust a business / corporation that has already pushed an experiment that harms and kills and locked us down for months and caused loss of small business and jobs?


  15. I agree, the ppl shld be waking up to what is going on by now but most are totally oblivious or in denial. Anyone with logic and common sense shld be able to see whats going on here. Unfortunately, I believe we are doomed.

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  16. Down with the lying fake politicians and scum who think they are all above everyone else and the law. Give them all 10 jabs of the poison covid jab and see how they feel.

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  18. Treason must pay well for fake politicians.

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