Cairns’ abundant car thieves soon to be tracked by military drones

by Jim O’Toole, Townsville bureau

Police in Cairns will soon deploy high-tech military grade drones that can look through windows and photograph backyards in what the state government claims is an effort to tackle spiraling youth crime across the region.

High tech military drones will soon be patrolling Cairns suburbs

The drones will be equipped with enhanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities and artificial intelligence technologies for tracking stolen vehicles and thermal imaging cameras to find people.

These $400,000 state-of-the-art drones are similar to those used by allied forces in combat zones. They can carry armaments capable of shooting specified targets and to deploy explosives.

This is another typical political party duopoly reaction to black youth holding Far North Queensland to ransom instead of going to the heart of the generational problem.

Police, youth workers and most people with half a brain know that these mainly juvenile black youth do not attend school or do they regularly stay at their residences from where they have to contend with massive overcrowding, witness drunkenness, drug abuse and a total lack of normal home life.

Leader of Katters Australian Party, Mt Isa MLA Robbie Katter has seen a similar problem in his town for many years where predominantly black youth rule the streets and participate in runaway car theft and break and enters.

Getting these offending kids out of town and away from their peers is a priority, sending them to remote facilities based on the successful Petford Farm model where kids learn life skills and respect for others.

The Katters Australian Party Relocation Sentencing policy has been on the table for several years but the Labor Party claims it is too hard on young kids aged between 10 and 18 whom they believe should be left alone to create havoc by stealing hundreds of cars a month, robbing pensioners and other vulnerable people.

Police have said their hands are tied. Last week a helicopter was used to track stolen vehicles being driven dangerously through Cairns suburbs.

With the aid of the dog squad 28 offenders were eventually caught over a four day period, charged with 222 offences and taken to court only to reappear on the streets next day thanks to Labor’s watered down juvenile bail laws.

Police recovered 18 stolen cars during the crime spree.

It will take months before they reappear in court to be sentenced and by then, as experience shows, these same kids on bail will have stolen another fleet of cars and robbed more homes and shops.

None will be sent to remote facilities.

Brisbane’s socialist media no longer believe Qld Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

This vicious cycle is attracting more recruits by the week because they know they can commit serious crimes with impunity.   

When questioned about the runaway crime across the state, socialist  Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said today, “We have the toughest juvenile justice system in the country.”

A statement even the socialist media now disbelieves.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Of course this is going to happen.. Cairns is a shithole owned by the Chinese Labor communist party


  2. The justice system Australia wide is absolutely appalling. Juveniles commit disgusting crimes then go before our limp wristed magistrates and judges then are back out on the street the next day. Their parents don’t care and are never held responsible so why would the juveniles give a damn? They are taught that the law can’t touch them because they are not 18 years old. When the same grubs do turn 18 years old they get a fresh start – all their crimes get the delete button used. Criminal lawyers and barristers are mostly just that CRIMINALS. It is all ok as most of our politicians are exactly the same. In saying that I actually know a couple of lawyers and very few politicians that are very nice people.
    You do a crime you should do the time. You destroy other people’s property you should get the bill and your centrelink payment stops until the appropriate bill is paid.


  3. my apologies for the typos, it’s what comes of being in a hurry.


  4. From a purely crime wave point of view the answer is quite simple and would cost the gov. nothing. Give back to the people the right to protect and defend their property. After a few of these gags get the trip kicked out of them the res might think twice about following suit.
    The problem for the gov. is that once the people have dealt with the little sh*ts, they may well turn their attention to the next level of criminals in government house.


  5. wonder who will be first to blow one of these drones out of the sky for being nosey..if a citizen were to fly one over their neighbours yard they can be prosecuted for being nosey or interfearing .

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  6. The offending kids don’t need to go to an outback retreat. They need to be relocated to the electorates of gov ministers, preferably the suburbs they live in. And then we wait for a few weeks. Cash incentive for those with big houses to accommodate the youth.

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  7. Cairns’ abundant car thieves ?? Those white privileged supremacists very heavily suntanned, just doing it again ??


  8. Police in Cairns and anywhere in Oz and the rest of the globe will soon deploy Killer Drones, remote gun turrets in heavily populated areas. Training & technology provided as usual by the chosen ones thinking against us – again.

    “IDF commanders in the West Bank have been given the green light to use armed drones to carry out targeted killings of Palestinian terrorists, with the approval of Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi.
    According to sources, commanders will now be allowed to use the platforms not only as cover and intelligence for forces during operations but also to carry out strikes should armed gunmen be identified as posing imminent threats to their troops.”


  9. I have no doubt the migrant gravy train destined for Australia will be racially/ethnically and religiously coded by the Aust CoVID Regime of the United [Communist] Nations. And in NQ a percentage of these people who have made their own communities internationally famous for gang related crime will be joining the local gangs. Either that or turf wars. The racial/ethnic identities might be censored in Big Jew MSM but in terms of who are the rape and sex trafficking gangs in Northern Britain for example – assorted African identities getting in on the act do not require their separate recognition, pronouns, care and feeding instructions, medical assistance with their muti etc. Welcome to country.


  10. Another Port Arthur false flag

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  11. Hi tonyryan43, Exactly. And the problem should firstly be named accurately:- ‘Torres Strait juvenile crime’ NOT wide sweeping ‘black crime’. Secondly, rather than wasting tax payer $$$’s on the inappropriate (and hugely irritating) useage of the rescue chopper; law enforcement resources and time spent in apprehending – simply so the Courts and the bleeding heart Youth Justice idiots can let these marauding recidivist ferals go again – they need to start coming down hard on the ‘parents’. If you own a dog that you allow to roam free and it attacks someone, you are automatically fined. As I have said before, I have copper mates who attest to and agree with all that I am saying. They too are totally frustrated, angry and sick and tired of it. But yes, “their hands are tied”. These youths (as young as 7), are being sent out on ‘attack missions’ in the belief that their ages gives them impunity. They should definitely be shipped off to a remote facility as mentioned in Jim’s article. Preferably situated back in the Torres Straits. As for the useage of drones…what right does Porky Palachook have to yet again invade the entitled peace and privacy of the rest of us, who are decent law abiding citizens!!


  12. when laws arn’t enforced, or the offenders are let of the hook by weak socialist judges so they re offend again, and laugh in our faces, there are other ways of dealing with these offenders


  13. Atm, they are warming things up/ testing stage.

    Just wait when they will bring in their so-called “climate lockdown”.

    They will be most likely using these drones, to check if people are running any combustible engines, such as a petrol/gas lawnmower etc. etc.


  14. Yes unfortunately I would air on the side of caution … as this fits directly in line with their agenda 21 agenda 30 and the last 2 years of lockdown .. what good are the f****** drones going to do … yes they quite clearly could apprehend more criminals however lets rewind back to the before mentioned ” only to be let out again the next day ” so a thinking fella would conclude whether it be a by normal means police work , helicopter or new orwellian drone 🙃 how on earth will this do anything to alleviate the massive problem with crime in North ( we haven’t got an apprehension problem we quite clearly have a they got let out the next day problem ).. given that the whole sleight of hand premise behind us accepting more UNNECESSARY tyrannical overreach and control these drones will bring … the TERMINATOR movie fast becoming reality 🤯close to autonomous AI DRONES capable of firing live rounds at citizens 🙈what could possibly go wrong 👉 this is NEXT LEVEL and should be ringing alarm bells big time … maybe it’s just sceptical old me ! this trade-off is going to be our saviour as promised hmmmmmmm … don’t get me wrong the juvenile / crime problem is plenty alarming but lets take a step back and look rationally at the big picture here … 👉coincidentally 👈 similar going hand in hand with the rest of the Agenda 21 agenda 30 build back better great reset bullshit …. HUNGER GAMES

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  15. There are solutions, but there is no mandate to intervene because no government in Australia has any will to solve actual problems and no support from the community even if they did.

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  16. Rosemary Tempany

    Someone needs to tell that hopeless individual – symbolism will be their downfall.
    Probably , hopefully before she’s voted out.


  17. Of course military drone patrols are Annastacia [Polish nation libel] Palaszczuk’s solution to Black crime or rather I should say the Black entitlement to crime granted by the Communist state. Where was she bat mitvah’d I wonder. The White Anglo-Celtic population is not allowed to notice that ‘youth crime’ / teen crime etc is Black gang related crime and their impressive stats are tidied up by the gov’t and concealed by the media etc.

    Demographics is destiny. The Big Pineapple will have to get the J-Claw of the George St Cabal together with its Masonic agencies out of our collective back. When we do, it will take the White Australian population less than a week to sort out Black gang related crime.

    Borat -Karate Lessons


  18. They have been & are intentionally importing trash (Criminals etc) into Australia, which of course will increase the crime-rates etc.

    This will give them the excuse of using yet more drones far & wide (under the guise/ pretense of keeping us/ the public safe), which they will use to further surveillance & enslavement etc.

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  19. Gee whiz, and what else will they be used for that “helps the people of the country”, by these entities that care ever so much about the people, or the ones that are left at least after their poison jabs.

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