Editors Jim O’Toole & Harry Palmer

Cairns News celebrated 10 years of publication in March this year breaking some incredible national and international stories during this tumultuous period of world upheaval.

Our panel of contributors has been keeping close watch on the unfolding federal election trying to gauge if the dumbed-down majority of voters has yet woken up to the greatest scams in modern human history.

We had covid, global warming then climate change which have been the most sophisticated public indoctrination campaigns ever waged by government against its citizens.

Still the unintelligent majority, it seems, has not yet caught on to the subterfuge.

With this in mind our panel does not think it worthwhile to keep bashing our heads against the wall in an attempt to educate the majority about the inferno in which they will burn.

While the covid vaxx deaths are mounting up daily the TGA, lying doctors and the media are obfuscating the data.

Several eminent doctors and epidemiologists have predicted the death rate will rise exponentially over the next three years resulting in tens of millions of vaxx-related deaths across the world.

Therefore if the party duopoly is re-elected we have given honorarily, ten years of solid work and research for nothing. Should the duopoly scrape back with the aid of widespread voter fraud in marginal seats then we will wind down Cairns News.

We are talking to a few journalists who have been squeezed out of their jobs by Murdoch et al, who have expressed interest in continuing this publication which was being read in 104 countries yesterday. Perhaps they might keep it going?