Unintelligent majority has not yet caught on


Editors Jim O’Toole & Harry Palmer

Cairns News celebrated 10 years of publication in March this year breaking some incredible national and international stories during this tumultuous period of world upheaval.

Our panel of contributors has been keeping close watch on the unfolding federal election trying to gauge if the dumbed-down majority of voters has yet woken up to the greatest scams in modern human history.

We had covid, global warming then climate change which have been the most sophisticated public indoctrination campaigns ever waged by government against its citizens.

Still the unintelligent majority, it seems, has not yet caught on to the subterfuge.

With this in mind our panel does not think it worthwhile to keep bashing our heads against the wall in an attempt to educate the majority about the inferno in which they will burn.

While the covid vaxx deaths are mounting up daily the TGA, lying doctors and the media are obfuscating the data.

Several eminent doctors and epidemiologists have predicted the death rate will rise exponentially over the next three years resulting in tens of millions of vaxx-related deaths across the world.

Therefore if the party duopoly is re-elected we have given honorarily, ten years of solid work and research for nothing. Should the duopoly scrape back with the aid of widespread voter fraud in marginal seats then we will wind down Cairns News.

We are talking to a few journalists who have been squeezed out of their jobs by Murdoch et al, who have expressed interest in continuing this publication which was being read in 104 countries yesterday. Perhaps they might keep it going?

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. roland13021954

    It,s understandable . when you keep smashing your head against the wall ,the immeasurable bliss when you stop . the mind numbing ignorance of the average Aussie is some thing I would not have believed. no better than the dumb American from who we have adopted our culture . Shame on Aussies for giving it away.

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  2. Hi all, there was a typo in my email address which I will now rectify,


  3. Tony, u have the best humour, your Global insights are incisive, sharp & often brilliant.
    We love u for all those reasons & more.
    Do u really think u can retire from the TRUTH that is deep in your being you express through Cairns News.
    If u retired, could u live with the Stupid Aussie millions & then die knowing you fought then gave up.
    No it is not in your blood to Give Up as it is not in those who appreciate your honest expressiveness & rare talent, to give up because “the Light in us all would b blown out & the world becomes darker.
    Having this commitment to life, IS A WAY OF LIFE, not a hobby one grows out of.
    U have shon a Light of Truth for many & your Global Audience will grow into many millions who thirst & Cairns News is the only Aussie news outlet that can grow into the enormous platform where all nationalities can find out about real happenings in Oz.
    Tony, regardless of the Election outcome u cannot give up anymore than any of ur readers.
    Expressing the truth is not optional & would u die knowing u gave up.
    No, u could no more do that, than any of us could do.
    At 4 years old I knew the world was crap, from my mother’s screaming at us, to the RC nuns belting the crap out of us whil saying “God loves you”. Things have not changed much even though I am now 70 , mum passed long ago as did the Nuns, then there r a huge number of others to substitute.
    My love for Humanity has not changed , in fact has grown stronger, as I read the comments on Cairns News, watch so much & know there r millions like us around the world who never give up because we were all Made knowing the real Truth of everything.
    Time for us all to grow further into the the deep commitment we have had & now it’s time to find even deeper places of Human Truth, in a balanced, centred way knowing we will never give up because Truth is where we live in the depths of our beings until we take our last breaths, & & hold for u Tony in this beautiful Space as I do for all the readers of Cairns News who live HERE.
    In Love & Light 2 all.
    Tony u r welcome 2 communicate further as an invitation for the precious & brilliant work u are & do. Blessings All

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  4. Shane Sigley

    Unintelligent majority is right. All you have to understand to grasp this unfortunate fact is to understand the IQ bell curve.


  5. crisscross767

    May 21 election – no politician will ever mention this –

    No one elected will be eligible to sit in parliament under section 44 of the C of A Constitution as they all will be subject to a foreign power, namely the Rothschild foreign owned Reserve Bank of Australia. Rothschild issues Australia’s money as an interest bearing debt.which when paid leaves our shores making it much harder to keep our heads above water.


  6. Don’t forget our dear little children when you next vote.

    This subject had remained taboo for far too long in Australia. It’s time to face the music and realise we have a BIG problem.

    Vote the death cult criminal scum posing as politicians out. It’s time to stand up to save ourselves and our kids

    Never forget what they have put us through


  7. lol Thanks D Johnston, I’ll give it a shot if it doesn’t respond to longer foreplay next time. lol

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  8. Hi daviddd2, “What are you doing that I’m not?”….. Foreplay?!
    Actually, I’ve noticed sometimes it doesn’t register the “like” action when applied to a comment that is amongst the other post comments, but DOES register when you action the “like” from an emailed comment to you.


  9. Hi pipipops, Great to see you here with us! Don’t worry, ALL of us are in part on a continual learning curve in life… unless we consider ourselves to be all omnipotent or obsequious hahaha.


  10. lol The Like button doesn’t like me. It gives me a blank raspberry every time. What are you doing that I’m not?


  11. To D.Johnston & Aapkoning – well said. Bear in mind some of us have only just worked out how to comment & I kid you not -i’ve just now discovered how to’ Like.’ Call it a learning curve!

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  12. I came late to this wonderful site and have re-posted links to so many of your articles,Love what you do, ED AND what so many of your commentators have to say. In the words of an old comedy “Julie, Please Don’t go ” xx

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  13. ronda hodgins

    I pray this will not be necessary as your paper stands firm against tyranny, control and politicians who follow foreign orders.

    What an outstanding job for 10 years. You will be a huge loss if you decide to take this step. I hope it is not necessary and the stoic Aussies will rally n support freedom.


  14. What a fantastic comment and commitment – thank you. I would just express my shame at the way your generation have been treated through this covid fraud..Utter disgrace!


  15. It is hard work when the opposition is so powerful – but history shows we can make the change – Max like us all gets beaten down sometimes – but we have children and grandchildren – never say surrender.


  16. crisscross767

    Our Daily Bread the Media – From ‘Mein Kampf’ by Adolph Hitler

    “……….If we consider the attitude of various Governments towards a whole series of really pernicious phenomena in public life, we shall at once recognise the fearful significance of this policy of half-measures and the lack of courage to take responsibilities. I shall single out only a few from the large numbers of instances known to me.

    In journalistic circles it is a pleasing custom to speak of the Press as a ‘Great Power’ within the State. As a matter of fact its importance is immense. One cannot easily overestimate it, for the Press continues the work of education even in adult life. Generally, readers of the press can be classified into three groups:

    First, those who believe everything they read;

    Second, those who no longer believe anything;

    Third, those who critically examine what they read and form from their judgements accordingly.

    Numerically, the first group is by far the strongest, being composed of the broad masses of the people………………….

    ………………………………………………The third group is easily the smallest, being composed of real intellectuals whom natural aptitude and education have taught to think for themselves and who in all things try to form their own judgements, while at the same time carefully sifting what they read. They will not read any newspaper without using their own intelligence to collaborate with that of the writer and naturally this does not set the writer an easy task. journalists appreciate this type of reader only with a certain amount of reservation.

    Hence the trash that newspapers are capable of serving up is of little danger —— much less of importance——-to the third group of readers. In the majority of cases these readers have learnt to regard every journalist as fundamentally a rogue who sometimes speaks the truth. Most unfortunately the value of these readers lies in their intelligence and not in their numerical strength, an unhappy state of affairs in a period where wisdom counts for nothing and majorities for everything. Nowadays when the voting papers of the masses are the deciding factor; the decision lies in the hands of the numerically strongest group; that is to say the first group, the crowd of simpletons and the credulous…………………………

    ………………………………Particular attention should be paid to the Press; for its influence on these people is by far the strongest and most penetrating of all; since its affect is not transitory but continual. Its immense significance lies in the uniform and persistent repetition of its teaching. Here if anywhere, the State should never forget that all means should converge to the same end. It must not be led astray by the will-o’-the-wisp of so called ‘freedom of the Press’, or is talked into neglecting its duty, and withholding from the nation that which is good and does good. With ruthless determination the State must keep control of this instrument of popular education and place it at the service of the State and the nation………………………….

    ………………………..Was it not the German Press that understood how to make all the nonsensical talk obout ‘Western democracy’ palatable to our people, until an exuberant public was eventually prepared to entrust its future to the League of Nations? Was not this Press instrumental in bringing a state of moral degredation among our people? Were not morals and public decency made to look ridiculous and classed out of date and banal,until finally our people also became modernised?……………………………..

    …………………………………The function of the so called liberal Press was to dig the grave for the German people and Reich. No mention need be made of the lying Marxist Press. To them the spreading of falsehood is as much a vital necessity as the mouse is to a cat. Their task is to break the national backbone of the people, thus preparing the nation to become the slaves of international finance and its masters, the Jews……………………

    …………………………………….And what measures did the State take to counteract this wholesale poisoning of the public mind? None, absolutely nothing at all. By this policy it was hoped to win the favour of this pest—–by means of flattery, by a recognition of the ‘value’ of the Press, its importance, its ‘educative mission’ and similar nonsense. The Jews acknowledged all this with a knowing smile and returned thanks.”

    From page 132, “……….Of course it would be out of the question to enter into an arguement with these liars who deny at one moment what they said the moment before. I should waste no further words on them were it not for the fact that there are many thoughtless people who repeat all this in parrot fashion, without necessarily being inspired by any evil motives. But the observations I am making here are also meant for our fighting followers, seeing that nowadays ones spoken words are often forgotten and twisted in their meaning..”


  17. “: It’s like waves breaking against rocks; they get broken down but very slowly.” good way to put it – I sometimes think of it as seeds sown across the landscape – some will grow..We must try..


  18. Hi CN
    I also write this as a first time post to your fantastic news outlet. Having lost much to the Covid play (Communist Revolution), I regularly read both your articles and especially the comments.

    As a retired Electrical Engineer, my work has required me to evaluate every situation and make truly informed decisions, lives depended on it. Clearly something was wrong at the start of the scam and talking with family members about it suddenly rendered me a “Conspiracy Theorist” after many decades of solid decisions and accurate assessment of problems.

    This was very alarming to me and probably has happened to many of you too.
    The comment by Margaret Thatcher about the Communist push never sleeps was (and still is) spot on!

    Tony, your work has been invaluable and hugely informative, please keep pushing forward although I do understand your frustration. Together, let’s look forward to a time when Claus Schwab owns nothing and we all will be very happy!

    Bless you and your team.
    Gympie QLD

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  19. The solidarity of everyone is phenomenal. Such comments provide a valid testimony to the silent majority, who have now started to show their hand due to this unexpected catalyst.

    This unprecedented outburst of comments provides a useful indicator as to what is actually going on with ‘the silent audience.’

    Previously did any of us know they existed?, – mostly no, – so how many more exist?, – probably more than we can imagine [the ice-berg scenario].

    When larger catalysts emerge from 2024 onwards, that’s when these larger groups will come out of hiding [if they want to live]. Unfortunately, this category of people require a sterner prod to action.

    It’s difficult being a pathfinder, but that’s what we are: – this is our inherent dharma.


  20. Note my previous letter was not printed so I will try not to get sued and simply state myself and every other thinking reader will support (enthusiastically) a paid subscription but would still like to put a spotlight on the fact that the next three years will be a smorgasbord of errors that will need to be pointed out by SOMEONE, Please stay for the party!

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  21. Those options are still not working.


  22. “Mearsheimer stated that the “grand scheme to turn Europe into a giant security community went awry over Ukraine, but the seeds of this disaster were sown in the mid-1990s”

    Security community? That’s been a fake excuse, lie and code for chopping Russia ever since pre Napoleon. Anybody who can put 2 and 2 together can readily spot that.

    Let us not forget that the Axis powers in 1939 comprised MOST OF EUROPE and went into WW2 purportedly as defenders of Europe against an alleged Soviet threat.

    Check to see the agenda any source might be trying to sell you. Mearsheimer might simply be a paid roth-shill whose job is to steer you away from obvious observation, reality, truth and intelligent conclusion. lol


  23. glynnesutcliffe

    I have just discovered you. Please don’t disappear right now!!!



  24. This piece must have been very difficult to write, Tony. We, unfortunately, do have a majority of dumbed-down idiots making up our society – and what’s more, they have no interest in educating themselves to their reality. I know that personally as I have been door knocking my way around trying to wake them up. With all those fools amongst us, it may be that either of the majors get in – and if that is the case, writing truth news will become extremely dangerous. If either of the majors get in, whether by votes or fraud, I do not believe for one moment, we will have any more time left than the vaxxed currently have. God help us all.

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  25. Dear Nadia,

    Perhaps this article will help – I hope so. Please read it in full. I quote a little here:

    Ordinary citizens probably have no understanding that, in eminent Russia scholar Stephen F. Cohen’s analysis (in War with Russia: from Putin and Ukraine to Trump and Russiagate [2022], since the “end of the Soviet Union in 1991, Washington had treated post-Communist Russia as a defeated nation with inferior legitimate rights at home and abroad. The triumphalist, winner-take-all approach has been spearheaded by the expansion of NATO—accompanied by non-reciprocal zones of national security while excluding Moscow from Europe’s security systems. Early on, Ukraine and, to a lesser extent, Georgia were Washington’s ‘great prize’” (p. 16).

    But all hell broke loose at the NATO summit in Bucharest in April 2008, when Ukraine’s and Georgia’s membership came up for discussion. Both Germany and France had qualms, but the Bush administration wanted these countries inside their security zone. The final announcement proclaimed that Georgia and Ukraine were welcomed for membership.

    Cohen argues that the EU proposal would have imposed harsh measures on Ukraine and, significantly, “curtail longstanding and essential economic relations with Russia” (p. 17)

    What ordinary citizens do not understand, to say the least, is that the coup – [of 2014] – was cultivated by the US and allies, thus triggering Russian responses. And they do not understand that, from February 2014 until the present military conflict in Ukraine in 2022, that the West (including the Russophobic Canadian Liberal Party) have been training military in Ukraine and turning a knowing blind-eye to the neo-Nazi militia, who have played a key role in attacking Russians and everything “Russian” in the country: The “anti-terrorist” military campaign against its own citizens in Luhansk and Donetsk is the “essential factor escalating the crisis” (p. 18). Well-over 10,000 citizens have died; and millions of refugees created. The crisis cannot be laid at Putin’s feet.

    The western press has blanked out accounts of events such as the “pogrom-like burning to death of ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Odessa shortly later in 2014.” (p. 180)

    Mearsheimer presents the basic outline of Putin’s response to the coup. If Ukraine joined NATO, the Crimean port of Sevastopol would serve beautifully as a US/NATO military launching pad. The act of incorporating Crimea into Russia was … because roughly 60 percent of the people living there were ethnic Russians, and most preferred to become part of Russia” (p. 175).

    The realist Mearsheimer chides the US (and, indirectly its allies) that if they had a “rudimentary understanding of geopolitics should have been seen this coming” (ibid.). “The West was moving into Russia’s backyard and threatening its core strategic interests. .. Ukraine serves as an enormously important strategic buffer to Russia itself. No Russian leader would tolerate a former enemy’s military alliance moving into Ukraine. Nor would any Russian leader stand idly by while the West helped install a government in Kiev that was determined to join that alliance” (ibid).

    Mearsheimer stated that the “grand scheme to turn Europe into a giant security community went awry over Ukraine, but the seeds of this disaster were sown in the mid-1990s, when the Clinton administration began pushing for NATO expansion” (177).

    Link: Taking Aim at Ukraine: How John Mearsheimer and Stephen Cohen Challenged the Dominant Narrative – CounterPunch.org


  26. I seem to remember a lady I knew back in the 1970-80ies, I think her name was Rona Joyner. We both tried doing something then but to no avail. Whitlam, Frazer and Hawke had already sold us out to the UN, UNESCO and the like and nobody gave 2 hoots. I don’t actually remember the WHO then.
    Without Cairns News, there will be no uncompromised news service left in the world. I read WND, Natural News, Alex Jones and a couple of others but they appear to be compromised or scared. Remember Ed, that there will be coadjutors lining up to make Cairns News controlled opposition too. I know how you feel but I would hate to see Cairns News even change hands.


  27. For everything there is a season.
    A time to speak and a time to be silent.

    While the idea of holding onto CN as it continues as a truth teller, the reality is and may be different after the election.
    Depending which way it goes.

    We all need to look around again and realise the seriousness of what has changed.
    These are not normal winds of change.
    The internet has been hijacked, and it is no longer the safe space we wanted to believe it was.
    Free speech is no longer free.

    Part of understanding that is to know when it’s time to go silent.
    And that means publically.
    But not privately.

    For those who don’t know the historic story of “white rose” take time to learn and watch it if you can.
    While the brother and sister team did much to warn others of what was coming, they became too bold (perhaps) and were caught, and executed.
    Dramatic you say?
    Not necessarily.

    We are at war, why do we act as though we are free to say what we think and do what we will.
    I agree with CN.

    If it’s time, it’s time.


  28. Thanks its not over yet. Ed


  29. We might take you up on that Tony thanks. Ed


  30. Hi knowledgedispelsfear, Great pseudonym by the way… could even work reversed.

    Yeah, some still tend to think the NWO is a recent ‘thing’. The writing has literally been on the wall for decades. And not only in literature.
    Bowie’s Diamond Dogs album was all about the elites taking control, (inspired after his reading of Orwell’s 1984) and crammed full of references. Halloween Jack (the character he created for that album), was a direct reference to Rockefeller. Manhattan Chase (mentioned in the title track), was one of his many constructions. Think it’s now called Liberty Tower, which is a bad joke right!
    Bowie’s final Dark Star album (and videos) was even more telling and chilling, especially with his face swathed in cloth.
    And Zack de la Rosa (Rage Against The Machine), also being a generational Zapatista, has sung constant warnings since 1991.

    These are only two examples of artistic prophecy that many have paid little or no attention to.
    Like lemmings obstinately trudging towards the edge of a cliff…….

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  31. Well, Ed, there’s your feedback. Australia needs you. The whole effing world needs you. And something tells me a bubble is about to burst and you will soon be coasting on a tsunami of human spirit that will engulf the petty tyrants and dictators.

    Just keep doing what you are doing. If you need help, just ask.

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  32. NadiaTkaczynski,

    1812, 1853, 1914, 1940… Do these years mean anything to you? They happen to be years in which the Western powers launched assaults on Russia. Soon enough you may be able to include 2023 as well.

    But it just may be possible that the post Cold War military penetration across Europe to the Russian borders might have been halted for the time being and prevented or delayed WW3 by substituting a more local proxy war in its stead.

    In which case it might be worth re-assessing your conclusions.

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  33. I like H.’s, rexiedexie’s and pcwwp’s (8:55p) comments.
    Your readership of 104 countries demonstrates your importance. There are many sites to get O/S information but what about within Australia? You do a great job.

    Yes, standing up against a wall of corruption is draining – but I suppose this is our job and our test of endurance. Even if one of the major ratbags gets back in, if the balance of power is clearly taken away from them by all the minor parties and independents, they will be on a leash and unable to push their rotten agenda. Even the MSM has been trashing the major parties – perhaps they sense the vibe and know those guys are going to be cut down to size. Wouldn’t it be great if scumo, dutton, fryer and albo lost their own seats?

    I hope you do continue but I understand that everybody needs a break – even if only for a short period. If you decide you absolutely can’t continue, I hope you will at least pass the baton to someone like-minded with fresh energy who can take over the same truth-telling role. We need CN to keep educating us with the truth. Thank you for all the hard work.


  34. Your “Want less email? Unsubscribe or modify your Subscription Options.” Are not working


  35. knowledgedispelsfear

    The NWO was bought to my attention in the late 80’s- once its in ya blood there’s no goin back… The MSM is & has been a joke for decades- Our govt don’t give a shit bout us- so its us we worry about- us & our prodigy. The cops just toe the line-which is utter bullshit !! Fight 4 Freedom ppl- if not now then in another 4 years- if not then maybe be dragged off their cushy chairs in front of a court of the ppl.. Be there with us CN as I know you will.. Ps. whats with the blank page after pressing the like button? Great work CN

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  36. Hi aapkoning, Actually, I remember a reader complaining not long ago that they doubted some even read others comments, but just liked the sound of their own voice so to speak. Funny.
    Thanks for the link… he’s a character! but spot on. Will have to also listen to a few of his musical recordings.
    I will NEVER understand how anyone would EVER allow themselves to be injected with any substance for ANY reason without understanding. Would they submit to a course of chemo/radiotherapy? or be injected with heroin? if told it would protect them from a fictitious ‘virus’? Death by deliberate dumbness. Almost as if they’d been pre-programmed somewhere along the line.

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  37. Thanks David I was unsure what we had morphed into. Ed

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  38. Thanks John its not over yet. Ed


  39. aapkoning: “Very few people comment and or give a click on the like. I don’t understand that one. ”

    The “Like” button doesn’t work for many, myself included. It just brings up a small blank window, the only option being to close it.

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  40. Hi there up north,
    Re: closing if the majors wind election.
    I think you underestimate your work. To you it may seem like people are not waking up. I can assure you they are. How long does it take to reach critical mass? Well, how long is a pirce of string? The work you do is invaluable to say the least. We pass it on as do many others.
    To pull the pin now would undo your ten years of valuable blood, sweat and toil.
    I am an evangelist for Jesus, so I know how you feel. Over the years I have had many people say “what you said has changed my life.” What you have presented over the years grinds away and gnaws at peoples core beliefs. A time comes when they reach tipping point.
    If your service requires paid subscription, I assure you it would be wort it. One cannot even get the Courier Mail BS without paying – how much more the cost of truth?
    Plug on! Where else is truth available?
    Every blessing.


  41. aapkoning: “Beating your head against the Old brick wall is useless.”

    Every now and then with a little help a sheep manages to humanise itself and starts using its head. It’s a slow process with the odds stacked against it, but would you really be happy to retreat in silence and watch the whole flock lurch over the cliff without lifting a finger?

    If even a handful are turned back, it’s still a cause worth fighting for. Not to mention standing up for ourselves and not being turned into sheep ourselves. I don’t see it as an exercise in proselytising or flogging dead horses, rather striving for our physical and spiritual survival with human integrity.

    Those who will follow can follow, those who lack such basic human ideals can go and jump. lol

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  42. Yes, I agree, ( D Johnston) Very few people comment and or give a click on the like. I don’t understand that one. Maybe some people need to be shaken out of their comfort zone.
    Have a look at the video below.
    Pandemic Of The Vaxxinated, and do not forget the restrictions and lock-downs.
    Remember do you want the same and more in the future?
    Here below is a reminder for the population of Australia has to vote.
    Think carefully, No Duoply – Nationals – Greens. Make sure your vote will end up so we hopefully will have a seat or more in the Lower house… (I’m dreaming)…?

    The video was made by one of my Heroes, (From the Horses mouth so to speak) Brother Nathanael, an ex-Jew, who is naming and shaming the EVIL JEWS – WEF – WHO – IMF – Blackrock – Vanguard, and all financial institutions… And do not forget the big Pharmaceuticals. -|- https://www.bitchute.com/video/mxOijtYfOFXE/
    Spread it far and wide as every Goyim has to see this.

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  43. Only discovered Cairns News a couple of years ago when I suspected something wasn’t right with the entire Covid response and vaccine rollout.
    If there is any good news, someone I haven’t heard from in years wrote, “You haven’t heard from me in a long time but I felt compelled to contact you right now. Australia is in distress!” “…this Federal election is just too important to not care!” with a link to https://majorslast.com/
    Plus, a friend screened one of the Topher Field videos to a sizable group.


  44. NadiaTkaczynski

    Dear Alison, I read with disappointment that you championed Rusdia’s invadion of Ukraine. Ehat you are probably not aware of, is tge Donbas area is the main industrial area of Ukraine’s profuctivity and hence income. My parents were from Western Ukraine so I have an interest in finding out the truth. I tgerefore don’t agree with Rusdia taking over the western region, sround Donbass and all the way to Odessa, as it will stop Ukraine having a Black Sea port to be able to use their ships to expirt their produce. Of course Russia saw this also as an.oppportunity to just take over the southern region for their use, even though they already took over Crimea. Atvtge same time, I am aware tgere are biolabs in Odessa as well, if my information was correct. War is horrific for both sides with families losing loved ones, and married women and children forced to leave their husbands behind,not knowing if tgey’ll ever see each other again. It is somilar to the Troubles in Northern Ireland but it seems things are chsnging tgere too with the election of a Sein Finn leader. There are many Rissian speakers in the west, no doubt moving there for work in the mines. However, it shouldn’t have given Russia free reign to just walk in and take over. Now the tables are turning with the US helping Zelensky with wespons etc. Ukraine is probably being used as an excuse to invade Russia in the future, and hence start WW111. I hope it doesn’t get to that point, but Hillary Clinton was a strong supporter of a war with Russia when shecwas tge Foreign Minister.


  45. “What does all that mean? Ed”

    Hi Ed…

    Dugin is a Russian economic-political philosopher who is reputedly a “neo-communist” and allegedly Putin’s inspiration for a Eurasian Communist takeover of the world.

    My comment means I don’t think much of the quoted passages and the views expressed in a previous post which suggested that CN has been turned into a Duginist stronghold from the top down.

    More specifically, it means I am of the opinion that the declared views may be inspired by psychedelia and fantasy. 🙂


  46. Hi aapkoning, Yep, I can certainly relate to that!


  47. Thank you our friend. Ed


  48. Whilst I agree that of course it would be sad and very disappointing to see the demise of CN, maybe it will prompt some people to finally do their own research; seeking out truthful sites for both news and information. Rather than just sitting like baby birds in a nest waiting for food to drop into their mouths.

    There are many independent sites out there. CN often obtains information from these to relay here. Some must think CN have supernatural powers or a hotline to the Universe.
    They have worked tirelessly for little or no reward to truthfully inform. Personally I have always regularly thanked CN for op-eds/articles etc.

    Now it seems a large number of people have suddenly come out of the woodwork wailing – although having never contributed to discussions on this forum.
    The opportunity for contributors to provide and share relevant links here has been invaluable. Discussion and mature debate also provides different perspectives and can lead to solutions (theoretical or otherwise), not to mention personal growth.

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  49. I just saved that link and will look at it and forward it on … Please don’t think of quitting too… We need all the help we can get.. !


  50. Don’t give up Please. I’m 80 and a pensioner. You must address the majority directly, especially the parents who are not aware that they are hurting themself and their children. I will increase my donation to to $15 per month.


  51. Well Tony, in a way we are all hopeless romantics. Otherwise, we would not hammer the keyboards. Some more than others, and the most dangerous Freedom fighter is the one that has only his Freedom to lose, meaning no family, no kids, no grand-kids.


  52. Lindesy who is Dugin? I have never heard of that name. It is not all over yet by any ,means. Ed

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  53. What does all that mean? Ed

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  54. Not lost yet Veronica thanks. Ed


  55. Cairns News was recommended to me by various people some time ago, and for the moment I will do whatever is possible to bring forwards information to CN, that I think might be worthwhile for the readers, even if only 1 reader wakes up. If it looks that this is all useless like Cairns News I will stop altogether as well. Beating your head against the Old brick wall is useless.
    Here latest video from Max Igan. That is right on what today happening in Australia.
    Max is also thinking of quitting doing his videos. He is getting tired of it all.
    Yes me too. Most people are deaf.

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  56. Cairnsnews, like Mike King, has been separating the truth from the lies for a long time. Politics I think is a very messy business but traditionally it’s clear that we have world players that have moves and counter moves under obedience to the rulers of the darkness. But if we don’t learn from history will we ever. Mike has gone through tough times as a journalist. But today he comes out with what is good news that “Russia, after having liberated (without firing a shot) the Crimea in 2014, has now liberated the Donbas — and then connected all of the oppressed areas. Mission accomplished — all while de-fanged NATO had to stand down and watch while Fake News pretended that the Russian rout, though not without casualties — was the second coming of The Battle of Stalingrad.”

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  57. Veronica Rae

    Hi Cairns News, I read your latest update on the verge of tears. I have never in my life commented on any news site before but your informative emails are what I look forward to every day. I also pass them on to the family. I absolutely love the fact that you are an Australian site with honesty & integrity. My self & family are besides ourselves with what is going on, we have stuck to our guns & will continue to do so whatever may come. We all pray constantly that right will prevail. Several family members have lost jobs & we are all supporting each other. We are some of the lucky ones that have family that are awake to what is going on. I wish you all the best whatever the outcome.

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  58. Cairnsnews, like Mike King, has been separating the truth from the lies for a long time. Politics I think is a very messy business but traditionally it’s clear that we have world players that have moves and counter moves under obedience to the rulers of the darkness. But if we don’t learn from history will we ever. Mick has gone through tough times as a journalist. But today he comes out with what is good news that “Russia, after having liberated (without firing a shot) the Crimea in 2014, has now liberated the Donbas — and then connected all of the oppressed areas. Mission accomplished — all while de-fanged NATO had to stand down and watch while Fake News pretended that the Russian rout, though not without casualties — was the second coming of The Battle of Stalingrad.”

    Source: Russia Takes Complete Control of Eastern Ukraine – The Real History Channel

    See: MAY 11, 2022
    NY Times: Ukraine War’s Geographic Reality: Russia Has Seized Much of the East


  59. Disillusionment implies a curve ball. e.g. When those who you have respect for and think are smart ultimately turn out to be stupid and bite you it’s usually disillusionment. 😦


  60. Yes daviddd2, those were my thoughts exactly. Much more to this. Akin to an assassin first forcing their victim to write a suicide note.


  61. Curve ball, or threat ?


  62. Alison… Spot on! But if my instinct serves me well I detect an unusual sense of disappointment and disillusion, possibly a result of somebody throwing a demoralising curve ball from a most unexpected quarter. ;-( Hmmm….


  63. There are a hell of a lot of us awake and I really look forward to reading your emails. It would be a great injustice if you stopped printing.

    I’ve known about their plan since the 1990’s. Once you go down the rabbit hole, there’s no turning back.

    I am an anti-vaxxer and have been ever since my nephew got his first jabs as a baby back in 1991 and had the worst eczema all over his beautiful little face and body that doctors had ever seen. Back then they admitted it was from the vaccine. Not even naturopaths or homeopaths could help him. He virtually just had to grow out of it.

    That’s when I started researching vaccines. Most of the research came from USA which kept records of vaccine harm back then. I was horrified at the harm to children, which went onto adulthood. So many children became autistic who were previously normal and healthy.

    Don’t people ever wonder why we have a god given immune system.

    This whole pandemic has been a total nightmare for me as it has for a lot of others. I warned people about it and they just went and got jabbed (even if it wasn’t to keep their jobs). The sad part will be when they start dying and we will still be around to mourn them.

    Sorry, but I just had to vent to you to let you know there are so many of us that really need you to stick around no matter what happens. It makes me feel better just to know you’re out there printing the truth and you’re based in Australia as well.

    Yours sincerely

    Jenny McCloy

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  64. “CN has become top heavy with Duginist convergence ideolgoy and Valdai talking points of the Communist Revolution in its world totalitarian / convergence phase. ”

    In contrast to the observable evidence, that appears to be a rather psychedelic viewpoint.

    “Rather than read more of Aleksandr Dugin’s crap on CN I would rather remember CN at its best and the stellar talents that were displayed here against the subversion of Australia.”

    Dugin doesn’t appear to be a contributor to CN. You think he may be providing contributions under a nom de plume?


  65. Nothing is a waste of time when you are devoted to the truth. Cairnsnews you have been reporting that splendidly. And you have allowed the people to comment. Thank you.

    I have learned about the blessings of our Australian Commonwealth Constitution for the first time through you and your contributors. This lesson has been invaluable, and I hope for others as well, to win the fight for freedoms in our country. I hope you will keep your publication going, in some way. Many other truth sources have joined you in spirit, exposing the lies and deceits that beguile, so that people don’t see the true facts of a matter. It’s hard for some people to believe that their own government would hurt them. The fact is the Liberal and Labor parties are following the globalist agendas. Liberals and Labor have sold Australians out.

    Cairnsnews, you’ve done an honest job in bringing out what is not being reported by the controlling and hidden powers for ten years. This feeling might be a spiritual attack upon you. I once heard someone say, just before the victory comes, there will be attacks. It’s all about truth verses lies, and no matter the pain along the way, truth always wins. You are on the winning side.

    Thank you Cairnsnews. God bless, keep and strengthen you.

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  66. Well said, and speaks for us all..


  67. It will be a sad day if you do stop . one of the very few pieces of truth in this vile corrupt world we live in . There is only one thing going to save us the alliance. There is still 80 to 90%of the sheep still asleep . I assume the election is already decided, we can put the big 4 last but the reality we do not have a vote . The criminals have decided already . Come on Quantum voting no cheating and the vile scum in jail or BETTER .


  68. CN has put in a very solid effort in exposing the Communist subversion of the Long March against all Western nations as it has affected all Australian institutions.

    And you are right. In terms of Bezmeov’s stages of subversion, the stage of demoralisation is now complete. All bases of law and government, social influence are now loaded. In terms of American baseball, we are now in the bottom of the ninth.

    As Bezmenov states of this stage of Communist subversion – there is nothing you can do about it. You are stuck with the corrupt institutions, thoroughly rotten and rotting: totally unresponsive to the people and alienated from the purposes of their foundation.

    As J.R.R. Tolkien put it: “But the power of the Ring could not be undone.”

    The next stage is crisis. The Communist Revolution seizes power and declares its Manifest. In Australia this will occur in the context of a UN / CoVID Regime of Communist medical genocide that is underway and the armed aggression of its NWO. That would be the real NWO – not the Globalist decoy of evilbadracistsubvertedwestern natons. The real one will be centred in Eurasia. And the opening salvos have been fired against a banana republic which is even more subverted than Australia.

    CN has become top heavy with Duginist convergence ideolgoy and Valdai talking points of the Communist Revolution in its world totalitarian / convergence phase. So maybe you aren’t going to dig in for Counter Revolution during World War III – which is coming. Rather than read more of Aleksandr Dugin’s crap on CN I would rather remember CN at its best and the stellar talents that were displayed here against the subversion of Australia.

    You did fantastic work and this is how the Australians who will fight CR should remember you.


  69. Stay strong. You are greatly valued. Youve been a ‘light on the hill’ for so many ‘outliers’ these past two years as we’ve struggled to make sense of the trojan horses in our midst. We will get through this if we form a coalition …. Strength in numbers.
    Go well staying on the front line,
    Lesley Gillett
    Maleny Free Thinkers,
    Maleny, Qld

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  70. Your hard work and committment is exceedingly appreciated and the truth of all your correspondents reports.has helped me with vital decisions. Hoping you are able to find those who you can trust and share the same integrity to take some or all of the load from you and enable this important website to keep going. Thank you.


  71. Please don’t stop – you are a beacon of light!. BUT as the criminals will have no problem accessing all our details and will be able to close you down anyway, we all may need to move to places where these rotten bastards cant get at us. Don’t ask me how to achieve that, but I’m sure someone does. I still cant believe that people don’t understand what is happening!


  72. Hi daviddd2, “NEVER HEARD SUCH RUBBISH IN MY LIFE! Fk the duopoly.” PRECISELY! Defeatism that defies logic and sense.
    Probably not the best analogy, but if you own a hugely successful restaurant in an area with very few competitors, you wouldn’t close down simply because a Maccas opens up down the road.
    I actually thought this must have been some kind of marketing exercise or IQ test of readership.
    And judging from all the Hallmark card treacle and bleating (worse than the goddam sheeple), well yeah maybe the unintelligent really are in the majority.


  73. Thanks David we are in discussion with others. Ed

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  74. I say, Eds… Lest you forget! Lose not the sight of your destiny! The measure of your success and achievement is the number of souls you have woken up! NOT the number someone else has put to sleep.

    The deep staters will never award you the Nobel Prize, but there are countless followers of CairnsNews who consider you winners of the far more valuable Noble Prize.

    Irrespective of whether people agree or disagree with you, there are not many that have your guts and grit to call a spade a spade.

    I’m sure I speak for many, including those who silently but truly appreciate the light you shine at the darkness enveloping us. Don’t switch off your light, the joint’s currently way too dark as it is.

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  75. Glenda Maxwell

    Thank you for your hard work. I only recently discovered your publication (I’m in Melbourne) and have loved reading your articles.

    I do hope that the publication can continue in some way.

    I’m still working on trying to wake up others and have had some success with 2 friends. One is not having the booster or the ‘flu’ jab now due to some info I sent him. The other is now suspicious about the vax etc and will not have the booster either last I spoke to her. It’s like waves breaking against rocks; they get broken down but very slowly. The waves will always win in the end though and can’t be stopped.

    Kind regards from Melbourne.

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  76. Don’t give up! This may explain the way good people feel now: Something to ponder Astrology: Mercury retrograde 2022 begins on May 10 at 4° Gemini and ends on June 3 at 26° Taurus.

    Mercury retrograde is generally associated with nervous anxiety, communication problems, and technology breakdowns. Mercury retrograde May 2022 brings personal disagreements and emotionally charged public debate because it is square Moon.

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  77. For Goodness sake dont wind back you guys are a bright light on the hill in this darkness that is enveloping this world , you are watchmen on the wall. God bless all of you

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  78. FreeYourMind

    How Dare You!

    C’mon guys, this is no time to be messing about! Bird Flu, Digital Identity, CBDC, Climate Change…. So much to publicly discuss

    Giving up the fight makes you one of them

    Okay, jokes over, I look forward to reading your next email alert that I can share and wake (not woke) up one more sleepy Aussie

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  79. Got the message Kev. Ed

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  80. While the “AWAKEND ONES” trying to “save” their country the “UNINTELLIGENT ONES” may not fully understand what has happened but they are realizing something is wrong and starting to search for answers. The battle weary, need to take a break – hopefully the newly awakened will pick up the baton.

    Those of us who have been “awake” for a while must never look down on those who are just beginning their journey – NO MATTER WHAT. We were all there once. Instead we must help, because when they understand what has happened they become the fresh reinforcements for our side, to make a stand stand for truth and freedom.

    The Anglo-Saxon colonial predatory model of behavior has been parasitizing the world for many centuries. They privatized the right to plunder the world and destroy countries and peoples. They romanticized and appropriated the right to piracy. It is the birthplace of all the -isms that exist in the world.

    God save Australia from the WEF and awake “Christian Constitutional Monarchists” and ALL other citizens that rather fight among themselves than ONLY having Freedom, sovereignty and most of all UNITY for OUR NATION – run by its own populace in mind.

    Cairnsnews Thank you for your work. We are one but we are many. Never forget this and don’t leave anyone behind even if it does not suit some of your “over indoctrinated” volunteering Editors.

    Good luck and peace within to us all – no matter how different we seem to be.

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  81. Victoria Ferguson

    Your newspaper is one of the few rays of sunshine in a depressing MSM landscape. The fight has a long way to go, probably lifetimes. You can’t give up now. We all need you .

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  82. Please don’t give up. I look for your information every morning. As others have said – you are a ray of bright light in the darkness, and are much appreciated.

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  83. crisscross767

    Onward Christian Soldiers

    Daniel 7:25 – “And he shall wear out the saints of the Most High …


    “It could even be the weariness that you are facing in family situations or in your relationships. We must realize that part of Satan’s plan for end-time believers is to make us weary. Daniel 7:25 gives a vivid description of a vision the prophet Daniel received regarding the last days: “And he ‘shall wear out the saints of the Most High …

    But God wants you to be encouraged. Romans 8:37 (AMP) gives Christians this good news: “Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him who loved us.” ‘More than conquerors’ means that before trouble even starts, we already know who wins and the benefits are going to be great…………”

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  84. Rochelle Lines

    I feel more people aware but also not enough to oust major parties.
    I believe if we get a strong independant in to undermine, create havic & show them up then the next election may be different.
    I hope you continue in some way as we need to have genuine reporters out there spreading the truth, You have been making a difference.
    Hopefully sooner rather than later many thousands will become aware of the scamming, control & manipulation that has been used against them.
    Thankyou for all your work🙏👌

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  85. I honestly think it would be a mistake closing down. Us who know and understand the evil going on benefit from knowing we are not alone. I so appreciate Cairns news and the contributors. Its severely disappointing to see how mind numbingly stupid and blind people are. Thankyou for not letting me feel alone in this mess!

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  86. Dear Editor,

    I have just been reading through these comments and shedding a few tears at the spirit and beauty of my fellow human beings that your news site has attracted… I hope you have been as moved by these as I have and will decide to stay with us.

    You must stay strong, we all must because its NOT over for us. We will be saved, even the brainwashed will open their eyes.

    Evil will not win – This has been prophesied by the most secret societies who are even now at work quietly in the shadows to bring about an end to the evil that has enveloped the world for thousands of years. There will be an Avatar from the North, (Russia? Eurasia?), they say whose coming will mark the beginning of the Golden Age and the ousting of the evil ones from all governmental centres and will end the evil karma that has enveloped us. This could happen as soon as 2029/2030 starting in the northern hemisphere winter.

    I find the above very comforting, and choose to believe it will be so – and pray it comes to pass while I am still on the earth plane to witness it.

    I look forward to hearing that you have changed your mind. Just read through all the comments and take them to heart, be re-invigorated, be brave, be courageous, be strong. Ask the Universe to help you –

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  87. Mike Van Kampen

    It would be a tragedy if Cairns news was wound down, as I believe, is the only reliable news source in the country.

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  88. Cairns News is the only news in Australia worth reading and has with no shadow of a doubt awakened many Aussies from their slumber. without a Cairns News available what on earth would Australia do? This is a long therm war against the bad guys and must be sustained at all costs.
    Long Live Cairns News.
    Thank You

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  89. Oh no! Please don’t go. You are appreciated by all of us. You HAVE made a difference. How many of us here have been saved with your help. I pass on your articles all the time. Cairns news is the ONLY Australian publication worth reading. Sheeple are waking up…where will they find the info they need if cairns news isn’t around.
    By all means take a break, bring in new people, but please keep going, don’t give up.
    Whatever you decide … Thankyou for everything. 🙏

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  90. Oh no! Please keep it going. I post your news often on Gab and other places. People are reading and responding. You’re one of the news sites that we depend on for REAL NEWS.

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  91. Oh no, there are those of us who really need you. I know at times it must feel hopeless to reach the brainwashed masses, but those of us who follow you are trying to spread the word by sharing your articles. They give us hope and the comments section allows us to see that we are not alone.

    If not for us, then for the memory of Julian Assange and those independent journalists everywhere who have risked everything to bring out the truth.


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  92. doreensheers11gmailcom

    Appreciate your truth . It has helped keep my family from the jab.!! All the truth has kept us from succumbing to the fake news

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  93. I never pay to subscribe to any online news, but I would paid for a Cairns news online subscription…Your news site is like no other, one of a kind…Dont give up please….If necessary make it a paid subscription…Thankyou

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  94. Joy – you live up to your name.

    Tony – take up Joy’s offer, regenerate, recuperate and return when your ready. Retirement will bore your soul to an early grave, – we all know that.

    Your articles are for the wheat, – not the chaff: they are the sustenance of the spiritually alive, not the spiritually dead, and wether you like it, or not, the living are drawn to your site from the various parts of the aether, like moths to a candle, the light pulls us from the darkness to your illuminating radiance.

    Don’t let the light go out my distant friend.

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  95. “Therefore if the party duopoly is re-elected we have given honorarily, ten years of solid work and research for nothing.”

    NEVER HEARD SUCH RUBBISH IN MY LIFE! Fk the duopoly. I’d be thinking of the number of grateful people the presence of CairnsNews has enlightened or rescued from the depths of stupidity.

    Plenty of people know and appreciate how valuable your efforts are. Duopolies will come and go but truth and freedom are worth the years of vigilance and effort you’ve dedicated to them.

    You guys and CairnsNews are a huge success story by any standards!

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  96. I only discovered Cairns News some 6 months ago. It is about the only site that is not “Controlled Opposition”. Just as an Individual, I’ve been bashing my head about these things since 1974 when as a young socialist, I understood what Whitlam and all his successors were up to and he wasn’t on about helping the common man.The beast machine just rolls on. Unfortunately, it could well be taken over by some bozo answering to the Woman who rides the Beast from the city of seven hills.
    Honestly though fellow Aussies, the blood of the innocent cries out for vengeance, and so do the gross sins of Sodom. God has been patient but I reckon the last round of abortion bills and the overwhelming approval of gay marriage has reached His ears. There has been no repentance, so judgement has been passed. Just read the Old Testament to see what happens.
    Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ while there is time.

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  97. I’m still following Tim Flannery and the “Global Warming Science”. There is no rain and our few dams are actually empty.

    Anything else is manipulation of public fear and rainwashing.

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  98. 10 years and read in 104 countries, quite obvious that Cairns news has got it right.

    I check on many other sites for the truth about what is going on.
    Cairns news is my favorite site, you often put out articles that are far superior to large alternate media sites.

    Your 10 years of hard work is very much appreciated, especially during the last two years.
    You have done much more than give us the news, you have given real hope and shown real concern for fellow Australians and those in other countries.

    To all at Cairns News – thanks for the hard work and your above and beyond efforts to keep us awake and aware of what the grubs are doing and what they have planned for us.

    I very much hope Cairns News will still be around to report the downfall of the NWO and their

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  99. You mustn’t give up – I know that a lot of Aussies are still asleep, however if you give up what legacy are we leaving our children Unfortunately if you looked at Ch7’s debate your saw a perfect example of unwakened Aussies – however it only needs 25% of any group to change things and we must be getting close to that now – so we can’t give up. Your information is invaluable in turning this around – I personally forward your info onto about 50 – 60 people and goodness knows how many of those send it on to others – so if we’re all doing that we’ll get the word around. Every couple of days I get a couple of calls to say they can’t believe this is happening, so the resistance is growing day by day albiet slowly. I attended a seminar yesterday, and I will have more to say about that shortly, and in it I re-learnt 2 things that all Aussies must know and understand – 1. We are sovereign people and have rights and liberties that can never be taken away from us – It is imperative that we all understand this – and 2 – how to ensure those sovereign rights. With this power no government can pull the wool over our eyes, as they have done for the past two years. As sovereign people we must know this, hold it core to our beliefs and understand how to not allow anybody to walk all over them. Absolutely imperative!! And that way we can control our country, our freedom and our destiny – and allow not control by the cabal. or their evil roots in the asghnazi judeans.

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  100. I’m sorry to hear this – I hear your frustration though because it’s hard to watch people just ignore what’s in front of their face and ignore things which should raise reg flags and yet don’t. I don’t think there is anything else we can do except try to speak the truth and when the millions of people start dying as a result of taking the vaccine, I don’t believe they will still notice – it won’t be reported on by the main stream media and so nobody will realize. The same way they do t report on an increase in miscarriages and deaths by young athletes.

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  101. If the corrupt duopoly get back into Government, we will need your publication even more than before! The information you have provided has not only been an awakening but also a lifeline of hope. My family joined the protests, signed the petitions, denounced the corruption of Government and stood up for freedom of choice and our democratic rights. You may feel that you are preaching only to the converted, but we all play a part in bringing more into the fold and your publication, to a large degree is the catalyst. Thank you.

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  102. When I send you the document I have just completed named Covid/Tyranny Australian Government/Voting/Climate Change Scientists/Police Brutality/Global Tyrants. Australian Federal Election 2022 you will see how important your work has been !
    You can’t stop because you are educating the people about what’s really going on.
    In fact your articles are a big part of my paper and that is why I spent so much time on it as it will help to get the truth to the people.
    I will post the information as soon as possible.
    Thank you.
    Diane Drayton Buckland

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  103. Do whatever to keep the truth coming , this is the only news source I will listen to and have used many articles to open the eyes of others

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  104. whetheryoulikeitornotthetruthisthetruth

    I don’t believe that the unintelligent majority will ever catch on. They have been brainwashed to an unprecedented level akin to Mind Control ( aka MK-Ultra ) on a global scale using the same techniques used on many celebrities, so it cannot be reversed. All that is needed is for the Monarch butterflies to be released. Don’t believe me, here it is from the horse’s mouth.



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  105. I hope you can hang in there. You won’t change the mob but you do lift the veil of disinformation for the rebels. Truth will stand in the end. Best always, whatever happens. ~Mavis


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  106. This plandemic, this psychological operation/biological operation is large, much larger than a progression of global warming to climate change to Covid. It is a divine/satanic struggle. Our people are not responding because they are dead, spiritually dead. The impact of two world wars and myriad troubles in between and up to now has killed the life out of our nation. Secularism is king and nothing will bring us back to our senses. Only God can save us now and He will.

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  107. I can completely understand the sentiment… I gave up a long time ago trying to convince my family members that Covid is a scam and that the vaccines are designed to kill people. It is what the world has become today i.e. the whole notion that what you feel is what counts and facts be damned! We now live in a time where the most basic principles of biology and science are ignored or even ridiculed! But then again, they’ve been working at this for many decades to undermine the education system and produce a population of mindless slaves who lack the ability for critical thought. I could go on and on and on… suffice to say that this fight is lost. There is no justice and there isn’t going to be any either. I can see the writing on the wall and nothing I can do will change that. The powers at work here are simply too powerful and no amount of exposure is enough to stop them. I believe the world as we know it is doomed and the best option is to prepare as much as possible for contingencies. I have no doubt that this whole Covid affair is only the beginning, soon to be followed by worldwide financial systems collapse, extreme food shortages, and even more lethal vaccines etc. I’m just glad I decided never to have children, I only have myself to worry about… This is not to say that I wouldn’t miss the Cairns News! You’ve done a hell of a job and I thank you.

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  108. :Gordon: Ledwidge

    I would very much like to see you continue, your articles have been a breath of fresh air, the MSM MUST take a leaf out of your book and report, as you do, for the people of this once great country. We do not need media that only reports what they are told to report and that is the bare faced TRUTH, which they appear to be incapable of.

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  109. Dear friends. I do not follow the news and don`t read papers, a waste of time. But it would be very disappointing for thousands of people who wait to read your articles. I don`t think that there are many if any non-bipassed publishers as Cairns News. Thanx

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  110. Dear Editor! You saved my life, I watched one of your video post about warning on Covid Vaccine back in August 2021. And I still believe your website is best Australian News website with all the awaken journalists! So please do not give up. If you need any support, let everyone know! I believe there are a lot of people ready to support!

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  111. Never give up, Cairns News is & has been the Best source of real Aussie news & ur Global coverage is excellent too.
    I’ve been opposing NWO stuff for 40 years & I will always.
    Tony, u will regret not keeping ur Global Truth flame alive because there is no alternative.
    What would u do? Stifle your Journalistic talent & become silent & tacitly join the dumb majority through your silence. Silence is tacit agreement with THEM.
    Cairns News has a passion following who r informing thousands of others.
    By all means, Mentor the next generation of younger passionate Journalists so that the publications continue ur hard, desperately needed info.
    Take a breather yourself & come back when u want.
    Living out in Dumb land will even infuriate u more. Being with LIKE MINDED groups refreshes our thirst & u know we all have a LOVE for humanity others do not have.
    Tony, u have inspired me, I have never met u & know nothing about u, but I truely deeply love your Spirit & heart, because it is like mine. And if u quit, I want 2 personally know u & resuscitate u back to that wonderful beauty that u & all of us have.
    Never let Cairns News disappear, Mentor & pass on to others because we all intrinsically need each other. Then contact me personally thru email & as a professional healer, I want to give back 2 u for all the times I wept with frustration & deep sadness about the Global destruction as I would read ur articles & Cairns News & be comforted that others understood my deep pain because it was yours as well.
    Please stay in touch because there is no other place 2 b in our hearts than with each other.
    Blessings always 2 u & your readers Joy

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  112. Well…that was depressing. Please keep going. Those of us who are awake have no one else. I too have no idea how to wake up the normies and dummies of which there are many in Australia. But we need Independent media desperately. Let’s stick together and not give up.

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  113. Dear Editor,
    If the criminal political party mafia get elected by a combination of criminal stupidity,Soto’s funded vote fraud and propoganda supplied by “get up” and friends and the Pope and CCP owned Dominion, then the need for a free press to expose the treason, corruption and crimes of this unlawful and unconstitutional parliament would become even more important.

    We all understand and respect the long years spent in this fight against globalism/ socialism/ zionism and the personal toll measured in health,family costs and financial losses. But what else could be done? Evil must be either resisted or submitted to.

    All who have fought this fight will have a reward from The Lord far greater than they could ever dream of. Remember two Prophetic insights from The Lord in Revelations.He never lies or is wrong.
    First Chapter 18 verse 7–24. At the absolute peak of the whores power, when these criminals in the Vatican, be they Jesuit Jews, or just paedophile satanists. When they are sure of unchallenged global power, God destroyed them permanently, utterly and brutally.

    Secondly Chapter 17. 12–14. There comes about a total global power that sets out to install a satanic governance without any semblance of truth, justice or lawfulness. Christ, the Lamb prevails against it because He is King of kings and Called and Faithful and Chosen are his people here who follow him.

    All of us must do what is still possible to do, until it becomes impossible, then he smashes this beast. Let His peace and blessings be upon you all. Well done so far.

    Liked by 3 people

  114. Tears…im having my own daily heartbreaks with the same dumb downed family members and friends. So lost for words. You have been my constant friend through all of this. Just letting you know I am here. xox

    Liked by 2 people

  115. Dont give up
    You are providing a valuable service.
    Even though the majority are brainwashed without open and honest reporting we have no hope of waking people up.
    Keep up the good work you do.
    I enjoy reading your informative articles that your service provides and I have been alert to whats happening most of my life.
    I forward your information to many people to inform them.
    Dont give up

    Liked by 2 people

  116. Maureen Davies

    So sorry you feel that way.😭
    Over 10 years you would have enlightened millions of people, including me & many others I have passed on your intel to!!😳 keep up the good fight….. As Churchill said…..” We will Never, Never give up!”….🇦🇺

    Liked by 2 people

  117. t6hank you for all your good will effort expense and ur love of truth and goodness… they dont quit . winners never quit and quitters never win… im sure you will carry on fighting in other ways … good god bless you and may god save us all from evil

    Liked by 2 people

  118. James Findlay

    Don’t give up. You perform a priceless service. The dam will break . We just need to keep going.

    Liked by 2 people

  119. please do not give up. If the duopoly do get back in (likely in the House but the Senate is certainly in play) then we will need you more than ever

    Liked by 3 people

  120. Nadia Tkaczynski

    I hope you can keep going. Your reports are always spot on, and living in Brisbane I have been surprised at the high level of information being dhared through this website. Bravo!

    Liked by 2 people

  121. Australia’s past appears to indicate that 95% of voting Australians shouldn’t be allowed to vote due to a number of reasons. (1) Many are too stupid to understand the world around them. (2) The majority are too apathetic and (3) the rest really don’t care what happens. Truly, “A country gets the government it deserves!”

    Liked by 2 people

  122. What a travesty. Your writings are inspirational. The sheeple will always be that…sheeple!
    Don’t give up; don’t surrender because you feel unappreciated. It is your voice that gives us mere mortals hope.
    Now is the time to double down on your efforts and keep the world informed. More than ever your voice is important. I believe that this next election will be a watershed moment in Australia’s history.

    Liked by 5 people

  123. How else are they going to wake up? American Patriots had only a small % of population on side, as long as the sheep don’t get in the way Truth will overcome the Devil’s lies.

    Liked by 3 people

  124. Rosemary Tempany

    Respect the sentiment & obvious frustration. However your dedicated service has enlightened me on many issues , to which I’m grateful & no doubt many others as well. Not that I was asleep.
    You just never can predict who when where why or how a person will ” wake up ” but obviously 10 yrs on & 104 countries later indicates massive success, I think.
    Please do not stop.

    Liked by 5 people

  125. We might get some new blood Tony. Or maybe the duopoly will be dumped. That might help us oldies. Ed

    Liked by 6 people

  126. I would have thought that the need for independent journalism, in an online newspaper that can be read in other nations, was just about to ramp up to accommodate civil war.

    Some might say the need will never be greater.

    At least if some of us are going to fight and be killed, there will be somebody behind us telling the truth about our cause. And then the history books will be in a position to tell the truth to future generations.

    And now you know for sure I am a hopeless romantic, we might even win and defeat the tyrants and dictators. Who is going to give the good news to our children and oldies, that humanity has won, against all odds, if the Cairns News is not there.

    Liked by 4 people

  127. I would like to join pcwwp in giving you my thanks for the hard work and time of all at Cairns News.
    I am hoping… sorry not really a praying person, that there are enough people awake to what the governments are doing to us all…. And also that this will not be the end of Cairns News as we know it, but fully understand the reason why you wouldn’t want carry it on.
    I’m wishing us all very good luck for the coming election and like you hope like hell, the people do the right thing.
    The people that I have past your emails on to have all said how great it is to read the truth that you have been writing about all this time.

    Liked by 2 people

  128. I can appreciate the work contributing journalists and others have done. Please, please continue to keep up Cairns News Org. We definitely need this publication.

    Liked by 3 people

  129. I would like to offer my thanks for the work done here.. It is crushing to think that our neighbors would vote these psychopaths in again.. The future is truly grim but we must try..

    Liked by 4 people

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