Letter to the Editor

Blessings Dr Simon Stilgoe. You have developed and used your God given talents to an amazing degree. I am sure you have many more years of service you could serve humanity.There must be thousands of people who thank you for what you have done.

The one thing that stands out in this Plandemic, is that lack of concern for people ”s health. It is all about The Great Reset ,the control of the Monetary System and the control of the world population.

Klaus Schwab (WEF) calls it The Third Industrial Revolution. He says,and he should know, it is about trans-humanism , population control , control of our movement , absolute control of the environment , total weather control , control of water, air ,all fuels, where you can go, when you can go, who you can see and who you cannot.
It seems their lust for power knows no bounds.

People this is precisely where we are headed if we comply with their mandates. The mandate must be agreed upon by two parties.

I was looking at the lines of cars with people lined up for tests. What on earth is the matter with this thinking ? If you are sick , stay home out of everybody’s way.If you are well go about you business in your normal way. You must have a boring useless life if you have nothing better to do than stand or sit in line for a test that LIES. See what the developer of the test said it was useless for. Exactly what it is used for .

I thought we lived in a country of well educated people. I am sadly mistaken. Indoctrinated seems more like it.

People , if we comply with every wish the NWO people demand , we are done for. I believe that, Everything around me points to it. It has reached a point, where if you want freedom , you must demand it and stand for it. If necessary fight for it. I hope it never comes to that.

Stand up now. Do not comply . Did you give the politicians permission to lock you up at their will ?

For your sake, for your children;s sake. For people like Dr Simon all the other doctors and nurses. All the workers no longer able to work.

Do NOT let your children be poisoned or sterilized by the shot. Please check how many kids have died.

God Save Australia.

from Comeinspinner